Top 10 Alcohol Free & Organic Perfume Brands To Buy In 2022 

Alcohol-Free Perfume Brands. We can’t help but agree with what Coco Chanel had to say about perfumes: “No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.” That remains true for both men and women. 

It’s like an invisible scented slogan that reflects your personality. If you get recognized by your scent, there can be no higher compliment. Perfumes are mood and confidence boosters, and some of them have aphrodisiac ingredients that incite emotional reactions. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose your scent with careful consideration. Organic and naturally manufactured products are desired and coveted in this day and age, and so we come to the matter of natural perfumes.

Best Organic and Non-Alcoholic Perfume Brands

If you want to steer clear from famous perfume brands that might contain petrochemicals and hydroxyl compounds, then healthy alternatives are available. You can always choose from alcohol-free brands that don’t have any traces of acetate, petrochemicals, solvents, or alcohol.

What are Non-Alcoholic Perfumes?

Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in perfume. Its purpose is to make the fragrance stronger. Usual fragrances are a blend of alcohol and essential oils. The concentration of essential oils in strong perfume is 15-20% while in a less-powerful one, it is 5-8%.

Alcohol-free perfume, therefore, is one which is made up of essential oils only. Are you searching for Halal perfume brands for men? Head over to Halal Perfumes Brands: Top 10 Islamic Perfumes for Men 

Benefits of Using Alcohol-Free Perfumes:

Alcohol-free perfumes offer several compelling advantages over alcoholic perfumes:

  • They last longer because they don’t have alcohol which tends to evaporate.
  • They are suitable for sensitive skin because of the higher essential oil concentration.
  • They aren’t expensive compared with alcohol-based fragrances.
  • These scents are non-inflammable.
  • They act like skincare and can be used without risk of irritation. Furthermore, people who are allergic to ordinary perfumes can use alcohol-free fragrances.

Alcoholic VS Non-Alcoholic Perfumes:

Let us observe the differences between the two perfume types further:

  1. Perfumes with alcohol have a lot of synthetic chemicals. These get absorbed into your skin and have been known to cause allergies, toxicity to the skin, cancer and reproductive issues. Non-alcoholic perfumes, on the other hand, have no such dangers.
  2. In increased temperature, alcoholic perfumes don’t last long because the alcohol evaporates. Non-alcoholic perfumes last up to 15 hours, the high temperature tends to strengthen the scented oils.
  3. Alcohol-based perfumes have an overpowering smell which often causes headaches and disorientation. Furthermore, the scents are mostly artificial. Alcohol-free perfumes have rich, clear and clean aromas.
  4. Alcoholic perfumes are highly flammable while non-alcoholic perfumes are non-flammable.
  5. Perfumes with alcohol cause the skin to dry out because they remove all the natural skin oil. On the other hand, non-alcoholic perfumes are suitable for dry skin in particular and all skin types in general because the essential oils get absorbed and keep the skin moisturized.

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How Did We Decide?

We’ve selected all the alcohol-free perfume companies we could find and ranked them by their prices, with the top brand offering the least-expensive perfume.

10- Aromatherapy Associates

9- A Perfume Organic

8- Tsi-La

7- Ayurveda Apothecary

6- Christy Organics

5- Lurk Natural Fragrances

4- Ganesha’s Garden

3- Al-Haramain

2- Orientica

1- Al-Rehab

↓ 10 – Aromatherapy Associates

Brand’s Portfolio: Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey started this 30-year-old brand. The two used to be therapists in the 1970s. They got introduced to aromatherapy and trained under Micheline Arcier, an aromatherapist. The two took their love of blending essential oils and creating scents further by launching Aromatherapy Associates in 1985. All of their products are therapeutic for the mind, body, and soul. Some of the active ingredients in their fragrances, bath and body oils, include Clary Sage, Neroli, Turmeric Root Extract, lavender, and grapefruit.

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Recommended Product: Aromatherapy Associates Eau De Parfum 45ml Spray

Price: $79 available at The Fragrance Shop.

Additional Product Information: The perfume has been constructed by blending 28 essential oils. It has a warm, soothing smell with hints of Sicilian Bergamot, Turkish Rose and Sandalwood.


  • Products are luxurious and smell great.
  • Great for general well-being.
  • Therapeutic


  • Products are expensive for average customers.



↓ 9 – A Perfume Organic

Brand’s Portfolio: A Perfume Organic is one of the best all-natural and chemical-free perfume brands out there. Amanda Walker, the brand’s creator and a perfumer use flowers, fruit, herbs and spices in all her scents. Having worked with billion-dollar corporations linked to beauty products, she had first-hand experience of what type of products were widely used and what kind was desperately needed. She is also an advocate of ecological packing and so the packaging of her perfumes is minimal and recyclable.

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Recommended Product: Mejica by A Perfume Organic

Price: $65 available at the official website.

Additional Product Information: The perfume has a ‘spicy vanilla’ scent, which is fitting because it’s been made from three types of vanillas, rare resins, and different spices!


  • The perfume has a strong vanilla scent.
  • It lasts a long time on the skin.
  • The box is infused with flower seeds. It can be buried in the ground.


  • Some find the scent obnoxious.
  • The bottle is small that has a low quantity of the product.

Non Alcoholic Perfume Brands These Days (7)


↓ 8 – Tsi La

Brand’s Portfolio: Tsi-La is a luxury brand of organic perfumes started by Annie Morton, a model, and Natalie Szapowalo, an aromatherapist. Tsi-La perfumes are 100% natural, hand-crafted, vegan, cruelty-free, synthetic chemical-free, and 100% plant-based.

Tsi-La perfumes use wholesome and natural ingredients like therapeutic essential oils, herbs, kinds of butter, fruits, vitamins and plants.

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Recommended Product: Ilang Ilang

Price: $48 available at the official website.

Additional Product Information: The perfume has a distinctly feminine scent. It is a blend of South Pacific florals, sugared citrus fruits and Tahitian vanilla orchids. It’s an exotic and seductive fragrance perfect for women looking to fall in love. It’s an all-natural perfume, free from harmful ingredients, preservatives and is cruelty-free.


  • The fragrance is soft and warm.
  • It’s easier to carry and apply.


  • The perfume is small.
  • It does not last very long.

Non Alcoholic Perfume Brands These Days (6)


↓ 7 – Ayurveda Apothecary

Brand’s Portfolio: Ayurveda Apothecary is a line of wellness products made by YOKE, a brand started by yoga and meditation teachers. 100% of their products aren’t alcohol-free, but they do keep the practice and often come out with non-alcoholic perfumes. All their products are formulated using nuts or made in an environment that contains nuts, and they mention this as a precaution for people with allergies.

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Recommended Product: 15 ml Flow Balancing Perfume Oil

Price: $46 available at the official website.

Additional Product Information: This beautiful perfume uses a mix of Safflower oil, coconut oil, and rose petals.


  • The scent is described as therapeutic and stress-reducing.


  • Not considered affordable.



↓ 6 – Christy Organics

Brand’s Portfolio: Christy Organics is an Australian brand of natural perfumes designed and crafted in Melbourne. Composition involves essential oils, resins, and jojoba oil. The brand is vegan, cruelty-free, 100% natural and plant-based, 100% Australian, inspired by ancient herbal practices, and also creates unisex fragrances.

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Recommended Product: Christy Organics AMBER Natural Perfume (Roll-on)

Price: $40 available at Musely.

Additional Product Information: Amber is a sweet fragrance made from organic vanilla and labdanum absolute. The scent is of vanilla and caramel and is utterly enticing and exotic. The rollerball perfume is best applied on all pulse points such as on the wrists, behind the ears and on the sternum.


  • It’s a unisex scent.
  • The product remains active for a reasonable 4-5 hours.
  • It’s described as ‘stress-relieving’.


  • The perfume is not affordable

Non Alcoholic Perfume Brands These Days (4)


↓ 5 – Lurk Natural Fragrances

Brand’s Portfolio: Lurk was created by Anne Nelson Sanford, who is a perfumer, brand and product developer and interior designer. Lurk Natural Fragrances are 100% organic, composed of essential oils only and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic materials such as parabens, phthalates, and other preservatives. Lurk’s perfume oils use a base of jojoba oil. You should also have a look at these Top 10 Organic & Natural Shampoo Brands For All Hair Types.

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Recommended Product: AS01 6ml Perfume Oil

Price: $34.80 available at the official website.

Additional Product Information: This perfume oil has fragrances of cedarwood, sweet rose, and Tuberose. The scent is fresh and subtle and has been created with forests in mind.


  • The multiple scents in the fragrance blend are perfectly proportioned.
  • It is a unisex perfume.
  • The scent is appreciated by men who don’t like cologne, as it isn’t too overpowering.


  • The texture is oily since it is made from essential oils and is a 100% natural.
  • Projection and longevity of the perfume are poor.



↓ 4 – Ganesha’s Garden

Brand’s Portfolio: It’s a truly unique and exotic brand of fragrances. Ganesha’s Botanical Body Scents is a line of ‘solid perfumes’ that come in hand-crafted soapstone boxes. This line of fragrances if a part of Between Heaven and Earth, which is incense and solid perfume manufacturer based in Canada. All the perfumes have organic beeswax and coconut oil base. There are twelve different types of fragrances offered b Ganesha’s Garden: Sandalwood, Patchouli, Amber, White Lotus, Vanilla, Garden Oasis, Garden Plumeria, Garden Thousand Flowers, Om, Patchouli Rose, Green Tea, and Garden India.

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Recommended Product: Ganesha’s Garden Sandalwood Solid Perfume

Price: $13.99 available at the official website.

Additional Product Information: This incredibly enticing perfume smells of sandalwood, which has a sweet and exotic woody scent. It comes encased in a gorgeous hand-crafted soapstone box which is made in Agra, India. Ingredients of the fragrance include coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax, and Vitamin E. It is claimed to be 74% organic.


  • The perfume comes in a hand-crafted box that is reusable after the fragrance is used up.
  • The perfume is unique.


  • The scent is too weak for some people.
  • The solid perfume feels greasy.
  • The smell feels artificial.



↓ 3 – Al-Haramain

Brand’s Portfolio: Al-Haramain Perfumes was established for the Middle Eastern consumers in 1970. They incorporate other brands as well, such as Orientica and Al-Halal. Al-Haramain offers a wide variety of fragrances and scents such as Bukhoor, body lotions, attars, spray perfumes, and even cosmetic products. The products contain exciting scents for men and women.

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Recommended Product: Al-Haramain Precious Spray Silver 100ml

Price: $12.98 available at the official website.

Additional Product Information: The top notes contain Coriander, Rosemary, Petitgrain, Bergamot, and Peppermint. The heart notes include Lavender, Geranium, Jasmine, Cypress, Juniper Berry, and Orange Blossom, while the base notes are made out of Amber, Musk, Sandalwood, and Oakmoss.


  • The perfume has above-average longevity.
  • The perfume is cheap but has a rich and full scent.


  • It is considered to be ‘drier’ than other Al-Haramain perfumes in the market.



↓ 2 – Orientica

Brand’s Portfolio: Orientica is a brand based in the United Arab Emirates. Its parent company is Al-Haramain, and all Orientica products are available there. Its earliest products were created in 2018. Orientica has a range of 6ml perfume oils, 30ml Eau de Parfum, 100ml Eau de Parfum, Bukhoor, and oils.

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Recommended Product: Golden Musk Orientica 6ml

There are several different perfumes in Orietica’s 6ml range like Bakhoor, Majesty, Mukhallath, and Oud Wood, all of the same price, but we particularly liked the Golden Musk.

Price: $3.89 available at Al-Haramain’s website.

Additional Product Information: The top notes and heart notes of the perfume are floral, while the base notes have scents of Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Wood, and Sugar.


  • The scent is sweet and mutates into a chocolatey smell which is lovely.
  • It is a unisex scent.
  • The perfume is affordable.


  • It has drawn comparisons to Al-Rehab’s Golden Sand perfume.



↓ 1 – Al-Rehab

Brand’s Portfolio: Al-Rehab is a Middle-Eastern perfume manufacturer. Perfumes by Al-Rehab are alcohol-free and give off rich, lush and traditional scents. The perfumes mostly come in roll-on bottles which makes them easier to apply.

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Recommended Product: Africana – 6ml (.2 oz) Perfume Oil by Al-Rehab

Price: $2.95 available at Al-Rashad.

Additional Product Information: Africana is another brilliant and intoxicating fragrance by Al-Rehab. It’s alcohol-free and has a rich oriental scent. The fragrance is for both men and women. The ingredients of the perfume include green mandarin, cedar, amber, sandalwood, and pink pepper.


  • The fragrance doesn’t mutate, stays the same.
  • The fruity scent is appealing.
  • It is cheap and easily accessible.


  • Customers have found the scent to be overpowering.
  • It must be applied in minimal quantities. Overapplication is not advised as it is a strong scent.




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