The Ultimate Bag Guide:7 Must Have Hand Bags For Every Woman

The Ultimate Bag Guide. Let me put a final touch before going out. Trendy designed dress? Checked! Shiny Silhouettes? Checked! Sparkling jewellery? Checked! Hand Bag? Hand Bag? Well, many of the women often forget to include one of the most important fashion item that is required to complete their final look before going to any occasion. After surfing to many on-line shopping websites and many shopping stores nearby, women get confused what type of hand bags they should own.

What are the Best Handbags Types for Women

Constrain your excitement as we are now taking you to the ride on the way to top trendy seven types of hand bags that every women should have in her closet exclusively for every event.

#07. Work-wear Fashion – Satchel

You have a very important business meeting scheduled on the very next working day of this week and you have not a single minute to roam around shopping stores or to spend hours on surfing online shopping websites filling your carts or you are confused what bag to pick and choose for your workplace. Hold On! We have just got there. Carrying Satchel to your office place will never let you lead down. It gives you a look of not less than a 9 to 5 chic in a sophisticated manner.

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#06. Teenage Needs – Backpack

You have just stepped in your teenage and soon be joining high school and got no clue what type of bag you should having to hold a couple of pens, wallet, a notebook and some make up touch up accessories and in addition you want to be on top of the trendy fashion too. A backpack will be a perfect choice for you giving you a pretty college girl look.

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#05. Travel Wardrobe – Tote

Planning a road side trip or going to have a night out with your friend soon? Don’t forget to take your Tote with you. Tote, a classic timeless fashion piece will never ever go out of style. Furthermore, it’s big size will give you ample space to keep all your belongings in one place conveniently.

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#04. Personal Style Statement – Clutch

Fashion fades but style remains evergreen. Want to be eye catchy or make a head turning appearance? Opt for a neutral dark shade clutch.

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#03. For Date Night Dinners – Long Body Chained Purse

Aren’t the candle night dinners most romantic event of the world? For a perfect dream girl look, Long body chained purse will be just an ideal choice for you to keep your cell phone and other essential make up accessories.

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#02.  Street Style Trends – Cross Body Bags

Going out for a lunch? Cross body bags are grab-and-go kind of bags one can choose for themselves. Usually cross body bags have many internal zips and sections in which you can throw your important belongings and can walk along the streets free handedly.

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#01. The Royal Touch – Evening Velvet Purse

Extravagant occasions expect you to look extra ordinary too. Sleek velvet bag will add a glint of royal touch to your overall look making you feel more confident and happy about yourself.

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