5 Trendy Scarves Wrapping Styles to Compliment Your Outfit

Stylish ways to Style Scarves in different Styles -If you think scarves are simply neck warmers to be used in winters, you are mistaken. They are now FASHION. “Pairing a scarf with an outfit doesn’t need to be a daunting process,” assures Celia Kamath of Peacock Tale. “Think of scarves as a way to extend your wardrobe.” If you feel your budget doesn’t have a room for buying a new chic style apparel right now and that a few of your dresses, the ones you would never want to throw out of your wardrobe, are running a bit tired, trust me, scarves are something that are going to add a glam touch to it.This post intends to bring you new scarves styles and ideas how to wear scarves fashionably.

5 Most Popular Scarves Wrapping Fashion

fold scarf in half and wrap around neck

#1. Wrapping around the Neckline

2015 Scarf Trend Forecast for Fall & Winter

Street Style outfit with Scarf

Street style with scarf


Fall is here and will be followed by winters. If you are planning to head out just to get groceries or to stop by a shop nearby, tying woven plaid scarves around your neckline will not only keep you warm but will add a stylish look to your casual tees and jeans.

#2. Wearing Loop Style Scarves

Just a few twists, turns, loops and pullouts to style the scarves can make you standout when out. You won’t be needing a hoodie and this simple and easy infinity loop style will flatten your body.


Scraf wrapping styles new

Spring Outfit with Floral Scarf

Floral Print Scarf Styles

Loop Plaid Scarf

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#3. Tying the Yacht Knot –If you are a scarf lover and you are planning today to wear a collar shirt with skin fitted pants at your work, a long scarf with a yacht knot tied is good to go! Not only this, but a yacht knot scarf will also complement your long loose breezy dress embedding the elegance and style together.

Step by Step Tutorial for Knot Tutorial.

Simple scarf tutorails


Knotted Necklace Scarf Tutorial

#4. Simplifying with a French Knot. 

If you are the kind of person who does not like wearing long scarves, stoles and pashminas. Tying a small scarf with a French knot is the option for you and is also a business women style. All you need to do is wrap the scarf around your neck with ends hanging at the back. Loosen the loops and tie two knots, second one being tighter.

How to Make French Knot Scarf Tutorial

how to tie a scarf tutorials


If you have a dainty pretty small scarf that can’t be tied, just gather it and pin up with a brooch.

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#5. Wrapping Around Your Belt

 belt a long scarf

One of the unique and sophisticated style is to tuck your scarf under the belt, while the ends droop loosely. It adds up an element of style if you are wearing a simple plain tee. You can even give it a Grecian-Inspired style by draping it over your shoulder, tunic or tuck in your belt.


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