20 Sad Pictures and Wallpapers of Sadness for Girls

Sad wallpapers to help express your sadness. Are you going through a tough phase of life? It will go away surely but for now, a sad wall-paper may help you express yourself in a better way. Whether you are having a complicated relationship, going through a rough break-up or just feeling lonely, these pictures will surely find a connection with you. So scroll down to see some beautiful but sad pictures and wall-papers, with quotes that come straight from a sad girl’s broken heart.

Before you continue to read on, here’s a heads up, the pictures ahead may be upsetting for some people as they are depiction of girls going through some of the worst phases of their lives. While some of you might find these pictures pointless, others may find them to be more meaningful than anything else. If you are one of those who can relate to these images, then we hope that you find your joy and comfort soon.

#20- A Broken Heartpictures of sadness for girls (1)


#19- The Unfairness of Lifepictures of sadness for girls (2)

#18- Sad and Broken Girl Wallpaper

If you are here and feel confused, wondering why a girl would need these pictures, let us answer your concerns. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, they are the powerful images which can touch one’s soul even when words fail to do so. When a girl is sad, she often looks for meaning in the smallest and simplest of things. While these pictures might be meaningless to someone, to others, they may make someone’s day by helping them relate and realize that they are not alone.   pictures of sadness for girls (3) #17- Still Thinking about Youpictures of sadness for girls (4)#16- The Power of Music pictures of sadness for girls (5)

#15- Lost and Alone

pictures of sadness for girls (6)

We hop that looking at these sad wallpapers has made you understand that you are not alone. There is not a single girl in the world who hasn’t experienced sadness, depression or loneliness. We have all cried tears of joy as well as tears of sorrow. We all fall in love, love that makes us happy and love that makes us sad. We have all had days when we did not wish to live any more but we must be brave enough to face these tough times and continue to fight for our happy place.

#14- Alone Foreverpictures of sadness for girls (7)#13- Music makes the Pain Fade pictures of sadness for girls (8) #12- Sad Girl on a Lonely Road Wallpaperpictures of sadness for girls (9)


#11- Disappointedpictures of sadness for girls (10)

 #10- Love is Hardpictures of sadness for girls (11) #9- Used to the Sadnesspictures of sadness for girls (12) #8- Love Hurtspictures of sadness for girls (13)


 #7- The Realizationpictures of sadness for girls (14) #6- Pretending to be Happypictures of sadness for girls (15) #5- Tried so Hardpictures of sadness for girls (16)


 #4- Saying the Last Goodbyepictures of sadness for girls (17) #3- Only if Someone Could Understand

Do you feel like no one understands you? Trust me, we have all been there but I also know that this doesn’t make you feel better. It still makes you want to cry, right? Thinking of the past, of what you had and what you could have had? Of course it does, so go ahead and cry. Yes, it is ok to cry so cry it all out, cry till you have no no more tears left in you and then make a fresh start. Feel the relief that crying gave you and do it to make a difference. Spend time with those who are still there with you, your friends, your family and you’ll see that life is not too bad after all.

pictures of sadness for girls (18) #2- Giving Uppictures of sadness for girls (19) #1- Hopelesspictures of sadness for girls (20)

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