18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

Outfits to Wear With Knitwear. For every season, there is an ideal outfit for girls. The Winter season is no exception! Welcome this winter by wrapping up in some stylish and trendy knitwear. Winter brings out all the knitwear pieces, cardigans, jumpers, scarves, gloves, and hats.

Are you ready to welcome this winter season with those cozy and warm pullovers and Knitwear? Girls love to look attractive, but winter cannot allow them to look as cute and charming as they want due to long sweaters and Knitwear. But we all know it is equally important to stay warm in winter.

Cute Knitwear Styles To Try This Winters

For girls who always want to look fashionable, it becomes a little trickier when it comes to large Knitwear. What should girls match it with to achieve the best look? What styles of Knitwear are in fashion? On the internet, you will find hundreds of cute girl outfits to wear with Knitwear this winter. This post covers different ways to style your much-loved and expensive Knitwear this winter so that you stay both warm and good looking! Get ready to use your lovely scarves, pretty skirts, jumpers, cardigans, cozy, and oversized sweaters with Knitwear this winter and enjoy your winter occasions in a cute style. Give this a good read by taking out your time to find more outfit styles. Hope you will find your cute outfit to wear with your favourite Knitwear and try this winter.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

What are Different Styles of Knitwear?

Cold-weather style wants you to be in knit to win it. Long walks in winter, hot cups of coffee with friends, and cozy moments with your loved ones would be incomplete without your favourite chunky cardigan, cashmere sweater, and a woolly jumper. It is no secret that Knitwear can make your cooler months extra warm and comfy. But how girls can match their beloved Knitwear with their outfits to make it extra attractive?

Knitwear comes in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and thicknesses. Cardigans are clingier to the body but can also be found with wide sleeves and also lengths down to the knees. Not all cardigans have fastenings either, some might just fall naturally off the shoulder whilst some may only have one chunky button at the collarbones. Well, this is more for feature purposes than actual practicality.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some of the queries of fashionista girls about how to complement knitwear with their outfits to look cute this winter.

Q. How to wear Cardigans with style?

A. Cardigans can transform your winter outfits. No matter where you go, you can wear a cardigan with style for any occasion, whether it is a casual get-together with friends or a formal business meeting. To create a weekend look, you can wear a cardigan with jeans, T-shirt, chinos, and sneakers will definitely look cool.

Q. How will Knit Jumpers look on my outfit?

A. When it comes to looking stylish in the cooler months, knit jumpers have a broad spectrum. Chunky knitting patterns are favourite and so are plain colored ones with a simple logo on the front. This year will see an influx of stripes and zigzag patterns also. Knit jumpers are not warm but also versatile. Pairing a dark-colored chunky jumper with any blazer can create a stunning winter outfit.

Q. How to match my Knitwear with other clothing items?

A. When it comes to matching Knitwear with other items of clothing, go for garments that will literally make your jumpers or cardigan stand out. Denim jeans in blue, black, or white are great with Knitwear as they focus the eye on the brighter garment.

Q. How to compliment my jumper with Jeans?

A. Choose any jeans that contrast with your top. For example, if you are wearing a white jumper, go for blue or black jeans and vice versa.

Q. Will Skirts look good with Knitwear?

A. The skirt also looks good when you wear it with the woolen item. The floor-length flowing skirt with chunky and large style jumpers will go beautifully together.

Q. What shoes should I wear with a knitted sweater?

A. The obvious answer to this question is ‘Boots’. The best alternative to shoes in winter is none other than stylish boots which have become a popular choice of girls to wear with their sweaters and other knitwear items. You can wear leather work boots and motorcycle boots with blue jeans that will surely look classic with your black knitted sweater.

Q. How to wear an oversized sweater?

A. You can wear your favourite oversized sweater with many of your pretty outfits such as pairing jeans and sweater with your sneakers will surely make an effortless combination. An oversized turtleneck sweater will also look stunning on baggy boyfriend jeans.

Q. Can I wear jewelry with my sweater?

A. Of course! Jewelry especially a necklace, choker, or single/multi-layer necklace will look stunning if you are wearing a boatneck and V-neck sweater. This is because the boatneck sweater is open and your neckline is visible. Similarly, if you have a cowl neck sweater, cuff bracelet and earrings will look chic and trendy. Minimalist sweaters such as funnel-neck sweater make your outfit elegant when paired with dangling earrings.

Q. Footwear with Jumpers and Cardigans

A. Cardigan is the perfect layering essential in winters as they provide you with warmth while still appearing elegant. Likewise, Jumpers are crucial items to create a sophisticated yet cozy look. As you know, winter sees the onslaught of boots and wellies (rubber boots) and the fabrics going away for the season. Choose knee-high or ankle-high boots that will beautifully compliment your chosen Knitwear.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

Beige, brown, coffee and bronze-colored boots are great options this season. You can, of course, wear wellies with Knitwear as this style of shoe is now not just in the traditional bottle green, but they are also in a variety of colors and patterns.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

Check out the following images to get the ideas on what to wear with Knitwear this winter and what styles are in fashion this season. You will love reading more about Most Popular Winter Street Style Outfit Ideas for Women.

↓ 18 – Knitwear to wear at Office/Job

Knitwear is definitely a perfect match for denim. This yellow floral patterned jumper with blue jeans and a white shirt is the perfect outfit for working women.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 17Casual Style Outfit

Wear this diagonal stripe thick weave jumper with a brown flowing skirt and slay all day outdoors in this winter season.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 16 – Thick Stitch over-sized Woolen Cardigan/Shawl with Jeans

Do you have an old over-sized woolen cardigan in your closet? Do you still this forever piece? Well, you can wear this cardigan to keep your look from feeling mundane this season. How? Pair your favorite over-sized woolen cardigan with black jeans and slay evening occasions.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 15 – Winter Styling for Skinny Girls

Knitwear and jeans have always been a winning combination. If you are a skinny girl and want to look stylish without looking bulky this season, try this cute winter outfit. Pair your casual jeans and plain white shirt and any outfit in your wardrobe with this chunky neckline bronze jumper and suede ankle boots.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 14 – Teen Girls Style

Lattice style weave jumper with Gingham shirt, jeans and knee-high boots is the perfect combination of casual outfits and winter knitwear.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 13 – Chunky Knit Patterned Jumper with Tartan Shirt and Jeans

Fend off the chills of this winter season and keep things relaxed by wearing this cute outfit. When you are out for holidays this winter, this chunky knit outerwear will keep the cold out while turning your style up for the eye-catching looks. Contrast this chunky jumper with a bright colored tartan shirt and blue denim to create a flattering look.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 12 – Golden Cardigan Knitwear

You can wear this with golden cardigan with almost everything you own. This zigzag patterned dress will look stunning with this chunky plaited belt.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 11 – Wavy Striped Off the Shoulder Jumper with Navy Skinny Jeans

Off-the-shoulder jumpers are still trending. For girls who find full-coverage sweaters boring and bulky at the same time,  this cute outfit can be a perfect alternative. Look more refreshing and cheerful with this cute outfit that beautifully pairs your jeans with your favorite off-the-shoulder jumper.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 10 – Black Jumper with White Shirt and Skinny checked Jeans

It’s time to flaunt your checked jeans with a black jumper! This cute winter outfit is not only cozy but also looks stylish on girls. Here are some ideas on the Best Shoes to Wear with Jeans for Different Looks.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 9 – Black Floral pants with cable knit sweater

Wearing black floral print pants with cable knit fitted sweater and black heels create an elegant look. Wear this amazing combination to keep the melancholy of cool weather at bay. You can also carry a black handbag to make your outfit look extra stunning.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 8 – Large Stitch Dress with Bow Themed Collar and Matching Gloves

If you are looking for something really warm yet stylish knitwear, wear this bow themed large sweater during your winter holidays. Stay warm as well as stylish with this knitwear.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 7 – Turtleneck Stripe Weave Jumper with Grey Fleece and Skinny Jeans

A turtleneck sweater dress is an ideal way to wear knitwear in the winter season. This outfit is going to become your new obsession this fall season. This chic yet warm outfit is a great go-to for colder nights in the town. Create an edgy girlish look by wearing this beautiful and comfy turtleneck weave jumper.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 6 – Jumper with Chunky Scarf and Matching Woollen Socks, Ugg Boots, and Jeans

With temperatures that are considering dropping, bulk up your knitwear. This super warm chunky scarf is all you need for this winter!

If you are prone to cold weather, this cute outfit is ideal for you that will not only keep you warm but also help you maintain your style. You can wear it with a jumper and woolen socks, skinny jeans, and of course your favorite ugg boots.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 5 – Baggy knit over-sized sweater with loose-fit Pants

This outfit style will not make you look sloppy even with an over-sized sweater. You can pair it with loose-fit trousers to create a timeless trend this season. Try this cute outfit style to slay in the coolest months.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 4 – Long Knit with Flowing Pants

This is another comfy yet chic sweater outfit to wear this winter. Pair an extra-long knit with flowing pants to slay this season. This ankle-length coat draped over your shoulders will add more elegance to your look.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 3 – Accessories to Go With Knitwear

Complete your outfit with this chic cropped turtleneck jumper. You can wear it with loose black trousers and black heels. As an alternative, high-waisted palazzo pants or a pencil skirt can also be an effortless way to look stylish without dressing up too much. It is an excellent option for girls who want to spice up their winter closet.



18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 2 – Shawl Collar Cardigan with Skinny Jeans

Wear this classic shawl collar cardigan this fall season to spice your casual outfits. This cute and elegant outfit style will not make you look overdressed, and you can wear it on any occasion. To make it modest, simply pair this outerwear cardigan with a white or black T-shirt and skinny denim jeans or leather pants.

18 Cute Outfits to Wear With Knitwear for Girls this Winter

↓ 1– Simple V-neck Orange Cardigan with Broach, White Pants, and Lace Blouse

Add style points to your outfit with this simple yet chic V-neck cardigan. You can wear it with a white lace blouse embellished with pearls and white pants. You can also embellish your simple looking orange cardigan with this dazzling broach. This cute and elegant outfit will not let you miss your most awaited winter occasions.


Closing Thoughts

When deciding what to wear this winter that is not only warm but also looks stylish, believe us! there are no hard and fast rules. You can experiment a bit with your casual outfits and of course your favorite knitwear. For your convenience, we have brought up some cute outfit that you fashion monger and trendsetter girls will surely love. All of these looks are unique, chic, and perfect knitwear looks that you must try this winter season.

So, select any of the outfit styles mentioned above and stay cool as well as warm throughout this winter season!

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