20 Must Have Items for Handbags Every Girl Must Carry

Must Have Items for Teenage Girl’s Purse and Handbags. What do I need to keep in my purse? As many magazine and blog editors take pride in noting down what kind of lipstick or make-up, girls should be having in their bags, but that type of suggestion – I believe, has never helped anyone. So this is basically a guide to producing a well-packed bag with all relevant necessities.

Must Have Accessories for Handbags

Here are the 20 items that every girl needs to carry with her.

#20 – Safety Pins

Safety pins can turn out to be a dramatic lifesaver for an accidental button or seam poppings, necklace breakage, etc.

#20 - Safety Pins


#19 – Band-Aids

Not only will they serve as a clever solution for scrapes and cuts but also can  save your heels from uncomfortable new shoes. Moreover, if you instantly find yourself with chipped polish on your nail; band-aids will help there too.

#19 - Band aids


#18 – Fresh Mints or Mouth Cleaner

After you have lunch, you might be in the need to make your mouth feel fresher and have a good taste. Furthermore, chewing gums also prevent from dozing off in class.

#18 - Fresh Mints


#17 – Pair of Earring Hooks

There is no possible back-up for a lost earring hook; either you have it or you don’t.

#17 - Earring Hooks


#16 – Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers save time, a walk to the bathroom and smell astounding. A perfect pinch of hygiene.

#16 - Hand sanitizer


#15 – Blotting Papers

These absorbent and heavenly sheets are an ingenious way to get rid of excess oil, shine and sweat from the skin.

#15 - Blotting paper


#14 – Lotion or Moisturizer

Especially in winter, when your hands get uncomfortably cold and dry, a moisturizer will save you from the struggle of harsh weather.

#14 - Moisturizer


#13 – USB Flash Drive

This is definitely something you should keep a track of to save up important files or when you are about to give a presentation or projects.

#13 - USB Flash Drive


#12 – Makeup for Touch-up

You should always have your basic touch-up makeup items, so that you always appear fresh and energetic before an interview, a meeting, etc.

#12 - Makeup


#11 – Healthy Snack

Getting proper time for lunch on a busy day is not always possible, but access to a quick healthy snack will save you from completely starving as you work.


#10 – Portable Charging Device

You should always have a portable charging device or a battery charger itself so that you never have to lose access to your work or important calls.

#10 - Portable Charging Device


#9 – Stain Eraser Pen

Stain eraser pen can turn out to be extremely handy if you accidently stained your dress on the prom, graduation or any day where you have to be presentable.

#9 - Stain Eraser Pen


#8 – Zippered Pouches

There always is a need for these; one for make-up, for business cards, and for small necessities.

#8 - Zippered Pouches


#7 – Painkillers

For minor headaches, fatigues, you definitely will require an instant pain-killer.

#7 - Painkillers


#6 – Tissues

A quite cold, allergy or for hygiene; tissues are mandatory at all times.

#6 - tissue paper


#5 – Card Holder

To keep a fixed track of all your relevant cards, card holders are the instant access.

#5 - Card Holder


#4 – Extra Cash

Keeping extra money will always come in handy in case of emergencies, outdoor plans, etc.

#4 - Cash


#3 – Hair Pins

Bad hair days are really the worst, so at least, you should have small back-ups to set your hair in place.

#3 - Hair pins


#2 – Lip Balm/Moisturizer

Dry, ruffled lips are hilariously associated with a bad mood, so in order to flip the situation, a hydrating lip balm should always be with you to do its job.

#2 - Lip Balm


#1 – Perfume/Deodorant

You should definitely never afford to miss this one out. Perfumes are a pleasure, joy and everything flawless.

#1 - Perfume



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