The Lowdown on Trans-seasonal Dressing

Does the change of the seasons fill you with dread? It’s easy to make fashion missteps as spring gives way to summer, and the warmer weather fades into fall, but always looking your best is simpler than you think. Need some tips on navigating trans-seasonal dressing? We’ve got you covered.

The Lowdown on Trans-seasonal Dressing

1. Elevate Your Outerwear

Remember that outerwear needs to see you through from the end of summer until winter. A lightweight trench will make a versatile addition to your collection, allowing you to make a style statement while you brace against the elements.

If you want something you can wear regularly, go with neutral colours and classic silhouettes that can be paired with everything from casual outfits to elegant evening ensembles. Spending a premium on outerwear is also a good idea if you want something that will serve you well for years to come, so don’t be afraid of biting the bullet and going for a label. The Max Mara selection has some standout trans-seasonal pieces, with the iconic wrap coat making a welcome addition to any wardrobe.

2. Oversized Shirts Are In

Oversized shirts are another staple that belongs in every trans-seasonal wardrobe. Stick to simple layering with subtle neutrals over plain tees, or add colour to autumnal outfits with vibrant stripes and all-over prints. Stick to breathable cotton if the weather’s still on the balmy side, wearing your shirts undone or around the waist. For an elegant upgrade, reach for sheer fabrics like silk or chiffon.

3. Invest in Designer Denim

High-quality denim is a cornerstone of any casual wardrobe. When the weather turns, you’ll want to stick to insulating skinnies to keep the cold at bay. For everyday wear, a faded light-blue wash is hard to beat but go with classic black and dark denim for more sophisticated outfits.

4. Flats Are Your Best Friend

With summer on the wane, the allure of knee-high boots and spear-heeled stilettos can be hard to resist. However, you’ll be much better served by a pair of trusty flats. A good pair of ballet flats will see you through summer, well into the end of autumn. If you want an easy-to-wear evening staple, add a pair of satin slingbacks.

5. Trans-seasonal Colour Trends

Assembling the right colour palette is crucial, whatever the season. Make sure your wardrobe is rich in black basics and timeless white garments, with plenty of neutrals that can be incorporated into all manner of everyday looks. However, nothing is stopping you from playing around with the rest of the colour wheel. Once spring is in the air, bring out lighter tones. With summer in full swing, it’s time for vibrant florals, zesty citrus shades, and verdant greens. When autumn arrives, it’s time to dial things down a notch with a more muted palette.

Dressing Made Simple

To make life easy, start by assembling a trans-seasonal capsule collection stocked with evergreen essentials. Tired of building your outfits from the same boring base layers? Forget about plain tees and take a punt on oversized shirts and semi-tailored pieces instead. A pair of designer skinnies will see you through the entire year. Finally, while you’ll want to stick to neutral colours when singling out your core pieces, don’t be afraid to add colour to your outfits as the seasons change.

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