10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her

Chic Valentine’s Day Gifts. When Valentine’s Day is near, the nerves are high. Because finding a perfect present for the woman in your life is no easy task. But there are some gifts that work every time on Valentine’s Day, from designer to unique presents.

Before you even begin shopping, put your strategy in place. Gifting something you know she likes shows you are thoughtful and a good listener, and you can always add a unique touch of your own.  If you’re on a budget, check out the DIY chic gift ideas for your elegantly and stylishly fashionable Valentine.

What To Gift Him/Her This Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is something that all couples, especially new love birds, look forward to. It is a day where they get to express their love and affection for each other by being as extra as possible without any judgment. This is also why most people have expectations from their partners to do something sweet for them. Men and women alike hope to receive some sort of present, be it an object or an experience on the legendary love day. And we’re confident that’s exactly why you’re here. So go on and take a look at the top 10 gifts we think will be perfect for your partner this Valentine’s Day!

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↓ 10 – Red Eternity Rose

If you and your partner are Disney fans, then this Beauty and the Beast inspired gift is all you need to impress them this year. The red rose is an iconic symbol of passion, beauty, and love.

While a dozen red roses are the most apparent Valentine’s presents for her, fresh roses are only suitable for a couple of days. Looking at wilting red roses, it feels like your love is fading with them. You can instead gift a rose that lasts longer than a few days.

It is now possible to gift a rose that lasts a lifetime, preserved at the peak of perfection; a single stem is artistically preserved and edged with gold, making it a perfect token of your gratitude for them sharing their life with you.

This rose is encased a beautiful glass dome, exactly how it is in Beauty and the Beast, making it one of the perfect gifts to express eternal love. This piece of art can be displayed anywhere in the house, where your partner can look at it every day to feel how much they are treasured truly.

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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↓ 9 – Pocket-sized Personal Organizer

Despite living in the digital age, hard copies of organizers and diaries remain popular, particularly for stationery addicts. With this, there is no need to worry about the power left on devices or connectivity issues.

Some people take a lot of joy in organizing their Day to day lives, from the meals they’re going to have to the clothes they’re going to wear. And having a small organizer that you can keep on your person at all times is a dream come true for them. This pocket-sized organizer is convenient, sleek, and easy to use.

If your Valentine finds it satisfying putting pen to paper and having a physical copy to help stay on top of plans, meetings, deadlines, and anything else that needs remembering, this could be a great option. Your partner will truly appreciate this thoughtful gift and remember you every time they use it.

There are personalized options, kitsch, and bold designs, as well as smart and savvy options. Even the Filofax has made a comeback, with multiple different layouts to select from dependant on needs and preference.

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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↓ 8 – Heart-shaped Things

Entirely fitting for Valentine’s Day is a heart-shaped bowl in glass, wood, or metal, whichever your Valentine’s favorite material. If you are unsure, check out her favorite designer, as many of the top designers have created heart-shaped bowls with the brand’s signature pattern that will make an elegant addition to tables and sideboards.

These bowls can be used not only in the kitchen, but they can also be placed at the entrance for keys or the coffee table with an assortment of candies. These will look great as decoration pieces all over your house and will also add character to your living space. Girls and women can even use them as jewelry organizers.

If your partner loves cooking or interior design, this can be the option for you. They are sleek, gorgeous, and very useful. Many people prefer practicality in gifts, and if your spouse is one of those people, they’ll appreciate you spending on this instead of something they can’t use.

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her's Day You Should Know

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↓ 7 – Perfume

Perfumes can deliver compelling messages and have an aspirational effect, building up who she is and the one she wishes to be. Having your Valentine wearing a scent that relates to just the two of you is alluring on its own. So pick a perfume that reminds you of an experience you two share.

Chanel No.5 is a perfect fragrance for the classic lady, while Versace Dylan Blue Pour Homme is the perfect pick for the refined man. However, if your partner has a signature scent that they have been wearing for years, stick to that. Or try a perfume similar to the one that they wear, particularly if they do not like stepping out of their comfort zone as much.

If your Valentine is the adventurous type, then get them a completely new scent. They will surely love smelling like a fragrance of your choice!

Want to explore some branded range of perfumes? Head over to Top 10 Perfume Brands For Women & Top 10 Perfume Brands for Men.

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her's Day Gifts

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↓ 6 – Small Backpack

If your Valentine carries her life in a bag, gift her one that will help her best. A leather backpack with a single top handle and adjustable shoulder straps is a cosmopolitan bag with a useful composition and a refined finish. Made from the finest grained leather, these can be from designers like Mulberry, but copies will be available at High Street stores as well.

H&M, in particular, has gorgeous bags of all kinds, especially small leather and non-leather backpacks that are perfect for a busy day. If your Valentine is a person who has a job where they have to be on their feet or if they generally enjoy going out a lot, this one will be the perfect pick for you.

These small backpacks are especially great as they’re not bulky, hold all your belongings, and are easy to carry. Pick one with practical side pockets for extra storage and buckle fastening to secure essentials in place. She will greatly appreciate an extra smaller front pocket for her phone and earphones.

If you’re planning a trip with your partner soon, then you can give her a hint with one of these Anti-Theft Accessories For Traveling.

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her's Day Gifts

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↓ 5 – Ring Holder

A chic gift for your Valentine to whom you are already married, a thoughtful gift or treasured heirloom is a ring holder designed by her favorite designer or a local item in a similar style. Crafted in sparkling crystal with radiant cuts and light-refracting facets, a ring holder can be an ornament, which is both practical and stylish with a central column to hold rings and a shallow dish for earrings and necklaces.

Even if you are not married yet, this works just as well because women love jewelry organizers. Any kind of jewelry organizer could be a great choice; especially if she is a jewelry enthusiast. Along with being extremely practical, this gift is also great to look at and will make her vanity look gorgeous. This can also be a great gift for your male companion too if he’s into wearing rings and chains.

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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↓ 4 – Champagne and Truffles Gift Set

A champagne and truffles gift set is a decadent gift for a special occasion, especially for people who enjoy such luxury indulgences. The combination of champagne and truffles is truly a sensual one that doesn’t need much expounding. Presented in a shiny black gift box, a set including your choice of champagne with an assortment of expensive truffles is the chicest gift for Valentine’s Day.

Pick this one if your significant other has expensive taste, or if they enjoy such treats, to make their Day!

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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↓ 3 – Scented Candles

Scented Candles are a great option for people who are workaholics and have a type-A personality. Scented candles relieve stress and will allow your spouse to relax after work or a frustrating day. You can also run them a nice warm bath, with bubbles and many rose petals. Light these candles and place them on the edge of the tub, staying away from the shower curtain, to make a DIY spa. You can also give them a massage with these candles lit in the room for a truly relaxing experience.

We would recommend Rose de Mai, meaning the rose from Grasse, a rare, expensive, and rarely used candle. Offering a calm and serene scent throughout the house, a Rose de Mai also has notes of bergamot, geranium, and cinnamon through the use of the finest quality oils and ingredients. Burning up to 60 hours, this candle can be used alone or in combination with others.

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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↓ 2 – Star Map

A Star Map captures a special moment you had with your significant other and saves it for a lifetime. You can order your customized Map with a specific location, where you guys shared a life-changing experience. The Star Map shows you the stars that were in the sky at the time that this event took place.

You can also get them to write a heartfelt, customized message at the bottom of the Map. You can use this to print an inside joke, to preserve it forever, or to express your true deep feelings for them. You can even specify the exact time of the event.

This one is especially amazing and one of our favorites ones. It shows not only your love but also your thoughtfulness. Although people usually choose their anniversary as the date, we would suggest choosing a smaller event, just to show them how much you care for them and how you remember even the small things. And they are sure to swoon!

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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↓ 1 – Unique Bouquets

If your significant other is a foodie, then this is the one for you!  Instead of being basic and getting them a bouquet, get them a bouquet of their favorite food! This can be anything from chicken nuggets to Reese’s Buttercups and barbeque wings. Our personal favorite is the chicken nugget one as we love chicken nuggets more than life itself!

This is not only the cutest idea ever but also affordable and funny. And that is exactly why it is at number 1. This gift is quirky and will surely make your partner fall even more in love with you. Make sure you get them their favourite sauces, though, because you can’t serve someone nuggets without sauce!

Chic Gifts for Valentine's Day You Should Know

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Of course, a bouquet like this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so here are some other, more practical options that we’re sure your partner will love:

  • A bouquet of his or her favourite chocolates:

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her

  • Another great edible option is to go for biscuits bouquet. Ask any good baker in your area to prepare a tin of colorful, cute and romantic biscuits by icing them. If you’re based in Wimbledon, UK, then the buscuiteers are definitely worth checking out for this gorgeous tin of cookies. Otherwise, you can just take inspiration from it and ask your local baker to recreate this.

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her

  • Flowers, chocolates, nuggets – they are all perishable goods right. So how about getting her a bouquet that would live forever? Well, in one way or another. Just buy a cute planter like the ones shown below and plant a rose, cactus or any other plant in it. This will be a lifelong gift for sure:

10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her


10 Best Valentine's Day Gifts This Year For Him & Her


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who should give gifts on Valentine’s Day?

A. Although traditions range in different parts of the world, we believe that a relationship is a partnership. That means that both parties should spend, if they can, on the other and get them a Valentine’s Day gift. It is not solely the job of the man to do so.

Get something that you can afford instead of stressing about splurging. Always make sure to keep the communication open to avoid not meeting expectations and misunderstandings!

Q. Is it weird to get your friends or parents a Valentine’s Day gift?

A. Valentine’s Day is a day to express love and show appreciation for the people you care about. It is not limited to only romantic partners. So it is completely normal to get a gift for your friends, siblings, or even parents on Valentine’s Day.

If anything, it is a sweet gesture that shows how much they matter to you. We’re sure your loved ones will enjoy this display of affection very much!

Q. How to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you don’t have any money?

A. Celebrating love does not equal spending money. If you are in a financial constraint right now and can’t afford to buy an expensive gift or splurge on a dinner reservation, there’s no need to worry!

You can always plan a sweet stay in movie night, making use of old DVDs or your Netflix Subscription. Get some snacks, which shouldn’t cost you more than 20 to 30 bucks. And you’re done!

You could also go on a hike at a nearby trail if you and your partner are the adventurous type or stargaze in your backyard or nearby park. After all, experiences are worth way more than gifts. If your partner loves you, they’ll understand and appreciate your efforts!

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