A Complete Panty Size Guide

Tons of women are always hyperaware of the sizes they buy for their clothes, shoes, and rings. But it seems like underwear isn’t always taken as seriously as everything else. It might be because it’s affected by the idea that no one sees your underwear. 

However, it’s even more important to make sure your undergarments are the right size. It’s the pieces closest to your bare skin, so it’s best if they help you feel comfortable and confident. Many women wear the wrong bra size, and many are becoming more aware of this problem. But did you know that panty sizes also need specific measurements? 

To help you understand panty sizes, read below. These steps will help ensure that your intimate wear down there is perfectly sized to help you feel comfortable every day.  

1. Some Brands Have Limited Sizing 

Not all brands have inclusive sizing. Most have adjusted to this necessity to accommodate most people such as EBY and others. Specifically looking for inclusive brands is a great way to make sure you’re not only going to find your size but also a fantastic way to support all-embracing companies.  

2. Know That There Are Different Guides 

If you’ve shopped for panties from different brands, you might have noticed that sizes aren’t always the same. This is because brands might be using a completely different size guide. This means the smallest to the largest sizes might have varying measurements depending on the brand or the country.

When shopping from online sites, it’s important to look at their specific size guide to see the exact measurements. It also applies if you’re buying from a different country because they might also have a completely different sizing chart from what you’re used to. 

3. Don’t Rely On Standard Sizing 

Because there’s no international standard for sizing, it’s completely unreliable to base sizes on labels like XS or XL. It’s still far more reliable to use a tape measure and take your exact measurements regularly so you can always make the right shopping choice even as your body changes.  

You can’t try on panties in a shop because of hygiene and health safety measures. Some shops will help you take your size, especially if they have great customer service. However, for some online stores, it’s important to take your measurements instead.  

4. Measure Your Hips And Waist 

With your tape measure, stand in front of a mirror and relax. Measure the widest part of your hips by wrapping the tape measure snuggly. If it’s too loose, you’ll end up getting an incorrect size, but make sure it’s not too tight.  

Do the same for your waist, which is the inward curvature. Again, don’t wrap the tape measure too loosely or tightly. Take note of it in both inches and centimeters. You could later convert it depending on the sizing guide of different brands.  

5. Measure Around Your Leg 

Sometimes, you might be wearing the right size according to your waist and hips, but it might be uncomfortable around the leg. Some brands will have the option of leg sizes which is fantastic for women who have plumper legs. Measure around where the leg hole of the panties should be, and you could also measure a second time while seated.  

If you’re not sure about the size of the leg holes for the panties you want to buy, you could ask the store or send the website a message. They should be happy to help you provide the right size for you. It’s best to look for stretchable and breathable materials to be sure they could accommodate people’s bodies.

6. Regularly Check Your Measurements 

As mentioned, people’s bodies are constantly changing, so it’s only normal to buy different sizes every time. Taking your measurements every month would help you keep up to date. If you’re aware that your body has changed, you could always measure again.

7. Save Sizing Guides 

If you find a brand you like and trust, you might want to save their sizing guides for future reference. This will help you keep track of what size to buy from them. For any new brand you’re trying out, it’s also best to ask for a sizing guide if they don’t already have this on their website or in their shop.  


Buying underwear might seem quick and easy, but doing it correctly requires some effort. Being comfortable in intimate wear is important, and it can even affect your whole day. You might even notice how you can’t wear certain outfits if you don’t have the underwear to match them. For example, bodycon dresses look best with seamless underwear. So, you might want to stock up on a variety of undergarments in the right sizes.   

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