Simple Party MakeUp Tips for Black Women to Look Gorgeous

No matter what shade your skin is it is highly important to make sure your make-up compliments your outfit, your skin tone and your personal style. But how should black women get ready for different parties? What makeup suits dark complexions on ladies? And what cosmetics are best to avoid? I bring you this article to put an end to these queries. Also see our article on Top 10 Makeup Brands every girl should Have

Foundations and Powders

Make sure your foundation matches your natural skin tone for darker skin tones this can sometimes be an issue as there as so many different shades. However, finding your ideal foundation or powder is not an issue. Try blending different shades from your jaw down to your neck.

Special Occasion & Party MakeupThe one that is a flawless blend will be your perfect match. If you have naturally oily skin, stay away from excessively oily foundations and use a paler shade as your natural oil will give a darker skin tone. Do not forget to blend foundations around hair line, ears and neck otherwise you can end up with an awful foundation line.

Eye Shadows, Mascara and Liners

african women eye make up ideas


Bright colours look absolutely stunning on darker skinned women. Peacock colours such as blue, royal purple, emerald green, gold and silver are perfect colours for a party. Why not accentuate your eyes with glitter eye shadows? Or even jewels? Use a powder eye shadow instead of a gel one if using bright colours, gel eye shadows can spilt in your eye lid creases and cause lines to appear. Make eye shadow colours big and lively and use a contrasting eye liner to try to create flicks either side. This will elongate your eye and make them seem bigger and brighter. Avoid eye liner on the bottom lid. On darker skinned ladies this can cause a lethargic appearance so instead use it to your advantage on your top lid to lift your eyes. This will create a younger image. Mascara is great for every lady but if yours are naturally full and dark then only use a lightweight one to enhance them, too much mascara can drown out your eyes.

Lipsticks and Gloss
Which lipsticks and glosses you choose is completely dependent on how dark your skin tone is. If your skin is quite light, try pinks, peaches and reds to match your skin tone. If your shade is at the darker end of the scale then venture towards magenta, deep red, chocolate shades and bronze.And for the best choice of lipstick brand  see our last article top 5 lipstick brands these days.

These colours are guaranteed to get you noticed! Don’t forget though, for parties, the bolder and brighter the shade the better. Neutral tones can be kept for the day to day office work but for a party, bring out the big guns. Gloss is completely down to the ladies personal preference. Matte colours look stunning for a more subdued look, however for a party why not go all out and get those lips shimmering with gloss?

Here are some pictures of dark skin beauties. You can get lots of ideas from these pictures on how to look astonishing at any party with the right makeup.

Great Ideas for Party Make-Up for Black Ladies

Lipstick Ideas


Magenta shade


Cute Makeup look for African women


 Eye Make-Up Ideas for Dark Complexion Girls


Smokey Eye Makeup


Here is a step by step smokey eye makeup tutorial for dark complexion ladies .

step by step eye makeup tutorial for dark skin girls


Purple Eye Makeup


Galaxy Glittering Eye Makeup


Foundation Ideas For Black Women



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