Pear Shape Body Outfits-18 Fashion Tips for Pear Shape Ladies

Pear Shape Body Outfit Ideas. A perfect figure to die for is the dream of every young girl. A perfect figure is not something standardized, but the human body has many shapes, and all of them can be called perfect. One of the body figure types is the “Pear-shaped body”.

As its name implies, pear-shaped bodies look like a pear. If you have discovered yourself as a pear-shaped woman, then we have some fashion tips listed down for you.

How to Dress Up if You Have a Pear Shaped Body

Give it a good read to know how to look flattering in dresses that look best on a pear-shaped body. Here are some amazing things you must have if you have a pear-shaped figure and wonder what outfit would look best on it.

Ultimate Styling Guide for Pear Body Shaped Ladies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s a Pear Shaped Body?

Women with pear-shaped bodies have a wider waist than their bust. Such body shapes also have fuller hips and narrower shoulders in comparison to hips. Besides, the pear-shaped body has a fuller rear overall.

  • What is the difference between an hourglass and a pear-shaped body?

Typically, an hourglass body type has hips and busts of nearly the same width. However, a pear-shaped body type tends to have a narrower bust as compared to hips.

  • Do jumpsuits look good on a pear-shaped body?

The pear-shaped body can wear jumpsuits as well. If you want to create a flattering look by accentuating the upper body, you should go for off-the-shoulder style in jumpsuits.

  • What pear-shaped body should wear?

Considering the best dresses for a pear-shaped body, they can wear A-line, flare, or even fit skirts that look flattering on them. Similarly, wrap dresses can be best for women with pear shape body type as these dresses cinch in at their waist to create a slim silhouette.

  • Is the pear-shaped body attractive?

Needless to say, women having pear-shaped bodies are quite attractive. Pear-shaped bodies grab attention due to thick hips and small waists. Since the pear-shaped body’s balance is slightly off, the beholders’ eyes settle on larger assets of your body. Many famous celebrities have pear-shaped body types such as Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Fameflynet, and many more.

  • Do jeans look good on a pear-shaped body?

The pear-shaped body has one unique advantage of looking best in every pair of jeans that they wear.  Jeans with dainty tops look even prettier as they have narrower shoulders. Women with a pear-shaped body can also flatter their curviest part by wearing straight, slim-straight, high-waisted, and bootcut jeans.

  • What are the best pants for a pear-shaped body?

The best pants for a pear-shaped body that can help balance out your figure include bootcut style, high-waisted, flat-front, slim, and straight pants. Any curve-skimming style in the stretchable fabric will look good on a pear-shaped body.

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Pear Body Shaped Styling Guide


Some Do’s for Pear-Shaped Body

  • Well, women with pear-shaped bodies should look for tops featuring a fitted waist.
  • Necklines that accentuate their chest and shoulder like boat neck, V-neck, off-the-shoulder, or scoop neckline dresses can be the best option for them.
  • Bold patterns on bright color tops along with some dark-colored bottoms will look good on pear-shaped women.
  • Women with pear-shaped body will also look classy in wrap shirts as they highlight their small waist.
  • Wearing layers on the upper half of the body and accessories like scarves, necklaces, can be a good option too.

↓ 18 – Which Neckline Looks Best on a Pear Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, different types of necklines can work. However, if you want to create a width across your shoulders in order to balance out your wider hips, you should look out for Bardot styles and boat necks. Similarly, a low cut neckline is found to be most appropriate for pear-shaped women. The reason is low cut neckline usually helps to bring your face more in focus rather than your heavy bottoms.

Pear Body Outfits


↓ 17 – Wear Wide Collared Dress

Big collars, ruffles, and lace trims are best known for adding volume to the upper body. Since a pear-shaped body has a narrower waist, wide collars can balance your silhouette with your wider hips. Therefore, wide collars can be a win-win strategy to make one’s neckline appear wider and bold giving you more confidence.

big collar dress for pear shaped body


↓ 16 – Avoid Tight Fitted Shirts

Since the pear-shaped body is heavier at the bottom, it creates an imbalance with the body’s upper half. To address this imbalance, you should focus on your upper body to define your waist. Avoid wearing too tight shirts and too baggy shirts to deemphasize the thighs and hips. Long loose shirts will give you a more decent look rather than a skin-tight shirt or skin-tight faded jeans ending at your waistline.

pear shaped body outfit

↓ 15 – Coats for Pear Shaped Girls

Do you want to wear flattering coats to keep yourself stylish as well as warm this winter? If you have a pear-shaped body and are looking for a coat that best suits your unique body shape, we will suggest you the same as we suggested for your shirts, the same will go for the coats. Short coats is a big NO for pear-shaped women. More appropriate will be long loose coats to draw attention away from your waist and heavy hip area.

pear-shaped body outfit

In contrast to puffer jackets and straight pea coats, pear-shaped women should wear fit and flare coats so that they can move freely with ease. Some flattering coats with buttons or ties can be a good option.  Also, coats with a voluminous fur neckline will help you create an hourglass illusion, and you can balance out the volume of your flared skirt. Knee-length coat and by belting coat, you can accentuate your small waist.

fur coat

↓ 14 – Chic Skirts for Pear Shaped Ladies

More than a perfect type of skirt for pear-shaped women like you will be an A-line skirt. This will make your waist look thinner and apparently giving you a smarter look all over. A-line skirts will skim your body, helping you to deemphasize the bottom.

You can also wear skirts with ruffles and skirts embellished with beading at the bottom hem. These skirt styles will help you draw attention to your curvy bottom without having the need to add bulk to your broad hips.

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Best Skirts for Pear Shaped Ladies


↓ 13 – Jeans Styling Ideas

If you have a pear-shaped body, finding jeans that fit well and don’t gaze at the back of your waistband can be a grave challenge. Jean’s mantra for pear-shaped bodied women will be dark flared bottom jeans. Boot-cut jeans is yet another workable option for pear-shaped women.

jeans for pear-shaped body

Avoid tight, faded colored jeans because it will make everybody’s attention drawn to the hips and thigh area. Choose belts that loosely fit on your waist. Tight belts will give a more prominent look to your heavy bottom. You can also go for jeans with a high rise as these jeans have a curved waist and can fit your waist best. Another benefit of wearing high rise jeans is that they can lengthen your legs.

Pear Body Outfits


↓ 12 – The Right Accessories

Pear-shaped women are advised to accessorize their top part with the right accessories, such as necklaces and scarves. Give yourself a bright and fresh look by using a perfect balance among accessories like necklaces, earrings, headscarves, but please don’t over-do everything; otherwise, it will be tacky looking more. You can wear long rod-shaped earrings or small pearl-shaped studs as it is anytime evergreen jewelry fashion.

pear shaped body

If you want to draw the attention away from your thighs and hips, you can also wear colorful scarves, statement hats, necklaces, waist belts, and high boots that will look good on you.

↓ 11 – Wear Swag Shoes

Pear-shaped girls should work toward finding footwear that works best for their unique physique by creating the right balance every time. One of the main issues for pear-shaped girls is to create a balance between their lower body curves with a thinner upper body without appearing to have wider hips and short legs.

Pointy tip heel is everyday fashion that gives a chic swag look complimenting your whole wardrobe. High heels like pencil heels are a big no, and they will not be much comfortable too. Additionally, pear-shaped girls can wear flats, boots, pumps, and sandals too. All they need to worry about is what exactly suits them. For instance, they can wear flats with pointy-toes, and the flats with a longer end will give the right balance compared to flats with round-toes. Do not wear any boots that visually cut your leg’s length; rather, you should stick to knee-high or thigh-high boots.

footwear for pear shaped body

↓ 10 – Best Bags To Carry

Pear-shaped girls can hide their wider hips with the right bag style. For all pear-shaped women having heavy bottoms, bags featuring shorter handles are perfect for you. These bags will cling under your shoulders, giving them a broader look. Or you can also hold it either in your hand or wrist that will give your look enhanced visibility. Side bags or sling bags are NOT for pear-shaped women, do not ever buy them to bring more attention to your heavy bottoms.

bags for pear-shaped women

Always carry solid colored bags like red, black, brown, or royal blue. As far as types of bags are concerned, you can carry oversized bags as well as clutches and long purses too that will add more glint to your charming look.

↓ 9 – Tunic Tops are a Win-Win

Outfits like tunic tops can be a win-win situation for girls with a pear-shaped body. However, you should wear a tunic top as long as it fits your silhouette properly. If any tunic dress is clinging to your hips or belly, it’s a big NO then!

Tunic tops that fit your figure properly will give you an elongating line while masking everything underneath. Tunics can enhance your arms and the whole upper body while making you appear leaner and taller simultaneously.

tunic top for pear shaped body

↓ 8 – Strapless Styled Dresses

If you want to flatter your pear-shaped body, you will need to highlight your natural waistline. Women with pear-shaped body look gorgeous in any dress that draws attention to their upper body. A strapless dress will also look good on your slender upper part as this style suits slender arms. If you prefer wearing a strapless dress, do not forget to accessorize your neck with a necklace that will look like a statement piece, highlight your arms and shoulders. This strapless dress with the right accessories will catch attention towards your upper torso.

strapless gown for pear shaped women

Pear Body Outfit Ideas



↓ 7 – Tea-Length Wedding Gown

If you are going to marry this year and if you are just worried about which gown will look good on your pear-shaped body, you should wear a tea-length gown. You can assume it as the shorter version of an A-line dress and what’s more interesting, you can wear this gown as your casual outfit in summers too. Due to the fullness of the skirt, your thighs and hips will disguise, giving you a flattering look.

pear shaped body wedding gown

↓ 6 – Flare Pants for Pear-Shaped Body

Flare pants are retro classic and look ridiculously feminine, cool, and classy. All the way from the 70s, flare pants are now back again in vogue having a higher style quotient.

Flare or wider pants accentuate the body curves giving your legs long and lean appearance. Pear-shaped women should go for pants that are form-fitting around their thighs and butt. This type of pant style will create a flattering look and the large the flare of the pant, the better it looks balancing out your proportions so that your body appears slenderer and legs longer.

flare pants


↓ 5 – Striped Dresses for Pear-Shaped Women

Tops featuring horizontal stripes are the best option for pear-shaped bodies. Thicker horizontal stripes balance out the volume on lower half while creating volume on the torso. If you are looking for striped bottoms, you should go for vertical stripes that will help elongate your legs. Vertical stripes on your bottom half will make your hips look leaner.

striped dress for pear shaped

↓ 4 – Off the Shoulder Outfit 

Off-the-shoulder tops are better for pear-shaped women as they draw attention to the upper half of the body while distracting from your wider bottom. Also, the neckline gives your neck a horizontal line and thereby balancing out your narrow shoulder.

outfit for pear-shaped ladies

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↓ 3 – Empire Waist Line Dresses

Another best dress for the pear-shaped body is the dress with an empire waistline. This dress will draw attention towards your slender waist as the waistline in this dress is high and is placed right below your bust line.

empire waist line dress

↓ 2 – Jackets to Wear This Winter

Women with a pear-shaped body should create a balanced silhouette by adding some bulk to their upper half of the body while keeping their bottom half sleek. This winter, you should go for bomber jackets as they are not going out of trend anytime soon. Bomber jackets will look great on jeans helping you create a flattering look even in winters.

jacket for pear shaped women

↓ 1 – Bell Sleeves 

 FashiStyling Tips for Pear Shaped Ladies

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