8 Chic Gifts for Valentine’s Day You Should Know

Finding a perfect present for the chic women in your life is no easy task, but there are some gifts that work every time on Valentine’s Day, from designer gifts and unique presents. Before you even begin shopping, put your strategy in place. Gifting something you know she likes shows you are thoughtful and a good listener, and you can always add a unique touch of your own.  Here are some chic gift ideas for your elegantly and stylishly fashionable Valentine.

Red Eternity rose

The red rose is an iconic symbol of passion, beauty, and love. While a dozen red roses are the most obvious Valentine’s presents for her, you can instead gift a rose that lasts longer than a few days. In fact, it is now possible to gift a rose that lasts a lifetime, preserved at the peak of perfection, a single stem is artistically preserved and edged with gold, making it a perfect token of your gratitude for her sharing her life with you. This piece of art can be displayed at home on a sideboard or in your own room.

Pocket organizer

Despite living in the digital age, hard copies of organizers and diaries still remain popular, particularly for stationery addicts. With this, there is no need to worry about the power left on devices, or if connectively, If your Valentine finds it satisfying putting pen to paper and having a physical copy to help keep on top of plans, meetings, deadlines and anything else that needs remembering, this could be a great option. There are personalized options, kitsch, and bold designs as well as smart and savvy options. Even the Filofax has made a comeback, with multiple different layouts to select from dependant on needs and preference.

Heart-shaped Bowl

Entirely fitting for Valentine’s day, a heart-shaped bowl in glass, wood or metal, whichever your Valentine’s favorite material. If you are unsure, check out her favorite designer, as many of the top designers have created heart-shaped bowls with the brand’s signature pattern that will make an elegant addition to tables and sideboards.


Chanel No.5 is a perfect fragrance for the classic lady, but perfumes can breathe more tantalizing messages and have an aspirational effect, building up who she is and the one she wishes to be. Try a perfume similar to the one that she wears, particularly if this is the same fragrance she has been wearing for several years. Having your Valentine wearing a scent that relates to just the two of you is alluring on its own.

Leather Backpack

If your Valentine carries her life in a bag, gift her one that will help her best. A leather backpack with a single top handle and adjustable shoulder straps is a cosmopolitan bag with a utilitarian air and a refined finish. Made from the finest grained leather these can from designers like Mulberry, but copies will be available at High Street stores as well. Add practical side pockets for extra storage and buckle fastening to secure essentials in place.

Ring holder

A chic gift for your Valentine to whom you are already married, a thoughtful gift or treasured heirloom is a ring holder designed by her favorite designer or in a similar style. Crafted in sparkling crystal with radiant cuts and light-refracting facets, a ring holder can be an ornament which is both practical and stylish with a central column to hold rings and a shallow dish for earrings and necklaces.

Champagne and Truffles Gift Set

A champagne and truffles gift set is a decadent gift for a special occasion. Presented in a golden gift box, a set including Moët & Chandon’s Impérial Brut champagne with an assortment of Charbonnel et Walker’s exquisite Marc de Champagne truffles is the chicest gift for Valentine’s Day.

Rose de Mai Candle

Rose de Mai, the rose from Grasse, is rare, expensive and rarely used. Offering a calm and serene scent throughout the house, a Rose de Mai also has notes of bergamot, geranium, and cinnamon through the use of the finest quality oils and ingredients. Burning up to 60 hours, this candle can be used alone or in combination with others.

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