13 Best Camping Gift Basket Ideas For Summer Camps

Camping Gift Basket Ideas: Are you bored in your summer vacation and do not have anything exciting to
do? We suggest you go camping in the woods, under the starry sky or by the riverside. It will serve as an experience of a lifetime for you, liberating you from the worries and tensions of the monotonous daily routines and will refresh you to the core. 
There is no doubt about the fact that camping is a stress buster for most of us but it is also a bit complicated when it comes to collecting the necessary gear. We have assorted a number of the best camping gifts available in the market for you or your loved ones. 

How to Create the Best Camping Gift Basket?

We have also gathered a few tips and tricks for our beginner campers which will help them in having the best experience. 

  • Always check the weather forecast and pack your bags accordingly. Even if there is no prediction of rain, raincoats and umbrellas are a must.
  • Warm clothing, a first aid box, medications, and insect repellents should be a part of your bag pack. 
  • Keep a lantern, torch or an emergency light with you because most of the camps do not have built-in bulbs.
  • We Cannot stress enough on the importance of a power bank. It is definitely a must-have.
  • Keep the stuff for your entertainment with you. Cards, board games, outdoor games and books are definitely going to be a great source of fun.
  • Keep a lot of toilet paper, wet wipes and plastic bags with you in case of disposing of garbage and waste matter.

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13 Best Camping Gift Basket Ideas For Summer Camps
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What to Put in a Gift Basket For Camping?

We have rounded up almost 13 of the most essential products that can be of great help during your camping session. They can also serve as perfect gifts to be given to your loved ones who love to travel around the world. The products we choose are extremely accessible and affordable.

  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker by COMISO
  • Lightweight portable hammock
  • A portable charger by Anker
  • Travel Dog Bed
  • Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller
  • Tent light fan by odoland
  • Pop up trash can by coghlan
  • The New camp cookbook 
  • Emergency survival kit 
  • Overmount Camping Kettle
  • Waterproof rain ponchoo by anyoo
  • Fast-drying Towels made of Microfibres
  • “I’d Rather Be Camping Socks” for a friend

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13 Best Camping Gift Basket Ideas For Summer Camps

↓ 13 – Waterproof Bluetooth speaker by COMISO in a Musical Themed Gift Basket

This amazing portable speaker by COMISO can be a great friend for alone campers. It will accompany them wherever they go with a battery life of almost 20+hours. It is undoubtedly a great and affordable gift to add to your camping
basket. Some of the features are

  • High-Quality Crystal Clear Sound
  • 13 ounces, 6.5 inches tall, 2.8 inches diameter; High capacity rechargeable 4000 mAh battery
  • Wireless Stereo Function
  • Distortion-free
  • Louder Volume More Bass
  • Rainproof, dust-proof

↓ 12 – Lightweight Portable Hammock For a Couple Themed Gift Basket

On a peaceful day, alone in the woods or by the Riverside swinging in a hammock with the breeze blowing through your hair, what a feeling that would be. Oh! but setting up a hammock is rather a tough task to do. Sometimes your hammock is not too portable or the strings could be loose.

Don’t worry because according to the views of this particular parachute hammock, it has got you covered with amazing material and portable specifications. Just put it in the sack that comes with it and take it anywhere you want.  It can easily hold 500 lbs and it is 10 feet long x 6 feet wide. It also comes with Ropes and Tree Friendly Straps which makes it a perfect product to be added to a gift basket for your couple friends as it can easily fit two in it.

↓ 11 – A Portable Charger by Anker for a Gadget Themed Gift Basket

The importance of a portable charger can never be denied. It should be on everyone’s camping list. If you know a friend who does not have it you can give this amazing product to him/her. This portable charger by Anker is as far as charging and long-lasting power with advanced technology. It has an ultra-high capacity that can charge your iPhone almost 8 times in a row. It has short circuit protection built in its system to ensure your safety. It also comes with an 18-month warranty that makes it super affordable, reliable, and the best option you have in your camping accessories.

↓ 10 – Travel Dog Bed by Chuckit for a Pet Themed Gift Basket

This product is perfect for the ones who travel everywhere with their furry buddy. This portable dog bed will make your pet feel at home wherever you are. It is quite easy to clean and provides good cushioning to your pet when it is either resting or sleeping. The material it is made of is water-resistant and the Dimensions (LxWxH) are 39 x 30 x 3 inches. Just stuff it in its sack and take it with you on a great adventure.

↓ 9 – Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repeller For a Safety Themed Gift Basket

One of the best ways to keep the mosquitoes away is by having a thermacell radius zone mosquito repeller. Especially if you are camping in a forest you will encounter a number of these little creatures that can be a source of nuisance for you and your friends. It’s a great investment if you are an outdoorsy person.

This cute little machine keeps the mosquitoes away in an area of one 10 ft.² it has no open flames or bad odors which irritate most people. It operates with a lithium-ion battery and works on the refill of 12 or 40 hours depending on the usage. We highly recommend this product to be a part of your gift basket for camping purposes.

↓ 8 – Tent Light Fan by Odoland for a Breezy Themed Gift Basket

When camping you never know what sort of weather you’re going to encounter it can be extremely hot on one day
and cold the other day. You need to be prepared for all sorts of conditions so having a fan is a must. The best part about this “fan”tastic product is that it comes with an ultra-bright 18 bulb LED light so it lightens up the atmosphere of the tent, making things visible for you to see.

It takes very little space and can work for straight 15-20 hours continuously providing you with light and ventilation. You can beat the heat by adding this in your camping gift basket for a friend or get it for yourself if you’re the one up
for an adventure.

↓ 7 – Pop up Trash Can by Coghlan for an Environmntal Friendly Themed Gift Basket

This is undoubtedly the perfect gift for your friend who is always on a mission to keep the environment clean and clean and healthy. This pop-up trashcan is portable, fully enclosed, and spacious. It also has interior clips so you can attach them wherever you want. You can also make this pop-up trashcan as a storage container and it will make your transportation of things a lot more effortless. 

So say bye-bye to the smelly and hazardous plastic bags and get yourself this environmentally friendly pop-up trashcan at an affordable price to include in a gift basket for your next camping session.

↓ 6 – The New Camp CookBook For a Foody Themed Gift Basket 

With this amazing Camp cookbook, you will never be at a loss when cooking for yourself and your friends on a night out in a camp. This amazing book includes all the bare essentials, tips to cook outside of your kitchen, and delicious
recipes that are required to make your adventure a great memorable time for you. You will get breakfast recipes, small bites for regular munching, midday meals as well. The best of the recipes are 

  • Blueberry Skillet Scones with Lemon Glaze
  • Spinach, Sweet Potato, and Carrot Quinoa Chowder
  • Summer Ale Sangria with Ginger and Peach

This can definitely become a must-have for campers, travelers, and road trippers.

↓ 5 – Emergency Survival Kit For a Safety Themed Gift Basket 

You never know when you run into an emergency situation during camping out in the woods or by the Riverside. In such a wilderness you don’t realize what to do. To take us to situations you need to have this outdoor emergency survival kit. This kit is lightweight and comes in handy with 13 items. You will get

  1. A flint stone and scraper to ignite a fire and opening bottles. 
  2. Flashlight with an intense beam 
  3. A high quality Survival knife
  4. A compass to look for directions
  5. Small LED light
  6. Water bottle clip
  7. A whistle
  8. A wire saw to cut wood plastics soft metals or bones
  9. A tactpen
  10. Emergency blanket 
  11. A black waterproof case
  12. 11 multi tools in a box

↓ 4 – Overmount Camping Kettle for Foody Themed Gift Basket

If you don’t want to miss out on your coffee or tea during an adventure, this is the best thing for you. It can also be used to boil water and cook food. If you are an instant noodle lover this camping kettle is your lifesaver when you’re
craving it. Even if you’re not camping you can use it at your home with much safety and ease. Its specifications include:

  • portable and lightweight, easy to carry around 
  • Weighs 11.11 oz
  • Faster heating 
  • Non-damaging to your health

↓ 3 – Waterproof Rain Ponchoo by Anyoo for a Rainforest Themed Gift Basket

Weather uncertainty is something you cannot ignore or avoid. That is why you need to be prepared at all times for all sorts of conditions. This waterproof rain ponchoo is the best if you are camping in a rainforest where unexpected rains
are the most common. This is going to keep you and your clothes clean as well as letting you enjoy the drizzling drops of rain. The specifications of the product are

  • unisex
  • Waterproof 
  • Hooded with a cord adjuster
  • Polyester fabric with PVC coating 
  • Overlocked
  • Breathable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Size 86”x55”
  • Weight 9 oz
  • Durable and reusable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Easily packable

So Never miss out on any outdoor activity due to rain and get this poncho for yourself or your friend in the camping gift basket.

↓ 2 – Fast-drying Towels made of Microfibres for a Toiletries Themed Gift Basket

Camping on a riverside and need something after a quick dip in the water? These microfibre towels are the best for that concern. The pack consists of two fast-drying towels that dry up 10 times faster than normal towels. These lightweight, super absorbent, and ultra-soft towels are easy to pack as well. 
Sizes: One face/hand towel of 24”x15”
Extra-large towel 60”x30” 

↓ 1 – “I’d Rather Be Camping Socks” for a friend For a Cozy Themed Gift Basket

These socks can be a perfect gift for someone who loves to feel cozy and warm and at the same time would love to carry a cute casual outfit. This inexpensive yet luxuriously comfortable gift can make any person‘s spirits high in no time. You can get this from Amazon in blue or green color.


Q.1: What do you line or secure your gift basket with?

You can get a gift basket Customised in different colors. They need to be filled with certain materials like Styrofoam, shredded paper, crinkle paper, or newspaper in order for the things to stay in a fixed place. This filling also act
as insulation against breakage if you are planning to deliver the gift basket through a courier service.

Q.2: What gifts to buy for a camper girl?

There are a number of gifts/products that you can put in a gift basket for an adventurous girl who loves to stay outdoors. It could either be a pullover Oversized Hoody, a bandana, a pair of leggings, slippers, a Polaroid camera,
or a comfy camp chair. All of these things are equally loved by all the girls. These are also some affordable and inexpensive gifts to put in a cute little basket and make her day.

Q.3: What are some of the activities that you can plan for your next camping trip?

To carry out the outdoor activities you definitely need technical gear. It is always the better option to gift someone these products and make the trip worth it.
You can give hiking accessories, hunting and fishing accessories, rafting gear, horse riding gear, etc.

Q.4: What are some of the best board games to give to your camper friend?

Here is a list of the board games that you can give to your friends to make the
trip entertaining and fun.

  1. Checkers. 
  2. Ludo
  3. Snakes and ladders
  4. Uno
  5. Sequence 
  6. A deck of classical cards
  7. Cards against humanity
  8. Chess
  9. Carrom board
  10. Monopoly

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