32 Hidden Face Muslim Girls Wallpapers & Profile Pictures

Hidden Face Muslim Girls Pictures. All religions are considered a way of life, including religion Islam. We all know that Muslims are the believers of Islam. It is beautiful of living because it teaches the right things to believers.  Islam’s code of modesty extends to all aspects of one’s life,  which also includes the attire.

For women, hijab is considered necessary. It is a piece of cloth used for head-covering. More than a dress code, the hijab also means the modest behavior of a person which includes manners and speech. In today’s world, the Muslim woman is striving to please her Lord while fulfilling her other roles. As discussed, in this modern world Muslim women go out and live their life to the fullest. From work life to going out with friends. But no matter how modern the world gets a Muslim woman should dress up modestly. Sometimes, it gets really frustrating for ladies with hijab. Every girl wants to look stylish and young, and at the same time, you don’t want to give up on the modest hijab look. Well, there’s no problem in this world that can’t be solved. I got inspired by some of the most popular Hijab fashion bloggers and decided to share with you some Hijab fashion tips, so you can easily get the modern Hijab street style look.

Modest & Cute DP Ideas For Muslim Women

We have picked up the best Muslim girls pictures where they have hidden faces and are dressed up decently. Check out these 30 best poses for hidden face pictures, wallpapers, and display pictures. But first, let’s share some tips on how to choose a good profile picture:

  • If you don’t want to share your face on social media, then you would want to share an image instead that truly represents you. If you love your pet dog or cat, it could be an image of you holding it while it covers your face. Or if you love traveling, it could be an image of your back as you sit in your favorite vacation spot.
  • If the image is for a social media account like Facebook, try to have a color contrast between the profile picture and the cover photo as it makes your profile look more vibrant.
  • Ideally, there shouldn’t be too much happening in your picture, keep it simple.
  • Your closest friends and family can always give you the best feedback so if you’re okay with it, share your picture with them first and see what they think.

We’ll be sharing actual images that will help explain these tips, along with many other ideas so read on and leave a comment to let us know what you thought of these ideas.

hidden face dp cute girls

↓ 32 – Let Your Hair Do The Talking

Your hair is 90% of your selfie, so let it free and strike a pose.

muslim girl profile pictures

↓ 31 – Show Off Your Awesome Skills

These days, social media is the best place to show off your skills. If you have any skill, be it doing makeup or drawing or reviewing books, don’t be afraid and share them with the world. And if you’re a makeup addict, you wouldn’t want to miss out on these Top 11 Halal Nail Polish Brands for Muslim Women.

hidden face profile picture

↓ 30. Hidden Face Cute Girl Image

A Muslim girl as shown in the picture covers her face with her hand while showing off her glasses. If you are heading out in the winters you can opt for a neutral color sweater to wear. The hijab adds a sophisticated look to a western outfit.


↓ 29. Elegant Rippled Hijab

Rippled hijab is a beautiful scarf that can be stretched. The girl here is wearing a rippled hijab on her head and it creates an elegant look when wrapped. A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear. This picture shows how a woman can win hearts by smiling.


↓ 28. Mesmerizing Eyes Of A Muslim Girl

Do you have attractive eyes and good makeup skills? Then it is time to show off your talent to the world. It is rightly said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. This picture says it all.


↓ 27. Find Your Best Spot For Picture

If you love hanging out and you find the best spot for a picture then you must take out your phone and snap it away. This beautiful lady is wearing an abaya yet posing for the camera with dignity. She shows off her stunning gold ring along with a branded bag. Plus the strawberry shake really takes away all the limelight.


↓ 26. Modest Bridal Look

Even as a bride, you might want your face hidden a bit but still wish to come off as attractive, for that here is an idea. Copy this style and make your bridal look modest and attractive.

↓ 25. Pink Paradise

Build your spring wardrobe with this beautiful dreamy pink hijab. No necessity of showing the face, this look is doing all the talking. Here is how you can wrap the hijab around your head and make it look gorgeous.

↓ 24. Focus On Your Hair And Clothes

If you are looking for a modest way to get a picture then here is a perfect way to pose. You can always count on us for giving you a variety of ideas. Wear eastern attire and some fancy jewelry that grabs the eyeballs. You can hold the dupatta in your hand and flaunt the Bollywood inspired look.

Related image

↓ 23. Muslim Girl in A Classy Abaya

Dress up in your prettiest abaya and pose with half a hidden face and still look classy and attractive. Don’t miss out ever on looking pretty. Plaid pulls of abaya look in my opinion. If you are seeking for some fashion tips on abaya styles then this is a great look. The solid color of the abaya creates a beautiful vibe for the hijab.

muslim girl profile pictures hidden face

↓ 22. Hidden Face With Eyes Visible

Here is another interesting idea for a Muslim girl to pose with her face hidden yet still look bold and attractive. Nothing but an attractive hairdo and a nice dress would do.

↓ 21. Grab Attention With Your Nails

You can dress up your hands with your face all hidden and still grab everyone’s attention with just that. Pretty and sassy nail color and some nice jewelry with compensating for your hidden face.

Related image

↓ 20. Hidden Face Hijab

Hidden face yet a great display with a stylish and sublime gown! A nice hairdo will definitely be a plus point for this as your face would apparently be hidden. A nice color could also come in handy. You can also find some great inspiration from these Top 20 Hijab Style Trends for Muslim Women These Days

muslim girls profile pictures

↓ 19. Be Mysterious

Flowers are not a bad idea at all if you want your display to be as nice as possible but wish to keep your face hidden. Just add a bright smile and you are good to go.

↓ 18. Muslimah Profile Picture

Got great hair swag? Time to show it off a bit if you want to keep that pretty face of yours hidden but you still want your display to be original and pretty.

↓ 17. Winter Vibes Look

Catch the beautiful sight of mountains by following winter’s latest sweater trend. All you need is a bold sweater and a matching scarf to cover your head.

↓ 16. Retro Dreams Wallpaper Picture

Adding your dslr to the photoshoot is not a bad idea at all. This is a phenomenal way and can make your display look pretty cool if you want to upload it for your profile.

↓ 15. Niqab Wallpaper

I simply adore this picture of black niqab on this model. This gorgeous niqab looks great in warm climates. The black niqab creates a modest vibe. This is a one-of-a-kind style inspiration for any Muslim girl.

↓ 14. Uptown Girl

When the temperature decreases it can be a challenge to pull together outfits. Whatever the conditions are like outside, you can still create fun looks while maintaining the style.

Related image

↓ 13. Jewelry popping is done oh-so-right

A portrait of surreal beauty. The girl adorns jewelry pieces so that the focus remains on the object than the subject. In this way, you can have a picture taken for your social media.

↓ 12. Modest Meets Modern

This picture reflects the diversity in Muslim culture. As you can clearly see how modesty meets the modern world. This entire look is very versatile and is best to wear anywhere.

↓ 11. Command All The Colour In The World

The very famous blogger is setting a trend by coming up with these hidden face pictures. She is looking like a dream. Her pose is a great example of modesty. You can always count on her for amazing fashion sense.

↓ 10. Perfectly Instagrammable

Get your hands to look all dressed up and cover up your face in a mischevious manner, and there you go creating one great hidden face display! You won’t believe how much the hijab fashion has improved in these 5 years. It’s amazing to see the evolution and how everyone is accepting the hijab fashion. Here are 50 Best Profile Pictures for Facebook.

↓ 9. Summer Vibes

Dressing with elegance is considered to be most important for Muslims. This picture for an instance clearly shows how lovely you can dress up and take pictures while maintaining dignity.

↓ 8.  Muslim Niqab Look

The girl is covering her beautiful face by this absolutely gorgeous piece of cloth. The purple dupatta is used as a veil to cover the face. There is a saying that ” A Muslim queen doesn’t need a crown, she needs a niqab “

↓ 7. How To Take Pictures With Feminine Charm?

And a little bit of feminity is not harmful at all. While planning for your photo shoot, you must look for samples beforehand to understand the basics of a feminine pose. You can pose with a lot of pride and let your feminine charm come out for the best. And you will definitely end up creating the best of looks with beautiful dresses like these.

hidden face muslim girls pictures

↓ 6. Show Off Your Makeup Skills

At times it is just your smile, a little bit of makeup and some jewelry that makes your display one of the best. If you wish to keep your face a mystery then it’s just the smile you need to focus on and hand over the camera to someone you know is great with clicking pictures.

↓ 5. Popular Sights Background For Facebook Display

Another creative angle to make your display picture a bit classier is to stand in front of a monument or a popular place. Nothing but just facing the camera in daylight and wearing attractive colors would do the job. Rather than using the monument as the main subject of the photo, you can shift the attention to yourself in the picture, and make the famous landmark a background object.

↓ 4. Wallpaper Picture Inspiration

For a wallpaper kind of picture, you can opt for an outdoor location and just need to pose in such a way that your back of the head can be seen in a beautiful silk hijab and your profile will be instantly eye-catching if you have beautiful birds around. Golden hour is the best time of day for photography. Go for it when the sun is low. This takes place twice a day. As you can see this picture is taken during the sunset which gives a flattering look to the image taken.

↓ 3. Stylish Girl Pic With Attitude

Just dress up in your prettiest attire and pose in such a way that the camera doesn’t catch the face. Doesn’t it sound great? Well, now it is true. Take inspiration from the following style and you are good to go. Wear an oversized cardigan over your shirt and keep a balance of a tighter bottom underneath. If you match the attire with a scarf around the neck or even with a muffler it will look awesome either way.

↓ 2.  Profile Pic Without Face

Got some great and catchy jewels that you can show off? Well, now you can pose with them and also feel a little bit modest but still nail a nice-looking display on your social media. This way you can manage to have an impressive picture.

Related image

↓ 1. Perfect Location For A Profile Picture

Pose with a fascinating location that grabs the attention of people. While you are facing the building your face is completely hidden and it can turn out to be a classic profile picture. This is how you can manage to look stylish and classy at the same time.



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