15 Practical Laundry Room Ideas That You Can Actually Copy

Laundry room ideas: Who likes sorting, washing, drying, and folding of soiled clothes?

But it can be even boring in a gloomy, congested, and unorganized place. Laundry room might be the most neglected area of your beautiful house, but it can be improvised in organization and functionality through this round up.

Whether it is a small extension to your basement or a confined place, our laundry room ideas can splash your space with color, comfort, and coziness. So, just go through this read-up to get the most useful DIY tips, storage solutions, wallpaper designs, and styling ideas for giving it a sun-kissed sparkle.

How to Decorate the Laundry Room?

Before we move on to decoration tips, we feel it’s important to talk about organizing the laundry room. Because even a well-arranged and decorated laundry room will lose its appeal if it’s not well organized.

People are often confused about how they should store their detergents and other laundry items in a way that doesn’t ruin the overall vibe of their laundry room. Here are some of our favorite laundry room organisation hacks:

  • Use a tray: a revolving tray would be even better – you could even use your cake plate or an old turntable.
  • Add some open shelving: open shelving give any room a very sleek and contemporary vibe and they are super helpful in the laundry room because this is a place where you are always running out of place. I find this 5 piece laundry set from Walmart super useful as it offers a lot of storage and looks pretty decent when placed on my shelves. You can also easily fit them in the drawers or shelves.
  • Use glass storage jars: If you’re not a fan of using boxes for storage, try these glass jars instead as they look super cute on shelves. You can even label them for some added aesthetics.
  • Add some boho vibes to your laundry room with natural elements such as cane baskets that look great and are super useful for storage. They come in plenty of shapes and sizes so mix and match for visual interest.

1. Small but functional laundry room

Smaller but mightier at heart is the key idea, as we discussed in our Small Bedroom Decor Ideas. This laundry room for confined space maximizes the usage of small corners.

Styled with a small sink over a wicker basket gives full leeway to an organized person decluttering the mess out.

Moreover, the wooden interior throughout the room, along with a wooden wall, gives the exact coziness and warmth needed while working with water.

Lastly. a small counter is rightly placed over the loader for sorting the colors and whites.

Laundry Room Ideas

2. Wallpapers for the laundry room

This black wallpaper seems like a perfect combination for a monochromatic laundry room. With cabinets all over the space, making the laundry room dual functional for storage as well.

In addition, the large plain white marble top gives it the exact neat look required for sorting and folding and then the top iron rod is there to hang a few articles.

Laundry Room Ideas

3. Multi-purpose laundry room

Laundry rooms can be a perfect place of storage. Utilizing the maximum number of racks help a laundromat to fit in as many petty things possible that are out-casted from an aesthetically designed home.

Then a section assigned to the retro-pattern basket contains colors and whites sorted while the woven basket having all the essentials of a laundry room. Canning jars gives the space for keeping different types of detergents for versatile uses.

Laundry Room Ideas

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4. Closet laundry room

Looking for a closet turned into a laundry room?

For those who are tight on space and searching for a compact laundry room can go for this option where a washer and dryer are stacked on each other along with a rod for hanging clothes and a bunch of cabinets giving you a neutral toned laundry room.

Though you cannot have a seat here but standing and doing your chores sometimes feel just enough.

Laundry Room Ideas

5. Youthful laundry room

For the ones whom colors are the only thing that inspires finishing off a task. This blue and purple laundry room gives the perfect youthful and fun look to young laundry doers from getting tired of washing and drying.

Moreover, the dual set of washers and dryer are just apt for bigger families who prefer saving time.

Laundry Room Ideas

6. Basement laundry room

Many old houses don’t give a designated space for laundry but unfortunately, that is the price you need to pay to enjoy vintage hues. For this, generally, people utilize their basements, as laundry rooms are unavoidable.

Laundry room in a basement doesn’t mean that it must look shabby; you can give it an upgraded facet with appealingly designed space.

But here you need to be bold and experimental as obviously, you are not going to host your weekend dinners there. Use abstract flooring, enough cabinets, dual set of a washer and dryer and some wider countertops along with a sink.

Laundry Room Ideas

7. Laundry room with sink

Making laundry a breeze with this super aesthetic idea having an understandable interface and to-the-point light interaction.

The sink in between the machines makes this idea even more loveable as it allows for rinsing out the attachments in the very place. It will definitely contribute to maximizing the cleanliness of your laundry area.

By the way, if you wash your undergarments in your washing machine, here are some tips on How to Wash Bras Without Damaging Them.

Laundry Room Ideas

8. Laundry room with cabinets

This bohemian style laundry room is a perfect place for a free-spirited laundromat with plenty of cabinets adjusted for allowing storage of maximum laundry items.

Ranging from apothecary jars to baskets and sprays. The bronze toned backsplash of laminated wood gives the desired warmth to the entire interior.

A brass drying rod is there for hanging up the clothes. Even an iron-table is adjusted for a typical soothing pressing experience.

Laundry Room Ideas

9. Laundry room with stackable machines

This gallery cum laundry room style is integrated with stacked washer and dryers that maximizes vertical space to the most. The gray and white combo is there to soothe eyes and pacify the daytime worries.

Having cabinets all over the place makes it the perfect area for storage. Iron hooks on the top are there to hang as many clothes you want, segregating pressed one on the hanging rod. Seamless wallpaper and basic tiles make the space worth spending time.

Laundry Room Ideas

10. Small laundry room ideas for top loading washer

Choosing a top loading washer in this era might seem outdated but it helps best utilizing a shallow space converted to a laundry area.

Although you get a chance to maximize your horizontal space with a countertop while utilizing a washer and dryer combo but in this design, these shelves would do all good for your storage needs.

Accentuating with a leafy backsplash will minimize the spilling hazards on your wall. Add some woven baskets on the top and mason jars on the wooden shelves to fulfil all your laundry needs.

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Laundry Room Ideas

11. Perfect laundry and storage room idea

Maximizing storage availability in a laundry room is not a backdated idea though we can give it a chic look with our artistic concepts.

This perfect laundry and storage room idea helps the room to sparkle with sunlight with a big round glass window interwoven with a brilliant white marble top. The green art piece adds a fresh feel to the storage idea while rustic granite tiles add a monochromatic touch to the concept.

Wide reinforced shelves give the space for stacking multiple essentials, while bigger cabinets ease the need to place shallow items.

Laundry Room Ideas

12. DIY farmhouse laundry room

If you are looking to transform a tiny old looking laundry room into a welcoming space with an addition of color, then this is a superb option.

Farmhouse laundry room gives you a sober feel with a cute chalkboard logo. If you intend to keep your savings preserved and looking for options to fix your old floorings, then a nude-toned rug is the best repair.

Adding some mint-colored cabinets for elevating storage needs and old woven baskets with some floral hangings is the best you can do for your farmhouse laundry room.

Laundry Room Ideas

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13. Rustic laundry room

There are numerous ways to give your laundry room a rustic upgrade. Combining the old-school methods with the modern-day fresh air gives the space a frivolous minimalistic feel.

With the dark-colored dual washer and dryer placed beneath the antique vintage wooden countertop is accessorized with wicker baskets, floral arrangements, and sustainable jars. Mix-matched with geometric tiles and black metal frames, together it makes the space look on-point.

Laundry Room Ideas

14. Stylish laundry room

Have you heard it that a laundry room cannot be stylish? Then you heard it wrong.

With little organizing and a spiritful mind, you can turn any space into the most stylish locality.

In this idea we have approached a bold attitude. Playing with dark colors, abstract flooring, and a ceiling pendant, you can achieve the most upgraded laundry room you have ever seen.

Laundry Room Ideas

15. Multi-color laundry room

Playing with colors always keeps you young and sporty.

Try elevating your tile game with some multi-colored leafy green wall tiles along with some floral spice. Nude hexagonal-shaped flooring will be a suitable combination to the vibrant wallpaper and a dark-colored leafy green rug is the best treat you can give your laundry room. Powder pink cabinetry is an appropriate combination that will enhance your laundry game.

Laundry Room Ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I make my laundry room look nice?

7 smart ways to spice up your laundry room without breaking a bank:

  • First add a trendy wallpaper
  • Add an island for convenient folding
  • Add some rustic shelves
  • Put some plants in a bottle/ an abstract art frame/ a bold rug
  • Incorporate repurpose furniture
  • Add a dual set of front-loading washer and dryer
  • Choose a nude color-theme to make smaller spaces mightier.

Q. What should every laundry room have?

Laundry room essentials:

  • Detergents
  • Bleaching agents
  • Stain removers
  • Laundry baskets
  • Drying rod/hooks

You can integrate an iron table for simplifying your pressing needs.

Q. What is the most popular color for a laundry room?

Confused in deciding about the best color theme for your laundry room. Consider giving your laundry room a makeover with fossil grey. It will never be out fashioned and will continue keeping your laundry room unique and cozy.

Q. How can I improve my small laundry room?

  • Stack your washer and dryer for maximizing vertical space
  • Add a window for sunlight
  • Set a pastel theme
  • Utilize tiny spaces with pull-out shelves
  • Add a drying rod

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