Top 10 Countries with Most Beautiful Women Soldiers in World

Countries with Most Wonderful Women Soldiers in World- There was a time when the army was considered of the men’s field only. But nowadays women prove themselves bold enough of being capable to join army in all departments. In different countries, women warriors are playing vital roles for their respective countries.

These ladies are not tough and energetic, but also brilliant. In many branches they are providing their services in excellent way. These are beautiful and charming fighters who are proving that they can do anything for their country. We have organized a list of countries who have chic and graceful women as a party of their army.

Top 10 Countries with Prettiest Uniform Girls

#10- Pakistan Army

Pakistani army has the most brave female soldiers. They are pretty, graceful and have impressive personality. They know how to fight with their enemy and how to maintain their modesty. Pakistan is the only Islamic country having women soldiers in their army.

female soldier (1)


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#9- Norwegian Army

Norway army is consist of ten percent female soldiers. Their beautiful and charming women are contributing very much for their homeland.

female soldier (2)


#8- U.S Army

Women in US army were served from 1775. And now in this modern world they are on different ranks with determination and boldness. U.S army has really confident, intelligent and awesome females representing their country. In 2012 14% of US military is consists of women. Over 165,000 ladies are active in defense force while 35,000 are serving as officers.

female soldier (3)


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#7- Swedish Army

Swedish female army ladies are really gorgeous and good looking. These magnificent women were allowed to join army in 1989. Now they are fully integrated in all branches included combat. That’s really impressive but, still 5% of army consisting of women.

female soldier (4)


#6- Czech Republic Army

Czech Republic did not permit their women to participate in army, but this is story of ancient times. In this modern and liberal world they are fully performing their duties as they are capable to serve their country in a adorable way. These ladies are smart,beautiful as well as patriotic and playing their role for their country.

female soldier (5)


#5- Chinese Army

China has included their cute and intelligent women in all departments of army. These charming warriors are also part of  second artillery force which is responsible for nuclear and missiles assets.

female soldier (6)


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