15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies

Best Outfits with Skinny Jeans for curvy women- Are you one of those curvy women who often feel conscious about not being able to flaunt skinny jeans or any other figure-hugging clothing due? Worry no more as now you can slay super skinny jeans no matter what your size is.

It is essential to get the fit right with skinny jeans. You don’t want ones that will focus people’s attention on those bulky areas that you want them to avoid, and you certainly don’t want ones that will hang off your hips, making you look curvier than you are.

 How to Wear Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Women?

If you decide to choose full-length skinnies, why not choose a distressed or ripped pair to wear on a relaxed weekend? These will take unwanted attention away from your body shape and focus on the distressed patches instead.

With the contrast in colors and contrast in styling ways, skinny-fit jeans will benefit you and your figure if paired with an oversized or baggy top or jacket. Even long, flowing cardigans are great with skinny jeans, especially on those breezy days. Use contrasting colors for a full effect, and blue jeans can be matched with any bright colors.

Finally, make sure that the skinny jeans you decide to shop for are comfortable and fit nicely. Cropped jeans are brilliant for plus-size ladies as they focus attention on your ankles, and matching them with a pair of T-bar heels and a loose-fitting blouse will look stunning.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies

Skinny Jeans Styling Tips and Tricks for Plus Size Ladies

Among the most popular denim styles is skinny jeans. Plus, size ladies often complain about not able to carry skinny jeans comfortably. So team Branded Girls have come up with some incredibly cool fashion hacks to style skinny jeans no matter how much curvy you’re! So hold tight and scroll a bit below to unveil some fashion skinny jeans fashion secrets.

  • Which Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans: T-bars are the best shoes to match with cropped skinnies. They can be beaded, brightly colored, have gemstones or patterns, and so are ideal for stealing the limelight on any outfit. However, if you are a bit more reserved and like to have fully covered feet, then why not go for a pair of sleek and sexy knee or thigh-high boots? These are great for plus-size ladies who are a little on the short side, and they will elongate your figure, making you appear taller and slimmer. Suede or brown leather is perfect for this type of shoe. Still, thinking about where to buy shoes that can go with skinny jeans? Have a look at your next shopping targets:

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  • Belts with Skinny Denim Pants: For plus size, women’s belts can either create a stunning effect or go the complete opposite way. Wear belts around your waist instead of hips. This will create a flowing hourglass shape and will look beautiful. Skinny jeans, if appropriately fitted, should not need a belt, so use them as an accessory instead of practicality.

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  • Always Buy Stretchable Skinny Jeans: There is nothing comfier in this world than a pair of stretchable jeans. However, skinny jeans might cause you irritation while sitting for a longer time. In contrast, stretchable skinny jeans have elastic properties that will allow you to go for any of your body positions.

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  • Which Color of Skinny Jeans to buy if you’re Plus size: The universal fashion rule for creating an illusion of a slimmer body is to wear colors that are of a darker shade. The most preferred Jeans color for curvy ladies is a dark hue of Indigo-washed versatile jeans because it can be carried on both formal and casual events. Other exciting skinny jeans color options for plus-size women can be charcoal grey, forest green, jet black shade, and deep burgundy shade from Democracy and Lucky Brand.
  • Which Jewelry Pieces Should I wear with Skinny Denim Pants: Consider yourself lucky to be able to find a perfect skinny denim pair. When it comes to wearing jewelry with denim, you can always go for sophisticated studs, white pearls, long earrings, a short-chained necklace in gold or silver, or sleek bracelets with a pair of overly sized hoops. You can shop for trendy jewelry pieces from Zales online. If you’re planning to wear blue or black jeans, then prefer wearing silver pieces of jewelry with them. Other than jewelry, you can try accessorizing yourself with a funky printed scarf or a wide-brimmed hat, or with a Tuxedo. If you’re heading out to some formal meeting, they prefer wearing a wristwatch to finish off the look.

↓ 15 – Ideas to Wear Skinny Jeans to Office

Fit and Flare Top with Skinny Jeans, Brown Belt, and Handbag and minimal jewelry accessories are just the right combinations to slay at your workplace. Show off your gorgeous curves by putting a belt around your waist. It will be a bold move, and only a few will be able to do it, but trust me, once you wear a belt on your waist, you will feel a rush of confidence instantly.

For all those offices having more of a relaxed environment, jeans can become your best friend to hang out with. Have you ever heard of days like casual Fridays or relaxed Mondays? If your boss is fond of celebrating those fun days and appreciate wearing a bit casual on those days, then don’t doubt wearing skinny jeans, preferably in black color, for those fun days to enjoy with your colleagues without being embarrassed on your heavy bottoms. Ripped jeans are a big, no even for casual days in the office. Don’t forget to check out these Top Ten Brands For Plus Size Women These Days.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 14 – Inspiring Ways to Wear Skinny Jeans Casually 

Skinny Jeans with White Vest Top and White Jacket are a more favored option for women of every age bracket. The high pony is one of the most preferred hairstyles by plus-size women. This hairstyle is best for oval or diamond-shaped face cuts. For women over 30’s can try messy braided pony style to complete their final look. Jackets can also help a ton when you are a little curvy. Hoops are a great piece of jewelry in general but even better for rounder faces.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies

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↓ 13 – How to Wear Skinny Jeans in Summers?

Skinny Jeans with Fitted Printed Red Top and Platform Pumps are all you need to turn heads this year. Another fashion rule is not having tied hair with jeans and a top as it will make your looks dull. Faded bob cut, loose curls, and open long hair are the most favored hairstyles to go with a jeans outfit. This outfit is super cute for the younger girls as it features a top with a tighter fit and cool prints.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

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↓ 12 – What to Wear with Skinny Denim in Winter for Curvy Women?

Skinny Jeans with contrasting orange top and Body Warmer along with Knee-High Brown Leather Boots will make this winter more exciting, isn’t it? That’s how you look chic, even on your casual days! Winter isn’t supposed to be all about dull colors. Something bright like orange can help you look brighter and happier during harsh winter days. By the way, we love how she is flaunting her black curls.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies



↓ 11 – When to Wear Eye-catching Statement Denim Look 

Skinny Jeans with Cardigan and Stripe Top, Yellow Scarf, and Flat Shoes are your fashion weapons for these freezing dull winters. The bright scarf will be a great way for you to add a little flashiness to your dull winter outfits. Likewise, a blazer can make the whole look a little more formal if you are attending a semi-formal event with your work colleagues. However, we would recommend doing your hair a little better as this hairdo isn’t completely flattering, especially if you will be around people.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

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↓ 10 – Skinny Jeans look for Curvy Women Over 40

Dark Skinny Jeans with Printed Frill Top and White Cardigan with Matching White Belt and Contrasting Peep Toes is one of the jaw-dropping looks that you can carry this year.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies


↓ 9 – For Our Older Plus Size Ladies

Bold Floral Print Tabard Top with Skinny Jeans and Brown Heels can be your denim choice. A floral shirt like this would also look amazing with a skirt. Floral blazers or floral tops look best when worn in the spring season. It further helps to add a pop of color to solid-colored denim outfits. Stunning Spring Outfits Ideas for Plus Size Ladies can be your next read if you want to explore more floral spring outfit options for yourself.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladies


↓ 8 – Classy Pointed Toe Shoes with Skinny Jeans

White Knitted Wide Collar Jumper, Skinny Jeans, Black Points, and Handbag is a look that you can try right now. The below pictured look is so easy and quick that you can carry on your super busy mornings.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 7 – Plus-Size Street Style

Lace Layered Top with Printed Jacket, Skinny Jeans, and Suede Ankle Boots is just the perfect outfit if you are going out with your friends for a girls night out or if you are planning to go on a date night, whatever the case it is, this outfit inspiration idea will always be your best choice. For this look, go for classic skin-tight jeans and a layered white lace top. If the weather is on the chilly side, layer the outfit with a chic blazer. For footwear, you can wear ankle boots. Voila!

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 6 – Plus Size Formal Jeans Outfit

Cropped Skinny Jeans, White Top, Printed Blazer, Pointed Pumps, and Clutch Bag is another example for formal wear.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 5 – Monochromes: All White Outfit for Curvy Girls

High Waist White Skinny Jeans with Matching Top and Sheer Overtop, Clutch Bag, and Strap Sandals. Who says curvy girls can’t wear white! With an all-white outfit, you can be the next fashion, Cleopatra. Here are Different Ways to Wear All White Outfits Like Celebrities.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 4 – For Curvy Mommies

Floral Top with Dark Skinny Jeans and nude Studded Pumps can be your everyday casual wear. Floral tops are now available for everybody. No matter what size you are, they’re available in just the right fitting. You can go for black or dark blue colored skinny jeans for this floral design-inspired outfit and then wear a black base floral top over it. For the accessories and jewelry, you can opt for gold color ones. If you don’t have any shoes or bags in gold color, then you can go for nude or rose-gold colored accessories, and they will look amazing as well. We are in love with the minimal jewelry choice that she made to carry with her jeans wear.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

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↓ 3 – Where Can You Wear Stripes with Skinny Jeans

You can never go wrong with a striped shirt. This is another outfit that’s perfect for all the moms out there who are pretty busy in their daily chores but still want to look pretty and fashionable. For this outfit idea, go for boyfriend jeans in classic blue color and then wear black and white or blue and white-colored stripes pattern tee on top.  For footwear, you can wear any contrasting colored pumps to keep you comfortable all day. For example, you can wear red-colored pumps, or you can also go for leopard printed shoes as well. For the hairstyle, it is best if you go for a messy bun because it will take less than a minute to form but will look gorgeous as hell. Go out to pick your kids from school, and you will definitely be the most casually dressed yet stylish mommy there.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 2 – How to Style Skinny Jeans with Black for Plus Size Women

Slit Shoulder 3/4 Sleeve Top with Cropped, Distressed Skinny Jeans, and Contrasting Pink Peep Toe Heels. Please note that wearing ripped jeans is a big no when it comes to formal gatherings like official meetings etc., so keep them reserved for going out with your friends. However, ripped jeans can be worn even as an indoor weekend relaxing outfit. This is a simple outfit yet makes so much of a difference if done right. All you need to do is accessorize it properly to look fabulous.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

↓ 1 – City Style Chic Look

Striped, Casual Shirt with Black Blazer, Skinny Jeans, and Knee High Suede Boots! How cool and professional is this outfit! It is extremely comfy, and along with that, it is effortless to create. Of course, you can play around with your own creativity as well, but here is the main idea. For this outfit, go for classic blue colored jeans and then wear a formal striped dress shirt on top. If it is winter season, you can wear a black blazer or long coat over it. Otherwise, you can just go without it. For footwear, you can wear black-colored long boots in winters, and in summers, you can wear black sneakers or classic blue sneakers as well. We simply love here caramel loose curls. When it comes to the hairstyle, you can go for loose curls for an entirely effortless look.

15 Cute Outfits with Skinny Jeans for Plus Size Ladiesvia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are skinny jeans flattering for plus size?

A. Of course! Skinny jeans, like all other pants, are not made for any specific body type. There is a misconception that only a certain group of people with have a certain weight can wear skinny jeans. It is actually not true at all. The key is to get your hands on a pair of jeans that is stretchable and will accommodate you and your body in the most comfortable way possible. As long as you are comfortable and confident, you can look good in anything! 

Q. What jeans look best on plus-size women?

A. Plus size women, like all other women, can wear any jeans they want as long as they style them right. These can include skinny jeans that are stretchable, mom jeans and boyfriend jeans, etc. If you are someone who is not comfortable in wearing skinny jeans or can’t see to find a pair that fits you right, then maybe you should try going for wider cuts like mom jeans. 

Q. Do high-waisted jeans make you look thinner?

A. High waisted jeans are the best kind of jeans in our opinion as it makes your stomach look completely fat and makes your legs look like they are going on for ages. This is why high-waisted jeans work well for plus-size women, as they help you look slimmer. If you want to wear crop tops or shirts that are on the shorter side, then definitely pair them up with high-waisted jeans. 

Q. What makes you a plus size?

A. Although the definition of plus-size can vary in different parts of the world but talking in fashion terms, it is much easier to make the distinction. According to the Plus Model magazine, any person above size 18 is considered plus size. 

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