Sporty Look with Hijab-14 Modest Hijab Sports Outfits Combinations

Sporty Look with Hijab. You love sports and want to wear your hijab ,then no worries there are a lot of styles now to carry your sporty look with hijab. You can achieve a supreme sports look with hijab in different ways and you will look trendy as well. Many designers are working on women’s athletic wear. Now it is easy to choose that what look you should adopt for your game. Different types of material are available for sporty hijab. You can select any type or any pretty color to make it stylish. Here are some  pictures of muslim women playing sports and ideas to wear hijab in a sporty style to look modest and pretty.

How to Wear Hijab For Fitness/Sports Activities

You can wear your hijab while sports in many ways.

#14- Street Style Athletic Look

Wear a jeans and a hoodie with hijab to give a sports style. Also you can add coloured Nike trainers to make this look stylish. For more street style outfits to go with your hijab, have a look at these [highlight]21 trending street style outfits for women this year[/highlight].


#13- Casual Look with Hijab for Games

Going to play basketball with your friends? Then you can carry this casual look. Simple top with black tights and black hijab is looking perfect for going out.


#12- Capsters Style

Capsters is a sports hijab. You can wear it for cycling as well. This look is simple looking stunning for an athlete.


#11- Aghaei Hajiagha Soraya in White Hijab

Aghaei Hajiagha Soraya is wearing a simple white hijab and she is looking very elegant in this sporty outfit. Pink top and grey trousers are complimenting her in this sporty look.Those girls looking for ideas how to carry hijab while sports activities  here is the idea for you.


#10- Hijab outfit for Gym

This combination will give an exclusive look for a sports loving girl, who love her hijab. A hoodie with hot pink tights and Nike cap will make a trendy look. Pink hijab and pink sneakers will give a chic look to this outfit.

#9- ResportOn Hijab with Black Jacket

Black leather jacket with black jeans are expressing a fashionable athlete. ResportOn is another style of hijab available for sporty girls. This white hijab is completing her look. This look is suitable for school, college girls who are fond of games.


#8- Hijab Yoga Outfit

This cute get-up can be carried during gym,exercise or any sports. This is simple and comfortable way to wear hijab with a hoodie and trousers. Also give a try to these [highlight]19 modest hijab jeans outfits this season[/highlight].


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