17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own

Best Thanksgiving Decorations & Ideas: October is about to begin and then guess what’s next, November! And, November means that it’s Thanksgiving time. Thanksgiving may seem like a very simple and minimalistic event but when you come to actually organize it, it could be pretty hectic.

The most important aspect in setting up a thanksgiving dinner is the thanksgiving decorations of the table. So, if you are someone who is looking for ideas related to a table setting or other thanksgiving decorations then you’re at the right spot because this blog will be giving you every detail related to all these things.

How to Decorate for Thanksgiving?

Here is a list of tips for a thanksgiving tablescape.

  • Consider using a table runner.
  • Always keep napkins for the guests’ use.
  • Create a center piece that could have either fruits or flowers.
  • Always place a cute menu card on the table.
  • And never stress over the thanksgiving table setting because anyways, either you follow the blog or your own ideas, your table is going to look spot on.
17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own

↓ 18 – Turkey Platter Decor

This is my favorite part of thanksgiving decoration as Turkey is like the main course of any thanksgiving dinner. You can decorate your turkey platters in various ways. Here are two of them.

You can place your turkey in the middle of some tiny oranges, limes, or any kind of citrus fruits of the same family. You could also add the leaves of those fruits to have a better decor for the platter.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


The second way to decorate your platter is that you could roast some onions, olives, and red chilies and place them on the sides of your turkey.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


↓ 17 – Dinnerware for the Thanksgiving Table

You could either use disposable Thanksgiving-themed dinnerware for your thanksgiving table setting or you could use your traditional china dinnerware particular to your thanksgiving decoration.

The disposable plates and glasses could either have pumpkins or turkeys designed over them to make them look more themed and cute.

The benefits of using disposable dinnerware are that you could just throw them off after they’re used, you don’t need to invest time in washing them or waste electricity by using the dishwasher, and the ones that are left could be stored for further usage.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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Using your china dinnerware is also beneficial because this beautiful cutlery would give a stronger vibe to the thanksgiving dinner and would give a much more formal as well as traditional thanksgiving look.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 16 – Candles for the Thanksgiving Table

When considering thanksgiving decoration ideas, you should always keep good lighting in mind and good lighting comes with some aesthetic candle placements.

If you’re already going somewhat extra with the rest of your Thanksgiving decorations then you ought to keep the candles minimal, you should buy some simple candles and place them on a simple wooden plank to have that rustic thanksgiving table decor.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 15 – Candles to Use as your Thanksgiving Decorations

This is a very essential part of thanksgiving home decorations. Candles are not only important to be placed on the Thanksgiving table but should also be placed on other spots in the dining area where the thanksgiving dinner is taking place.

You could buy a couple of decorative Thanksgiving-themed candles which could be placed on side tables, shelves, and drawer areas to increase the beauty of the dining room.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 14 – Fruit Decor Ideas for your Thanksgiving Table

This is a very significant idea for thanksgiving table decor because in the contemporary year themes have become very important and every occasion or event follows some kind of a theme like turkeys, autumn and pumpkins are very specific to thanksgiving decoration ideas.

When trying out fruit decor ideas, you could decorate your fruit platter in a turkey’s form which would look very simplistic as well as cute.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


You can also take a two-tier platter and place all of your fruits in it to have a more elegant thanksgiving fruit platter serving.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 13 – Thanksgiving Bread Baskets

Bread baskets are compulsory as a thanksgiving table setting idea because thanksgiving dinners always have some kind of food item that could be eaten with bread.

You can use a rectangular or a round stainless steel breadbasket for this purpose. To have a rustic look, you could also use wooden bread baskets.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 12 – Take Your Thanksgiving Pies To The Next Level

Pies are extremely specific to thanksgiving. Today pies have so many different designs that they’re also used as a thanksgiving decoration alongside being a food serving. You can serve different kinds of pies or just one for your dinner, it’s completely on you.

Apple and pumpkin pies are the most famous pies when talking of thanksgiving but could also make cream cheese pies, chocolate pies, cinnamon pies, berry pies, or any other pie that you may like.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


↓ 11 – Thanksgiving Floral Arrangements

Foral arrangements can be used as one of the most inexpensive thanksgiving table decorations. It’s one of the best centerpieces for a dining table. You could place your flowers in a glass or ceramic jar, or if you like in a vase, they could be artificial or real but real ones look prettier so I’d suggest you use them. You could use orange flowers to make it look more themed or any other color if you like.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


Dried Flowers and Bunny Tails Bouquet

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↓ 10 – How to Use Lighting In your Thanksgiving Decor?

As I told you above good lighting is very important for any occasion.

You can place some fairy light across or around your thanksgiving table or you could use it in other places of the dining room with some artificial autumn leaves beside it as shown in the pictures below.

This could be used for a modern thanksgiving table setting. This is also very particular to fall thanksgiving decorations.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 9 – Napkins for your Thanksgiving Table

Napkins should always be present on your dinner table and obviously when you’re hosting such an event then forgetting to set them on your table could cause a huge blunder. Fold your napkins in innovative ways to make them seem more attractive.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 8 – Napkin Rings for your Thanksgiving Napkins

In case you’re not folding your napkins then you might need these napkin rings, they’ll come in handy to hold your napkins in place before the dinner starts and make them look attractive. These could be used as some of the cutest thanksgiving crafts for table setting.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 7 – Placemats

Placemats are important when hosting a formal dinner like the thanksgiving dinner. Using woven placemats having autumn leaves designed over them is a good idea because then they’ll look more Thanksgiving-themed and the fact that they’re woven makes them thicker which would absorb the heat of your plate efficiently after you put food in it.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 6 – How to Choose a Tablecloth for your Thanksgiving Table?

Tablecloths bring a more traditional vibe in a thanksgiving decoration idea especially if they are designed according to this particular occasion just like the one in the picture below.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 5 – Candle Holders for your Candles

If you’re placing candles as your thanksgiving decoration then you ought to use their holders as well, you could buy pumpkin candle holders or these turkey candle holders as shown in the image below.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 4 – Cutest Thanksgiving Utensil Holders

To enhance your thanksgiving table setting, you should use Thanksgiving-themed utensil holders to place your knives, forks, and spoons in, as your thanksgiving decoration.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 3 – Menu Cards to Use as Thanksgiving Decorations

You can print out menu cards to keep on your thanksgiving table which should consist of all the eatery items that would be present during your thanksgiving feast. This plays an important role as a cute thanksgiving decoration idea.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


↓ 2 – Thanksgiving Themed Welcome Sign at the Entrance

Lastly, you could order or create a “WELCOME” sign with autumn leaves designed over it to place in front of your main entrance to welcome your guests. Guests are always impressed by such efforts.

17 Essential Thanksgiving Decorations You Must Own


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↓ 1 – Where To Get Your Thanksgiving Decorations From


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Q: How do you decorate a dining room table for Thanksgiving?

Ans: To decor your dining room table for Thanksgiving, you should use patterned napkins, lean into the Turkey decor, make some creative use of pumpkins, use autumnal dinnerware and incorporate some fresh fruits.

Q: How do you set a table for Thanksgiving?

Ans: To set a table for Thanksgiving, you should put the supper fork to the left of the plate, and the serving of mixed greens or salads fork to the left of the supper fork. 

Put the knife on the right side of the plate, with the serrated edge facing the interior. Place the supper spoon to the right of the knife. Put a glass above the knife, so it is over and to the right of the plate.

Q: How can I decorate my table for Thanksgiving on a budget?

Ans: To decorate your table for Thanksgiving on budget, you should skip the tablecloth, use things that are already being used at your home, make mini floral arrangements and embrace mismatched styles.

Q: What decorations do you use for Thanksgiving?

Ans: The decorations that are used for Thanksgiving are Turkey vases, Turkey platters, bowtie napkins, wheat cloches, and handwritten menu cards.

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