18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

Winter brings out all the knitwear pieces, jumpers, cardigans, scarves, hats and gloves. But when it comes to large knitwear what should girls match it with to achieve the best look? What styles of knitwear are in fashion? This post covers different ways to style your knitwear this winter and stay both warm and good looking.

Styles of Knitwear

Knitwear comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and thicknesses. Cardigans are more clingy to the body but can also be found with wide sleeves and also lengths down to the knees. Not all cardigans have fastenings either, some might just fall naturally off the shoulder whilst some may only have one chunky button at the collarbones. This is more for feature purposes than actual practicality. Jumpers have a broad spectrum when it comes to styles and patterns. Chunky knitting in patterns are a favourite and so are plain coloured ones with a simple logo on the front. This year will see an influx of stripes and zigzag patterns also.

When it comes to matching knitwear with other items of clothing go for garments that with make your jumpers or cardigan stand out. Denim jeans in blue, black or white are great with knitwear as they focus the eye on the brighter garment. Choose jeans that contrast with your top. For example, if you are wearing a white jumper, go for blue or black jeans and vice versa. Skirts are also fine to wear with wool. Floor length flowing skirt with chunky and large style jumpers will go beautifully together.

Footwear with Jumpers and Cardigans

As you will well know, winter sees the onslaught of boots and wellies and the fabrics going away for the season. Choose knee high or ankle high boots that compliment your chosen knitwear. Beige, brown, coffee and bronze coloured boots are great options this season. You can of course wear wellies with knitwear as this style of shoe is now not just in the traditional bottle green, they are in a variety of colours and patterns.

The following images contain ideas on what to wear with knitwear this winter and what styles are in fashion this season.

Knitwear Styles

Wear Knitwear at Office /Job –Yellow Floral Patterned Jumper with Jeans and White Shirt


Casual Style –Diagonal Stripe Thick Weave Jumper with Brown Flowing Skirt


Thick Stitch over sized Woolen Cardigan/Shawl with Jeans and Leopard Clutch Bag

what to wear with oversized sweaters

Street Style –Chunky Neckline Bronze Jumper with White Top, Blue Skinnies and Suede Ankle Boots


Teen Girls Style –Lattice Style Weave Jumper with Gingham Shirt, Jeans and Knee High Boots

designers sweaters latest

Chunky Knit Patterned Jumper with Tartan Shirt and Jeans

teen girls sweater style

Golden Cardigan with Zigzag Patterned Dress and Chunky Plaited Belt

outfits to wear with sweaters

Wavy Striped Off the Shoulder Jumper with Navy Skinnies


Plain Black Jumper with White Shirt and Skinny Jeans and Leopard Plimsols


Multi Coloured and Patterned Knee Length Cardigan with Flat Brown Knee High Boots


Large Stitch Dress with Bow Themed Collar and Matching Gloves


Turtleneck Stripe Weave Jumper with Grey Fleece and Skinny Jeans


Grey Jumper with Chunky Scarf and Matching Woollen Socks. Ugg Boots and Skinny Jeans


Pale Blue Plain Jumper with Lightweight Top and Jeans

how-to-style-sweater-in spring

Purple Cardigan with Matching Blouse and Contrasting Yellow Pencil Skirt


Cropped, Turtleneck Grey Jumper with Trousers and White Top. Chunky Beaded Necklace



Fluffy Wool Check Style Jumper. Contrasting Red Lipstick


Simple V-Neck Orange Cardigan with Broach, Peach Trousers and Lace Blouse


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