Latest Bridal Gowns – 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this Year

Latest Bridal Gowns. Gear yourselves up for these ravishing and gob-smacking bridal gowns and dresses that all brides will simply love to wear on their memorable wedding receptions and post-wedding parties! So ladies, do not miss out on such good ideas of glamour and class and get yourself all prepped up for the crazy designs.

It is the right of every bride to feel unique and beautiful on their big day. By feeling special, I mean every single bride should feel comfortable and have fun in their wedding dress. Needless to say, nothing can ever compare the buying experience of wedding gown than any other clothing purchases. Brides often fall in love with their wedding gowns when you see it and wear it. It is the bridal gown that brings you to the whole new world, full of happiness with your loved one. Wedding gowns are no doubt, magic and self-expressive attire that you will ever wear. We want you to look impressive and feel special on your big, and therefore, we have brought you a  list of the latest wedding gowns that you can choose to wear.

Here are 20 latest styles in bridal gowns and dresses for those who happen to love to continue the affection and fun of their weddings when their festivities have ended. So get a glance and increase your chances to shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the wedding dress trends for 2020?

The 2020 wedding dress trends include colorful gowns with bows, and floral embroidered gowns, and pantsuits. Most of the wedding gowns which are in trend feature naked back, bridal belts, off-the-shoulder sleeves, lingerie-inspired corsets, as well as high slits.

  • What are the wedding colors for 2020?

If you have decided to tie the knot in this 2020 or upcoming year 2021, you must know what colors are in trend. You can select from different unique colors for your bridal gown including Red, Cinnamon Rose And Dusty Rose, Blush Pink, Green, Rustic Style in Grey Shades, Dusty Blue, Light Blue, Burgundy, and Mauve Purple.

  • Is GREY still in for 2020?

According to one designer, “The grey on grey on grey trend has got to go.” However, many designers say that all-white and all-grey look is too cold and sterile. In the upcoming year, we will see less cool grey colors in bridal gowns.

  • Are maxi dresses still in trend 2020?

Maxi dresses are not going anywhere. They are still in trend, and you will see people around wearing maxi this year. Since you will see this piece of clothing very often this year, it is now up to you to look chic while wearing a maxi gown. Though maxi gown covers your pretty legs, yet you can look incredibly elegant and sexy in this dress.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

Latest Gown Designs for the Fashionable Brides

↓ 10 – Alia Bhatt’s Style

Alia’s timeless dresses have all the cuteness and attraction that you will need on your big wedding party! Have a look at some more outfit styles of Alia Bhatt that can possibly become yours!

Right from promotions of super hit movies to attending wedding parties, Alia knows how to maintain a classy wardrobe and slay in every event. Each designer outfit of Alia is unique from other dresses which give inspirations to her fans.

Everyone’s favourite Alia Bhatt drops major signs on how you can look stunning, wearing outfits at weddings. Look at this shoulder-baring gown adorned with crystal detailing. This style is a great pick for receptions

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year


Her cutest skirt-inspired, vibrant outfit is gorgeous for sure. Look at this gorgeous Pink Gown that gives a princess look. By wearing this gown, you will look just adorable. It can be worn on engagement parties.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 9 – An Indian-Pakistani Style

This style has unique attributes to both Indian and Pakistani fashion, and that just makes it way cooler than the rest. By wearing this heavily embroidered gown, you are going to look fabulous on your reception. This outfit no doubt deserves a special place in your closet. This bridal gown  will give an alluring look to its wearer.  Get you full bridal makeup mode on with this.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 18 – Aishwarya’s Iconic Style

Needless to say, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one of the most iconic women in Bollywood. A true fashionista who looks fabulous in any outfit that she wears. Aishwarya can ace almost any suit. With her ethereal charm and beauty, she knows how to carry off the bridal outfit as effortlessly as any other western wear. You can try this shimmery gown with some silver jewellery at wedding ceremonies to create oh so magical! look.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 17 – For A Fancier and Floral Look at Wedding

Can’t get over your wedding luxuries? Here’s this one made just for you. Try this stylish floral net maxi to create an unearthly yet glamorous look. Must get your vintage jewelry and high heels on.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year


Stunning heels cannot be missed. This golden ankle-strap heels will look chic and are perfect for elevating your look to whole new heights.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 16 – The Prestigious Style

Do you want to get a perfect bridal look? Try wearing this striking color combination. This golden and red gown is beautified with heavy embroidery over its sleeves. This elegant bridal outfit denotes festivity and is the unparalleled outfit to wear on weddings.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 15 – The Barbie Doll Look

Looks a whole lot like a brilliant Barbie look and who wouldn’t want this? Wear this powdery pink gown which features a beautifully made satin bow with an asymmetrical bodied and multiple layers. This bridal gown is perfect for girls who love fashion. So get your prettiest makeup look on and those amazing stilettos you have been preserving! We also recommend that you have a look at these 20 Latest Bridal Lehenga Designs and Ideas to try this year

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

Try the slender pink heels with the Barbie dolls.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

Try this sparkly makeup look with the dress.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 14 – Blush Pink Gown for Bridal

No matter what, wearing a blush pink gown on the wedding is the only trend which is not going away. Neither it should! This is because pink is the subtle color that makes its wearer look adorable yet elegant. The pink color is also an all-time favorite color of many celebrity brides as well as several wedding gown designers. The beauty is in the simplicity, you can wear this simple yet flattering sequin-covered bodice bridal gown.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

You can wear this floral blush pink jewelry to enhance the beauty of this bridal gown and of course your charm altogether.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 13 – Lace Outfit for Dusky-colored Women

Lace dress for the wedding is as elegant as it is unique and timeless. Lace on your wedding gown makes it truly magical. Besides, embellishment of intricate beading on lace wedding gown elevates its overall beauty. It is no doubt one thing that is to behold for a wedding which almost every bride will love. This lace outfit can never be eliminated from anything that’s regarding outfits revolution. Get your mesmerizing look on with her best lace outfit of the year.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 12 – A Glamorous Pakistani Style

This is what you would find a model draped in on a Pakistani ramp. Which is why it is ramp-worthy!  There are so many ideas about how you can wear this dress in the best possible way.  You can embrace this beautiful dress in the upcoming festivities. This bridal gown features richly embroidered net adorned with grey and silver intricated work along with floral motifs which are sprinkled all over the gown.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

Try the silver heels with the classic gown.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

Try this beautiful braided hair for weddings!

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 11 – The Western Bridal Look

How about a concoction of simplicity and elegance in your wedding dress which you are going to celebrate in a western-style? If you are looking for something lovely, simple, and flattering, try this lace western-style bridal gown ornate with long sleeves, embroidered net neckline, and fringe accents.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

Try this iconic makeup look with this lovely dress.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 10 – The Floral Maxi Dress Gown

This chiffon and lace dress is just picture-perfect gowns for newly-married girls to wear in parties. If you like to make a unique statement in the party, you must give this floral maxi gown a try. This flowy skirt and the glittery top is the perfect combination that you will need for your special get-togethers.

Latest Bridal Gowns 20 Most Perfect Bridal Gowns this year

↓ 9 – The Branded Look

The branded designer look takes away the simplicity but nevertheless is what most people look for. You can be as fancy as you like or as simplistic and down-to-earth. You can create a branded look with this emerald green bridal gown featuring net with sequins and embellished stripes.

perfect bridal gown

Try the amazing makeup with your designer gown.

makeup for bridal

↓ 8 – The Designer Outfit

When it comes to the luxurious and high-end wedding gowns, people always prefer designer bridal outfits. For eastern bridal gowns, Sabyasachi tops the list and often is regarded as the Vera Wang of many eastern bridals. If you are looking for extremely royal bridal gowns that give you the vibes of the palace, you must look at Sabyasachi’s collection. But bear in mind, it’s not going to be cheap. You can wear this aviary Anarkali gown featuring geometric embroidery.

Designer outfits always come first for those who want to stand out like a glittering star, and we are here to make it possible for you. Don’t forget to get an equally gorgeous outfit for your mother on your big day, for some fantastic suggestions, see these Outfits for Brides Mothers-20 Latest Mother of the Bride Dresses.

designer bridal gown

↓ 7 – The Most Breathtaking Style

The breathtaking outlook of the gown cannot be overlooked. Even if you go about simple, you will still charm all. If you are a fashion-forward person, looking for a picture-perfect wedding dress to show elegance, sophistication, and striking charm, you must look for something breathtakingly beautiful bridal gown. This outfit will surely steal the heart of its wearer and beholders.

bridal gown

↓ 6 – The Femininity-inspired Style

This red bridal gown will bring out the fashion-forward and elegant feminine hidden inside you. This net gown for the bride is ideal for your big day. By wearing this bridal gown, you are going to shine out your most eccentric beauty.

bridal gown

Try this hot makeup look with this feminine gown.

hot makeup look

↓ 5 – The Disney Princess Look

If you are a Disney fan, you might prefer to associate your wedding, look with one of the Disney princesses. This beautiful bridal gown will enhance your look on your big day. And this outfit is perfect for making a show-stopping entrance and bringing some energizing edge.

bridal gown

↓ 4 – The Feather-Featured Bridal Gown

Drape yourself in this extravagant outfit which is fit for expressing royalty inside in your persona. This ramp-worthy outfit for bridal is for fashion-forward girls.  This fancy designer outfit has been specifically designed for those who don’t compromise their uniqueness whenever it comes to their style and unique sense of fashion. This gown adorned with feathers is ideal for brides to express their exuberance. With the use of feathers, this bridal gown has been created as a mystic statement. If you feel bold with a garden theme on your special day, go with this wedding gown to feel like a fairy having the best ever time of her life wandering around luscious greenery.

perfect wedding gown

Try the Smokey eye makeup look for last pitch.smokey makeup

↓ 3 – A Gold-inspired Gown

If you are looking to wear something inspirational on your wedding day, you will love to ogle over gowns. Are you ready to be glided in gold? Golden dresses are trending, and they are flattering too as a bonus. This color compliments almost all skin tones and bring out the natural highlights of your skin. This gold-inspired bridal gown will create a luxurious and regal look. The wearer of this dress will demand the attention of everyone at the party. Wear this golden gown to have a glow all over.

bridal gown


↓ 2 – The Royal Design and Style

Who will not like to look royal on their special occasions like a wedding? If you too want to create an imperial and lavish look, you should surely try this royal style gown. This bridal gown inspired by royal wedding dresses will create a contemporary twist with a high net neckline giving your persona a majestic persona at your wedding day.

bridal gown

↓ 1 – Perfect A-Line Tulle Bridal Gown

This A-Line Tulle strapless bridal gown is perfect for brides who want to feel like a fairy on their wedding. If you are looking for something voluminous to wedding dress, this gown is for you!

perfect bridal gown

Wrap Up

Above mentioned are the latest wedding-worthy bridal gowns for all the girls who are going to tie the knot this year. So what are you waiting for? Try any of these bridal gowns that can be worn even in post-wedding events.


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