20 Most Beautiful Indian Politicians of All Time

Most Beautiful Indian Politicians. Here is an aspiring list of the most sexy female politicians in India who have made their deep recognition by not only their incomparable work in the politics, but also through how they choose to carry themselves; hint, it’s amazing, because these ladies have been ranked in the list of the most beautiful politicians in the history of India.

So, we want you to have a look and get to know these classy politicians a bit better. Take a glance at these top 10 and enjoy!

Hottest Indian Women Politicians


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#10 – Alka Lamba

Alka Lamba has made her mark quite strong enough as she happens to be the powerful politician of the Indian Aam Aadmi Party. She has also served as the president of the Delhi University Student Union and also has served as an impactful national leader of the National students union of India. She also happens to be the strong persona behind “Go India Foundation”.



#9 – Dimple Yadav

Dimple Yadav, along with being a classic and attractive face of India, is the Indian politician of the Samajwadi Party of the Indian parliament. She also happens to be the chief minister if Uttar Pradesh.



#8 – Harsimrat Kaur Badal

The classy and composed, none other than Kaur has glorified Indian politics ever since she has stepped in. She is the Union Cabinet Minister in the Food Processing in the Government of India. She also serves as a current member of the Parliament from Bathinda. Do have a look at 20 Most Beautiful Female Actors In The World



#7 – Jyoti Mirdha

The cool, gorgeous and workaholic Jyoti Mirdha is an inspiring politician from India, born in 1972. She was profoundly elected as the Congress Party Candidate. Along with maintaining a strong political career for herself and the people she serves, she has managed to carry herself equal well too and looks as gorgeous as ever.

She is known to have had created a very strong impact on several issues as the member of the parliament, especially on issues related to the welfare of health and family, as she believes in equal rights and living conditions for all strata of the society.



#6 – Nikki Haley

An Indian-American lady, who made India proud by becoming the first woman to serve as the Governor of South Carolina. Don’t miss out Top 10 Disabled Female Models From World You Must Know



#5 – Priyanka Gandhi

The nicest looking politician we know or Priyanka Gandhi as you may say, is quite a very popular figure in the constituency, and has never backed down due to any political obstacles and has continued to make her mark. In the general elections of Indian in 2004, she served as her mother’s campaign manager and proved her political skills to the core.



#4 – Priya Dutt Roncon

The professional and remarkable Priya Dutt is an Indian politician and she happens to be the lady who was elected for the first time in the 14th Lok Sabha from Mumbai. She has a strong role in a constituency and flawlessly represented the Mumbai North Central constituency.



#3 – Ramya Aka Divya



#2 – Shazia Ilmi



#1 – Shruti Choudhary

The stunner Shruti Choudhary is a famous Indian national congress politician. Being a strong supporter of women’s rights in India, she served in several committees for the agriculture and empowerment of women.




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