10 Fashionable Back to School Accessories Every Girl Must Own

Fashionable Back to School Accessories. Everyone knows that accessories can make or break an entire outfit style. This is vitally important for teen girls who are going back to school. With reputations to uphold and appearance being the ‘be all and end all’ in some groups, it is a must that accessories are chosen with care. But which accessories are great for teen girls who are going back to school? Which ones will make you stand out from the crowd? Whether it is a simple, bright beanie hat or a huge statement necklace there is a perfect accessory out there for everyone.

Essentials Accessories for Teen Girls

This post brings you the top 10 most fashionable accessories that every girl should have in their wardrobe for the return to school.

 #10- Eye Catching Sunglasses

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Regardless off summer passing, sunglasses are still very much as popular during autumn and throughout winter too. This is great news for girls heading back to school as the shapes and styles available are still in abundance. Use glasses to hide any lack of make up or ‘morning eyes’, another great reason to wear sunglasses during this season.

#9- Chunky Statement Necklace

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Statement necklaces and multi-layered necklaces are definitely a great accessory to get you noticed down the corridors. Shining silvers against dark blues or golds with autumn bronzes are stunning colour combinations for clothing and jewellery. Use these to make your back to school outfit stand out. Bold coloured jewellery are also great for a cute and bright look. Check out our post on 15 Cute Pink Accessories Every Girl Should Own for more great ideas.

#8- Broad Belts

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Belts are a great accessory for nearly any outfit. You can use them to emphasise your waistline, or even just to break up a jeans and top combo. Thick set belts are all the rage at the moment so why not incorporate these into your school attire? With winter just around the corner, scarves are not just a fashion accessory but also denote practicality in the colder weather.

#7- Beanie Hats

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Just the look of beanies suggests cold weather and the return to school. Woolley and warm, these knitted accessories have the ability to change the look of an entire outfit just by the pattern on it. Cute zigzag patterns in reds and white look innocent and cute, bold designs such as eyes and cat faces look adorable and will stand out from the crowd. Plain bright colours, ear flaps and pom poms will not only keep you warm but will also keep your look alive during this bleek season.

#6- Fedora Hats

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Fedora hats are a great accessory for the more sophisticated back to school girl. They are a fantastic addition to most outfits and will compliment any face shape. You can match these hats with sunglasses to bring a touch of summer into your winter wardrobe. Different coloured fedora hats will give each outfit a different feeling. Use this to your advantage.

#5- Thick Set Bracelets

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Chunky bracelets, cuff bracelets and oversized bangles are a quick, easy and stunning accessory to any girls outfit. Teen girls going back to school will benefit greatly from these cute little additions as bright colours stand out. The bigger and brighter the jewellery, the better and bolder your outfit will be. Why not bring some colour to the gloomy winter days?

#4- Satchel Bags
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The satchel bag is a perfect way to make a statement. Bold colours, recognisable style and definitive shape are a perfect combination for a head turning bag. With enough space for books and school equipment, inner pockets for phones and make-up, these bags are the ideal accessory for any girl who prefers a smaller bag.

#3- Tote Bags

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Tote bags are a favourite for girls of every age. They are seen everywhere; on the high street, casual events so why not bring them to school too? Not only does their super size give you adequate space and storage, but their large size will guarantee that you get noticed in the corridor. From plain colours to bright colourful patterns, there is a tote bag for every girl.

 #2- Chunky Knit Scarves

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What better accessory to have this season other than a gorgeous, thick and woolley scarf? In such a wide range of colours, patterns, thicknesses and styles of knit, scarves are an amazingly versatile accessory. For the teen girl going back to school, head for bright colours to stand out and contrast with your outfit. If you are not as confident of prefer taking a step back then why not go for autumn tones such as orange, brown or bronze? These are beautiful colours and very apt for the time of year. Also have a look at our post on Burberry Multicolour Check Scarf.

#1- Mid Rings

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Mid rings seem to be taking over the fashion world by storm. Oversized and bold they are definitely a statement piece. Bright florals all the way to simple plain bands are available. With such cute styles and price tags that will definitely not break the bank, mid rings make for a cheap and easy way to brighten up for back to school style.

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