15 Best 2000s Themed Birthday Party Ideas To Try This Year 

2000s themed birthday party ideas: The early 2000s was a time filled with nostalgic memories and some outstanding trends. Birthday parties are meant to be exceptionally joyful moments that serve as sweet memories later on. They are precious moments for spending time with close family and friends.

However, selecting the perfect theme for your big day can be a little tricky. If you are looking for unique birthday party themes, then this article is for you. It lists some creative ways you can get the most out of your 2000 themed birthday party!

How to Arrange a 2000s Themed Birthday?

The events hosted back in the day were typically small and cozy, celebrated at home with close friends and family only. Here are some tips on ways you can have an unforgettable 2000’s-themed birthday party!

2000s Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Tips for Hosting a 2000’s-Themed Birthday Party:

Here are some handy points you will need to keep in mind before arranging a 2000’s-themed birthday party-

  • 2000’s inspired party games– these can be the typical trivia questions regarding the early 2000’s popular movies, music, news. You can also give away a prize to the one who answers the most right questions!
  • Abstract art shapes– the party should go with an amazing visual theme, with incredible background decorations and unique abstract art of the early 2000’s era
  • Bold color choices– make sure your party looks visually pleasing, as aesthetic-looking background colors or wallpapers will make your party more memorable! Go for bright colors for your birthday, as they make the overall atmosphere more appealing.
  • Play classic music– music always adds more fun to an event. Play some classic ones that were trendy back in the early 2000s. They will be bound to bring old, nostalgic memories back!
  • Entrance – you can add a little surprising sort of entrance for your guests. This will be unanticipated and will create a little excitement for everyone! This can be done in many inventive ways, such as dangling ceiling swirls or adding a small birthday greeting yard stake. Here’s an example that features 2000s love for Graffiti:
2000s themed birthday party ideas
  • Add appealing decorations– sparkly old-style decoration give a creative touch to the overall atmosphere
  • Bring out your inner child – let your hair down loose and bring out your childish streak! To further add more excitement to your birthday, you can bring back some of your old childhood activities, such as adding confetti
  • Food– no party is complete without delicious food! Along with good decorations and music, places mouth-watering food in front of the guests! Fill the table with an extensive variety of some of the good old homemade snacks, just like in the early 2000s.

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15 – What Colors To Pick?

You can opt for bright, bold colors for your birthday party! Choosing a variety of colors that are pleasing to the eye will be a bonus to your event! No matter what the theme, bright colors go everywhere.

2000s Birthday Party Themes


Additionally, whatever the combination of colors you use for your party, make sure to add white as well! For an instance, a white wall can further make tulle-colored stripes more prominent. A white cake stand, for example, will further emphasize the cake. Or using white dinner plates will highlight the napkins.

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14 -2000s Birthday Party Decorations

The right kinds of decorations bring a dreamlike touch to the overall atmosphere of the party. For a 2000’s-themed birthday party, you can add decors that highlight the particular era. You can add nostalgic ornaments to your event to bring back the fuzzy feelings of the past. This can be decorating the event with bright-colored balloons, simple candles, and funky birthday caps. You can opt for ‘number candles’, or can place many candles on top of your birthday cake according to your age, something that was exceptionally common in the past!

Moreover, you can add a range of colorful patterns and motifs to your special occasion, such as old lollipop candles. A few other details that you can add to your party can be a beautifully colored “Happy Birthday” sign or ceiling swirls. And don’t forget to add the memorable party bunting! These were remarkably popular particularly a few decades ago. These intricate designs can be hung across walls or across the birthday party table. You can go a step further and make some gorgeous DIY decors. You can make bright confetti, and can even make some pretty, rainbow-colored slinkies that hang from the ceiling.

2000's Birthday Party Themesvia

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13 – Party Lighting

There are many sources for lightening to brighten your event, whether your party takes place indoors or outdoors. One of the sources you might want to consider is votive candles- these definitely bring the old times back! These lights are very charming and are small as well as cost-effective. Or you can go for string lights – these are exceptionally pretty and ideal for small, backyard parties!


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12 – Creative Backgrounds

Embellish your walls like the classic early 2000s, and create a feel-good environment for your party! You can choose many different, cheerful color combinations as such black and gold, or red, orange, and yellow for a general, joyful look. You can also go for printed sky and clouds board paper, which will create an outdoor sort of scenario.

Finally, you can also take sparkly curtains under consideration to add a captivating touch to the whole experience. These are silver foil curtains and incredibly cost-effective. You can even make some handmade background decorations to bring back the old vibe.

2000's Birthday Party Themesvia

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11 – Choose Fun Party Props

Party props are good old party decoration stuff. These can include vibrant color sprays, funky hats, and other small, unique stuff that adds extra fun to the party. They remind you of the simple ways of celebration just like in the old days.


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10 – 2000s Birthday Party Tablescapes

You can choose from an extensive variety, such as drape black linens over white ones, so to create a color contrast. You can choose tablecloths of various patterns to suit the event. Or you can pick other colorful ones such as shown in the image below.


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9 – Get Artsy

Spread positivity in this day by thoughts by laying out confetti, glitter, and colorful ceiling swirls! You can even think about confetti walls in your party, which will serve as a stunning background. A zig-zag streamer is another creative feature that can be a part of your event.

2000's Birthday Party Themesvia

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8 -How to Plan a 2000’s Themed Outdoor Birthday Party?

A warm outdoor backyard party is an amazing idea for a celebration. You can make use of fairy or string lights, and play the classical early 2000 music, giving the environment the old feelings again.

2000's Birthday Party Themesvia

7 – Photobooth

Since selfies weren’t exactly the thing back in those days, you can create an awesome photobooth!

2000's Birthday Party Themesvia

Here are some things you’ll need

A neutral curtain or a backdrop, which you can select here

A camera or a mobile phone


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6 – 2000s Themed Cake

You can bake a perfect homemade cake, to remind everyone of the typical old-style birthdays. Or, you can buy some custom-made ones, unicorn cakes, or the old-fashioned carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

2000s themed birthday cake
2000s themed birthday cake


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5 -What to Give as a Birthday Present For a 2000 Themed Party?

If you are someone who’s attending this type of party, there is much awesome stuff you can purchase. These can be cozy velvet slippers, or a silk scarf, that suits every outfit!

2000's Birthday Party Themes


4 – Where to Buy Party Decorations?

There are plenty of stores where you can purchase some amazing decoration stuff online, like Etsy, Party City, or Birthday Express



3 – Planning a Party at Home

With the threat of the pandemic still not over in many areas, you can consider celebrating at home, with only a few close pals invited. You can prefer a traditional homemade cake, create some fun DIY decorations, recalling the classic 2000’s birthdays

2000's Birthday Party Themes


2 – 2000’s-Themed Birthday Party Outfits

There are no restrictions on how you want to get dressed at your party! You can preferably wear classic 2000’s clothes that match the theme of the birthday party.

For an instance, you can consider wearing low-rise jeans. This was very common back in those days, and something immensely popular amongst high schoolers. Or you can even preferably go for casual lace-up jeans., which was the style back in the day. These often come with a flare at the bottom of the leg.  Other 2000 fashion ideas are wearing popped-collar polos shirts. Undeniably, clingy dresses and striped flared jeans were also quite common. Tunic with jeans was also equally important.

Denim was the fashion in the early 2000s! You can wear denim jackets, jeans, or even dresses, bringing back the old spirit. These are the perfect 2000 themed party outfits. There are denim outfits of different colors, so feel free to pick your dress of choice!

2000's Birthday Party Themesvia

You can complement your dress with cute accessories that were in the trend just a few decades ago. One of them is the incredibly adorable butterfly clips. These glittery pieces come in multicolors, so you can pick those that match your outfit!  You can also bring back the baguette bags, which were in the style back in the day. Besides these, you can also look for white belts, tucker earrings, and lace-up sandals. These were extremely popular accessories in the early 2000s.

2000's Birthday Party Themes


2000s themed birthday party ideas


1 – Celebrity Style

We’re sure you’ll love this 2000s themed birthday party of Drake, it’s surely inspiring and will give you many cool ideas.


Q. What are some good 2000s birthday themes?

Some of the unique and amazing birthday party themes include Y2k, Hannah Montanna, Circus Party, op Art, Arabian Nights, and Couture Balloons

Q. What are the most popular party themes?

Some of the latest trending party themes include:

  • TikTok Parties, owing to the popularity of TicTock
  • Mermaid parties, which are immensly popular amongst girls
  • Unicorn Parties
  • Garden Parties
  • Donut Parties

Q. What are some 2000s themed party outfit ideas for women?

You can wear many outfits that bring old memories back. Some of the clothes that were stylish back in the day, which you can consider in the early 2000s themed party, are-

  • Clingy dresses
  • Striped flared jeans
  • Cropped sweaters
  • Converse Shoes
  • Tunic with jeans, just to list a few!

Q. What are some 2000 theme party outfit ideas for guys?

If you are a guy attending a 2000 themed birthday party, then you may want to consider wearing some of the standard 2000s fashion, such as-

  • Black leather jackets
  • Slim-cut jeans
  • V-neck sweaters
  • Overcoats.
  • Power suits were also incredibly common in formal events in the early 2000s.
  • Everyone was wearing converse shoes back then

Q. How to throw a 2000s Party on a budget?

A 2000 themed birthday party can be celebrated by fun activities and decorations that make you recall earlier times. This can include the following:

  • 2000’s inspired party games
  • Playing classic early 2000 music
  • Spreading the table with food, especially the old homemade snacks
  • You can also bring the old decorations back, such as the candles and old party banners.

Q. What are some of the 2000s themed party food?

Food that was immensely popular during the early 2000s include:

  • Unicorn cakes
  • Macarons
  • Burrito bowls
  • Gourmet cupcakes
  • And smoothie bowls, just to name a few.

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