Trendy Scarves Wrapping Styles to Compliment Your Outfit

Stylish Ways to Wear Scarves. If you think scarves are simply neck warmers to be used in winters, you are mistaken. They are now FASHION. “Pairing a scarf with an outfit doesn’t need to be a daunting process,” assures Celia Kamath of Peacock Tale. “Think of scarves as a way to extend your wardrobe.”

If you feel your budget doesn’t have room for buying new chic-style apparel right now and that a few of your dresses, the ones you would never want to throw out of your wardrobe, are running a bit tired, trust me, scarves are something that are going to add a glam touch to it. This post intends to bring you new scarves styles and ideas on how to wear scarves fashionably.

Creative Ways to Wear a Scarf

There is a staggering number of ways to wear scarves besides the good old wrapping-around-the-neck. And even if you’re going for the regular neck-wrapping, there are dozens of different knots the scarf can be tied in. To put simply, scarf-wrapping has evolved, and we’re about to give you a crash-course on how it’s happened.

Are scarves still in style in 2021?

As a clothing accessory, scarves are something that can never go out of style. Every woman has at least one scarf in her wardrobe. Besides being fashionable things meant to be flaunted, scarves also have a practical appeal as they are worn to drive away the chill in winters.

So, the answer is yes; scarves are pretty much still in style this year.

What fabric are scarves made from?

Depending on the season and your preferences, you can wear scarves made from:

  • Wool
  • Cashmere
  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Pashmina
  • Silk
  • Polyester
  • Jersey
  • Linen

How can scarves be used?

Scarves serve as an accessory most of the time. They’re a much more significant part of a Muslim woman’s wardrobe as scarves or hijabs are related to modest clothing.

If you’ve collected an unhealthy number of scarves and are looking to get rid of the extra burden, here are a couple of creative ways to upcycle your scarves instead of simply throwing them away.

  1. Convert into rags: Cotton, linen, and wool scarves can be excellent dusting/cleaning rags.
  2. DIY into bags: All you need is basic sewing skills. You can convert your big scarves into cross-body bags, zipper pouches, and totes. Use stronger scarves for the outside and lighter ones on the inside as a lining.
  3. Camera strap: Women who love photography can replace the boring straps on their cameras with a cute old scarf of theirs.
  4. Wall art: Frame old scarves and hang them on your wall!
  5. Wall-hanging: Either use a whole scarf for a simple wall-hanging or add pockets with pieces of another scarf and convert it into something even more useful.
  6. Wrap gifts: Ditch expensive wrapping paper and use an old scarf for gift-wrapping instead.
  7. Quilts: Looking to recycle a bunch of old scarves? Quilt them all together and make pillows, wall-hangings, and bags!

Online stores to buy trendy scarves from:

For a comprehensive search:

  • Amazon: There is literally no place better. You will find scarves of different materials, shapes, colors, brands, and prices, all in one place.

For a specific, branded search:

  • ASOS: Check out their incredible collection of winter scarves.
  • Scarves: An online store dedicated to scarves and how to tie them.
  • ZARA: For trendy pieces.
  • Nordstorm: Find good-quality scarves for all seasons.
  • Scarf Shop: A quirky brand that offers scarves in cashmere, cotton, wool, and much more.

Read on to find out the various kinds of scarves, what types are in style, and how to wrap/tie them in different places.

↓ 24 – Wear a Scarf as a Mask/Face Covering

Observe a moment of silence to understand how cool this idea is! In these corona-ridden times, markets and stores have become saturated with masks. The medical masks look terribly boring. While brands all over the world have released their versions of masks, these branded ones are expensive. So, in case you’re tired of these types of masks or have misplaced yours and are looking for a quick fix, here are some DIY face masks you can create with the help of your scarf.

Make sure to see the video till the end.

↓ 23 – Wrapping Around Your Belt

One of the unique and sophisticated styles of wearing a scarf is to tuck it under your belt while the ends droop loosely. It adds up an element of uniqueness to your look. A long narrow scarf works best with this method. We can’t get over how stunning this scarf matches with both the blue dress and the brown leather belt.

belt a long scarf

↓ 22 – The Simplest Wrapping Style

This is legitimately one of the easiest and most common ways women wear a scarf. The one in the picture below is a plaid wool scarf, best for winters. It’s long but wide, so it looks kind of bulky when wrapped around like that. For a routine outing or a casual stroll down the street in winters, this wrapping style is highly recommended.

Loop Plaid Scarf

↓ 21 – Blanket scarf

True to their name, blanket scarves are big, heavy things that wrap around you as completely and lovingly as a blanket does. Blanket scarves are square in shape, and when wrapped, this is what they look like.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 17


↓ 20 – Wrapping around the Neckline in a Loop

Loop scarves are super fashionable. The loose ends are tucked inside the loop, so they don’t show, making them look like a super stylish rope. Loop scarves are great for winters as they cover and warm up your neck and chest thoroughly.

Exhibit A: This beautiful knitted scarf in a nude shade.

Scraf wrapping styles new

Exhibit B: Grey-white cable-knit scarf that is clearly hand-made.

2015 Scarf Trend Forecast for Fall & Winter

Exhibit C: A small wool scarf, worn with business attire. We love how crisp and professional it looks with the suit.

Street style with scarf


Exhibit D: A floral chiffon scarf for summer and spring! By now you’ve probably realized that you can try scarves of different lengths for creating this loop. The first two ones were big and chunky. These latter two are smaller.

Floral Print Scarf Styles

50 Easy DIY Fashion Projects 

↓ 19 – Scarf as Necktie

You’ll be seeing a lot of neckties in this blog, we assure you. Necktie scarves are typically silky, square, and fancy. Because they are so small, tying them at the neck is one of the ways their size is maximized to the fullest.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 1


Here, the scarf has been wrapped in a loop, but it’s so small and narrow. It makes for the prettiest, non-fuss necktie.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 3


↓ 18 – Silk Scarves Are Fun!

Silks are lush, slippery things. They can make anything look fancy and dainty, and desirable. This is why we recommend having silk scarves in your closet. No matter what the size of the scarf, it has a use, and it will look appealing no matter how you wrap it. Small square silk scarves make great hair accessories.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 2



↓ 17 – Scarf as a Tube Top

A Dior square silk scarf has been delightfully and creatively wrapped around this woman’s body. Even if you are super confident in your ability to tie this scarf securely, we still recommend that you wear a strapless bra underneath. We don’t want any unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, now do we? Her jewelry with this outfit is awesome, and the nail art is drool-worthy.

Bonus: We hope you didn’t miss the adorable silk scarf wrapped around her wrist. It’s the CUTEST.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 5


↓ 16 – Scarf as Bandeau Bra

When all your normal bras have failed you, and you need something super cool to wear to the beach or a party, try this neat trick of taking a square silk scarf and turning it into a makeshift bra.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve secured the scarf securely, take two bra pads (you can take them out from an old bra), and insert them into each side. This will do three things: a) make this stylish DIY bra less-revealing, b) give shape to your breasts, and c) tighten the bandeau further.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 18


↓ 15 – Strapless Bra Over a Shirt

If you have a similar style aesthetic, cool, hipster, and chic, you might want to use your scarf this way. This is essentially the same way the scarf was used earlier, except with this outfit, no skin is bared, and we love that. This way, you don’t need to fear embarrassing yourself should the tie come loose.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 19



↓ 14 – As a Bandana

Nothing says Bohemian like a bandana with flora printed on it. You can do this with any type and print of scarf, but we doubt it’ll look as lush as it does in this leaf-print silk scarf. Accessorize with beads and stones, and be prepared to serve some Pirates of the Caribbean vibes.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 4


↓ 13 – As a Simple Hair tie

Who would have thought that hair tied with a scarf could look so beautiful? It will take five minutes and save you the hassle of creating an elaborate updo.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 6


↓ 12 – Tying Small Scarves to Create Different Hairstyles

For one of these different hairstyles to work, you have to think of the scarf as an extension of your hair. Only then will you be able to merge it so seamlessly into whatever updo you’re aiming to create. We love all four you see here, but we’re partial to the braided pink one with a bow.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 7


↓ 11 – As a Hijab

For Muslim women who follow this practice, there is no difference between the word ‘scarf’ and the word ‘hijab’. There are hundreds of variations of scarves worn as hijabs, but we’ll go with two basic ones for now.

Exhibit A: This is a big square scarf styled as a hijab.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 8


Exhibit B: This is a long and narrow scarf worn as a hijab with a hijab cap to keep it in place.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 9



Not to sound like a broken record (because you’ve probably seen these styles above), but just to be thorough, we’re listing a few ways square scarves can be wrapped.

↓ 10 – As Head-coverings

Square scarves make the daintiest and prettiest hijabs. More so if the print is really nice.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 10


↓ 9 – As Turbans

Turban hijabs are popular among modern Muslim women. Whether or not these turbans count as ‘hijab’ is a different discussion altogether, but wrapped using a nice scarf, they look delicious.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 11


↓ 8 – As Simple Accessories

You can forget all the elaborate stylings and use scarves as they’ve been used for decades; clothing accessories.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 12


↓ 7 – As Bohemian Bandanas

Fans of a certain Jack Sparrow will appreciate this style.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 13


↓ 6 – As a Stylishly V-wrapped Top

Our jaws are on the floor and we can’t seem to get them back up. Send help!

trendy ways to wear a scarf 14


↓ 5 – As a Sailor Necktie

There’s a neat little trick here. After tying the scarf around your neck, slide it slightly to the side like it’s askew.

trendy ways to wear a scarf 15


↓ 4 – How to Wear a Scarf Professionally

This fun video shows you how to wrap scarves in ways that look super professional, elegant, and classic.


  • All scarves used in this video are fancy: they are printed and made of silky materials.
  • Most of them are square scarves.
  • If you own similar scarves, this video will be helpful.

↓ 3 – Narrow scarf

A narrow scarf can serve as:

  • A belt
  • A necktie
  • A hair tie
  • A wrist tie

trendy ways to wear a scarf 16



↓ 2 – Tying the Slip Knot

If you are a scarf lover and you are planning today to wear a collared shirt with skin-fitted pants at your work, a long scarf with a slip knot tied is good to go! Not only this, but a slip knot scarf will also complement your long loose, breezy dress embedding the elegance and style together.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for a Slip Knot 

A slip knot is the simplest thing in the world and something you can learn within 5 minutes. You can choose literally any kind of scarf for this but make sure it’s a rectangular one. Tying a knot with a square scarf may be tricky, and the results may not be super professional.

Knotted Necklace Scarf Tutorial

Watch the video to memorize the method with ease:

↓ 1 – Tying with a French Knot

If you are the kind of person who does not like wearing long scarves and stoles, tying a small scarf with a French knot is the option for you. This style is formal and is great for business outings. All you need to do is wrap the scarf around your neck with both ends hanging down. Loosen the loops and tie two knots, the second one being tighter.

Step-by-Step French Knot Scarf Tutorial

  • Choose a medium-length scarf for tying this knot.
  • Tying will be a lot easier if the material isn’t slippery, like silk.
  • Go for a rectangular scarf instead of a square one.

how to tie a scarf tutorials

If the pictured tutorial didn’t help, here’s a short video:


 20 Best Ways to Wear Skater Skirts



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