10 Budget Friendly Branded Handbags Every Girl Must Own

You would rarely see any women or young girl without a handbag while heading out of home. It is something that is essential for every girl. Whether she is heading for shopping, meeting, movie, dinner etc. Handbags carry a very important value for any girl or women. They have to spend a lot of time and money on choosing the best handbag but if you have a very low budget then it becomes difficult to choose one.There is a common perception among girls when they hear some big brand they assume that ohh it must be really expensive.But do you know there are big brands or the names you have heard a lot in top girl brands who offer quite affordable handbags too?yes today branded girls is going to bring 10 budget friendly handbags for girls and women.This list for the girls who cannot afford to have too expensive designers handbags ,especially for teen girls / high school /college girls.

We all know that handbags tell a lot about yourself and the women’s fashion taste. Earlier it was just considered an important accessory to carry things in it but now things have changed. A handbag expresses a lot about your personal style statement. There are range of designs and colours available in the markets. From funky designs to simple and elegant designs. Handbags are the most desired accessories. Women and girls can carry a lot of important stuff in their handbags whether it be makeup items, sunglasses, mobile phone, or anything that easily fits inside. Girls who are married and have kids have to carry extra stuff in their handbags.

In love with the Givenchy Antigona! This blue is fun, though I also love the pale grey and the olive green.

Handbags are now available with stone work to stand out from the crowd and for a fancier look. A good handbag has become a necessary these days. It is a part of an outfit and it conveys a lot about the personality. So it is always best to pick up the best one. Finding the budget friendly handbag is not that easy. One has to do a market survey and look for all the stuff available. Talking about the fancy handbags reminds me of the Chanel bottle shaped handbags that have been the designers favourite since last year. The original one costs above $ 10,000 whereas the copy is for only $48.

Animal skin handbags have become a major trend in the market. Snakeskin and crocodile skin handbags are very much in fashion now. The original ones are expensive but the faux versions are extremely cheap. If you follow fashion then you must have heard about the famous Proenza Schouler’s iconic PS1 satchel. It is perfect to carry and wear for young girls. A similar satchel handbag would be available for only $27.80 which is quite an unbelievable price. All you have to do is look for the ones with good quality and elegant design. Below are the names and images of the top 10 budget friendly handbags you can get for yourself. Let’s have a look at these.

Best Affordable HandBags Brands

H&M Bag ($25) 



H&M Bucket Bag ($50) – Affordable designer handbag54836d54495a8_-_mcx-fall-bags-020-s2


Ted Baker Floral Print Tote Copy ($35)



Phillip Lim Copy ($55)



GiGi New York White Uber Clutch ($36)



GiGi New York Bag ($45)



Juicy Couture Bag ($40)



Kate Spade Copy ($50)



Amelia Multi Colour Bag ($30)



Dakine Bucket Bag ($39.95)



I hope you have buy now selected the kind of bag you would like to purchase. The original bags are expensive but if you look for the perfect copies you can find a good material worth the price. Plan you next shopping trip for the perfect handbag you would want to wear.


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