10 Girls Who Look Like Barbie Dolls In Real-Unbelievable

Girls Who Look Like Barbie Dolls In Real. Hey, Take a Look there! Doesn’t she look like a Barbie doll came into life? Will you like if a guy passes a comment about you while you are walking down the road with all your girl’s squad? Wouldn’t you feel proud about your look and feel? Of Course, we know that it will be a big yes from your side. Any girl will love to be a Barbie doll in terms of her clothes, her make over, her stunning shoes in short her complete wardrobe is something which every girl wants to adopt (if for a moment we don’t count Ken here).

 Who are the Real Human Barbie Girls

To our readers surprise, we have catalogued a complete library of those young girls who actually did  look like a Barbie doll and grabbed everyone’s attention specially the media and modelling agencies of Hollywood industry.

#10. Dakota Rose

Let’s meet Dakota who resembles much like a Barbie doll. To add more similarity in her looks she usually dresses herself more like a conventional Barbie doll which contributes more spice to her jaw dropping figure.

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#09.  Venus Palermo

Venus, a young girl from London is a living Barbie doll example. She usually uploads many make up tutorials on YouTube for her fans and her fans admire her make over tips and tricks a lot.

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