Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

International Shoe Brands in Pakistan. One of the most compelling chunks of your wardrobe is none other than a perfectly comfortable pair of shoes. Are you one of them who start dressing up from their feet to straight right up? If your reply is a big yes then you have reached just the right place to know all about your favorite international shoe brands that luckily exist in Pakistan too.

There can be different notions of what a comfortable pair of shoes should look like. For example, men would prefer a shoe with a rubber sole along with soft lining in black or brown color. On the other hand, women would like to have shoes having padded insole or a casual flat shoe. In the worst medical conditions, sometimes orthopedic shoes are recommended for those people who have foot structure different from the ordinary people that might come from some inborn disease or disorder.

Global Footwear Brands in Pakistan With Price

One cannot mark his / her outfit complete without a comfortable uptown pair of shoes. Want to leave an everlasting impression on someone special? Wear the right type of shoes on the right occasion. Whenever you plan out to shop some branded pair of shoes for you, do have a lookout on how these shoes have been designed because many shoes look comfortable but are the worst choice when worn for longer hours.

How to do Heel – Toe measurement accurately?

Firstly, you need to place a piece of paper on a hard balanced surface preferably with one end close to a wall. Stand on that paper with your heel touching the wall. Trace the shape of your foot with a pencil. Do it for one foot at a time, preferably with the help of someone. Measure length from the traced shape of toe and heel and evaluate your shoe size.

How to tell if Shoes are Comfortable even before buying them

Whether you’re planning to go out for a dinner date with your loved one, want to enjoy a light weekend morning walk or want to shop urban shoes for your prom night. Your preference will always those shoes which are chic, trendy, and comfortable. Here are some checkpoints that you can keep in mind before buying your favorite pair of shoes.

  • The shoes that you intend to buy should have a sole made up of rubber or leather for maximum shock absorption.
  • Prefer shoes over round toe flats.
  • If you’re a high heels fan but cannot wear it for longer times, then go for platform shoes.
  • Wobbly shoes are a big no so please do avoid buying it as it will cause you endless pain in your feet and legs.
  • Make sure that the seams of straps are smooth and should not result in constant itch, irritation, or painful blisters.
  • Please avoid wearing heels which are more than 4 inches (Thank us later!)

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Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

How to Pick Right Pair of Shoes with your Outfit

We are lucky enough to have infinite shoes styling range on various brands’ shelf, and yes, we do die for it! But what if such endless shoe styles leave us in a confused state of what to wear. Team Branded Girls have enlisted a few tips and tricks of picking up the right pair of shoes.

  • Choose subtle shades for office wear: Brown, Black, Dark Blue, and Grey colors are said to be standard colors for office wear. Prefer wearing solid, subtle shades when getting for a corporate place. Very high heels are a big no for professional styling as high heels are preferred informal and semi-formal events.
  • Specific Shoes for Specific Seasons: Few types of shoe season specific like the ones with fur and long boots are something which is best suited in winter season only. However, flip flops or casual sandals are considered to summer shoe wear. Although, you can happily avail the flexibility of shoe choice in the spring season.
  • Want to glam up your casual look a little more? Choose heeled sandals or a fancy pair of flats to uplift casual attire.
  • Avoid pairing up flats with skinny pants. Believe us; it looks awkward!
  • Wear Long Boots only in winter and autumn season.

↓ 15 – Charles & Keith

Be it traditional footwear designs or modern retro ones, Charles and Keith always stay at the top. There comfortable and blingy heels are the best choice for Pakistani brides these days.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 14 – Pedro

Pedro, an international luxury fashion brand for both men and women has opened its door in Pakistan too. You can shop versatile and flattering quality footwear from their outlets in Karachi and Lahore. Besides footwear, Pedro offers leather fashion accessories like bags, wallets, and belts too.

Price: Being a luxurious brand, the price range of Pedro women shoes starts from PKR 50,000.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

Shop CAP TOE PUMPS in $1,149,000.00

↓ 13 – Clarks

Clarks, a shoemaker brand working by heart and soul since 1825 is now one of the most dominant footwear brands which are also available in Pakistan. They are extremely popular for their cushioned and medicated shoes which makes them a great option for anyone experiencing foot pain or diabetes.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 12 – Crocs

These unique and funky shoes are not something that everyone can wear. But if you dare to start wearing them once, we promise you’ll fall in love with them. This is because these shoes are made using revolutionary technology and materials which gives them so many great qualities including comfort, softness, light-weight, odor-resistance and much more.

Price: The price range of Crocs shoes starts from around 5000 PKR.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 11 – Skechers

Looking for a sporty trainer or gym shoes? Go for Skechers blindly and you won’t regret it! They’re also the best shoes for walking because of the level of comfort that they offer and the latest technologies utilized in manufacturing these shoes. They offer sneakers as well as slip-on shoes for men, women, and children. They are one of the latest inclusion in the list of International footwear in Pakistan as they opened their first store in Lahore in 2018.

Price: The price range of Skechers starts from around 5000 PKR.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 10 – Hush Puppies

An American footwear brand owned by Wolverine Worldwide, whose flagship stores are in more than 100 countries worldwide in which Pakistan is one of them. Be it Pumps, Wedges, Heels, Flats or Sandals – Hush puppies got it all covered for their female consumers. For men, they have a wide range of Formals, Moccasins, Sandals, and Slippers to offer. For shoe care, Hush Puppies offers oiled leather sponges, lotions, refreshers along with Beeswax polish to ensure more extended durability of Hush Puppies shoes.

Price: The price range of Hush Puppies women footwear is from Rs.7,895/- to Rs.895/- whereas for men footwear it’s from Rs.13,495/- to Rs.1,195/-

You can shop Hush Puppies from their online store too.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 9 – Adidas

Adidas, created by a German national named Adolf Dassler, is now one of the dominant footwear brands in Pakistan. Adidas is not only limited to shoes manufacturing only. It offers a broad product horizon of T-shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Sweat Tops, Bags, Leggings, Jackets, Shorts, Socks, Tracksuits, Swim shorts, Swimsuits, Coats, Vests and Hats too.

Price: The price range of Adidas sandals and joggers is from $42 to $90.

Shop Adidas online here.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 8 – Nike

We bet you will fall in love with this brand. Nike is one of the most prominent international shoe brand existing in Pakistan’s mainstream shopping malls. To make shoes super comfy, Nike has introduced patented technologies with the name of Max Air Technology, Flight Speed, Zoom X, Nike Shox, Phantom, Nike Free, Nike Air, Nike Fly Ease, Nike React, Lunerlon, Flywire, Foamposite, and Flyknit.

Price: The price range of Nike women sports shoes starts from $300 to $32.97, whereas the price range of Nike men sports shoes begins from $350 to $33.

Here’s the link to Nike’s online store. Have a look at our earlier post about 20 Best Designer Sports Shoes for Men & Women to Buy This Year

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 7 – Unze London

From traditional eastern khussa designs to versatile sports shoes, Unze has it all! In women regular wear, you will find Bridal, casual, and Peep Toe Khussa. In Women Shoe category, you can shop Unze’s Evening shoes, casual shoes, Courts, Moccasins, Flats, Heels, Wedges, and Block Heels. In Men shoe category, you can shop Slip-on Khussas, Kaptaan Chappals, Peshawari Chappal, Lace-ups, Casuals, Formals, Sneakers and even Canvas shoes in reasonable prices that won’t overburden your pocket. Other than shoes, sandals, slippers, and khussas, one can buy uniquely designed bags from Unze to glam up the overall look. Moreover, you will be happily surprised to explore that Unze offers breathable socks for men and women too. The available women heel type is Block Heel, Flat, Kitten Heel and Stiletto in the buckle, slip-on, slingback, and zip on fastening.

Price: Unze’s women footwear price ranges from PKR 1,000 to PKR 6500/- easily. Unze’s men footwear price ranges from PKR 1,500 to PKR 14,999/-

Unze’s footwear is now accessible to every major city of Pakistan via their online store.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In PakistanTop 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 6 – Bata

One of the most popular footwear retail footwear company named Bata Shoes is a Canadian owned fashion footwear manufacturer based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Bata has a highlighted retail presence worldwide. For children shoes, Bata has introduced its brand with the name of Bubblegummers. For the athletic category, Power is another sportswear brand of Bata. For a premium range of outdoor shoes, we have Weinbrenner. To serve hip hop urban category, Bata has North Star to serve an urban audience. Bata has been on number one position in school shoes category and it has school shoe brands with the name of B-first, Teener, Toughees, and Verlon.

Price: PKR 1,000 to PKR 9,000 is the price range of Bata women footwear. For men, the price range starts from PKR 1,000 to PKR 10,000/-

Shop Bata’s products online anytime anywhere.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 5 – Borjan

With a couple of outlets being operated in UAE, Borjan is one of the fastest expanding international shoe brands in Pakistan. It has over 112 outlets in 56 small and major cities of Pakistan being functional under Rafum group. For women, Borjan offers a wide product catalog of women shoes including handbags, jewelry, and other fashion accessories like scarfs. In Borjan’s women shoe section you can find flats, Pumps, Boots, Court Shoes, Work Wear, Sporty, Comfort Peep Toes, and Uggs. In the men category, you can find Formals, Casuals, Mocs, Backpacks, Wallets, Cufflinks, and Socks.

Price: The price of Borjan’s women and men shoes starts from Rs.500/- to Rs.3000/- which you can shop from Borjan’s online store. Avail the free delivery offer on shopping above Rs.3000/- anytime and anywhere.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In PakistanTop 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

 ↓ 4 – Aldo Shoes

Being operated in Canada, The United States, Ireland, The United Kingdom along with more than 60 franchised countries, Aldo started with its flagship store opening in Lahore in March 2018 followed with a second store opening in Karachi. It’s one of the best-selling shoe brands in the world, and it’s mostly popular because of the comfort that Aldo shoes offer as well as the great variety. From sleek loafers to chic heels, you can find everything here and you wouldn’t want to miss out on their cool, girly sneakers.

Price: The price range of Aldo designs starts from around 3 to 5 thousand for discounted shoes on sale and it can go up to Rs. 30,000/- at AK Galleria online store.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In PakistanTop 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 3 – Nine West

Shoes, Heels, Sandals, Flats, Handbags and what not can be shopped from Nine West unimaginable long list of footwear fashion. You will fall in love with every nude-colored Nine West Shoes and it is the hardest task to resist Nine West shoes as every piece is not less than a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication. Their most popular item is definitely their heels which come in a range of nude and neutral colors but the best part is how comfortable they are.

Price: $30 to $130 is the price range of Nine West shoes on their online store with free shipping offer for more than $69 order.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 2 – Mango

Mango created by two brothers named as Isak Andic and Nahman Andic in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. They offer both men and women hand grade shoes with high quality and matchless durability results. Although, their range of low heeled footwear and boots is a bit limited. In their initial days of operation, they used to offer shoes for men only. Later on, they were able to make advancement in their shoe operating machinery and were able to produce shoes for women too with high productivity margins. The company today, proudly offers high-end footwear with the help of peerless skilled craftsmanship working for them.

Whether you’re looking for some retro style shoes, something preppy or simply casual-chic use that you can wear every day, Mango has it all. The variety isn’t huge since this isn’t just a shoe-store, but the selection that they have is always worth the price point. And if you feel like their shoes are out of your budget, keep an eye out for one of their crazy sales as they often offer huge discounts on shoes.

Price: PKR 3,490 is the starting price range of Mango men shoe collection. Mango women shoe collection is available in the price range starts from PKR 3,190. Mango shoes can be ordered from their official site easily. To avoid international shipping, you can also order Mango shoes from the local distributor and seller AK galleria.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

↓ 1 – CAT 

One of the American Fortune 100 company named Caterpillar Inc, more popularly known as CAT, offers high-performance workwear boots all over the world. Its footwear includes Workboots, Shoes, sandals, steel toe, casuals, and slippers in Black, Blue, Tan and Brown colors. CAT stores’ presence is almost in every major city of Pakistan including in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Abbottabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Gujrat and Jehlum. Their shoes are best for the adventurous souls who love the outdoors or hiking as they’re designed for the “earth movers.” You can also find travel accessories like backpacks at most cat outlets. While internationally the brand does sell women shoes, in Pakistan it is currently only selling menswear.

Price: The price of CAT Footwear starts from PKR 12,500 to PKR 4000/-

Shop here.

Top 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In PakistanTop 15 International Shoe Brands You Can Shop In Pakistan

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