Tattoos for Skinny Girls – 30 Tattoo Designs for Slim Girls

Skinny Girls with Tattoos. A tattoo is self-explanatory, it reflects the personality of a person, their beliefs and their values. Certainly, it depicts the whole character of that specific person. The fashion of having a tattoo is considered a style statement these days, specifically, skinny girls are slaying the ample styles of tattoo designs like a pro. There are multiple parts of the body where tattoos can be made. It all depends on your own choice. From face to neck to chest and stomach to hands and legs, each part can be tattooed with a wide variety of designs.

Here we will list down some significant and unique tattoos that are symbolic, decorative and pictorial.

Best Tattoo Designs For Skinny Girls

Each of the tattoos has its own particularity that is meaningful yet freakish.

Tattoos for skinny girls

Things To Decide Before Getting a Tattoo

Basically, it is a method to design or modify your body by engraving the ink or dye deep into the skin of your body to have a permanent kind of body art via tattoo machine or people get them manually too. It could be a painful procedure but it’s worth getting them on your skin and flaunting it.

A tattoo enthusiast should think seriously before engraving any design into their skin. So, a common question arises in one’s mind as to what kind of a tattoo should be made? Well, There is a variety of style and designs of tattoos that can be created for skinny girls. But, they should decide the following points before having the masterpiece on their body. Firstly, should it be revealing or should it be at a place which can be hidden too? Because girls are often not allowed to have them at their workplaces or schools. Secondly, the color of the tattoo, like some prefer black and white and others choose the colorful ink. Further, one should decide the size of the tattoo. Whether you want the bigger one or the smaller one. Then the place like which part of the body would you prefer to have an amazing and unique tattoo. And last but not the least question. The design! That’s one of the major decision.

Different Designs and Types Of Tattoo

Each type of tattoo demonstrates a very influential and powerful meaning. Like one doesn’t need to explain the specific tattoo that has been inked.  The type of tattoos includes traditional tattoos, realistic tattoos, quotation tattoos, watercolor tattoos, tribal tattoos, symbolic tattoos and many more. They are inspirational and everlasting.

Choosing the specific design of a tattoo is quite a tough decision. Although There are a number of tattoos that skinny girls prefer depending on their personalities, like some desires to have bold and big tattoos like skull tattoo, goth style tattoos, scary tattoos while others want to keep them sophisticated, refined and small which normally includes floral tattoos, bird tattoos, love tattoos, and the list goes on. You should also check out our earlier post on Outfits for Skinny Girls & What to Wear If You’re Skinny.

↓ 30 – Abstract Arm Tattoo

Looking for something bold and illustrative? Then these utterly abstract tattoos with a hidden turtle on it is a great choice for skinny girls to show off their funky hands.


↓ 29 – Sexy Stomach Tattoos

The sexy tattoos on the stomach look amazingly sensuous and flirty. These tattoos will make you flaunt your belly button when one is wearing a sports bra shirt. To make it look even more winning, go for the wavy arm tattoo with it.


↓ 28 – Spinal Floral Tattoo

Floral Spinal tattoos look absolutely fascinating when the skinny girls choose the backless attires. This lotus flower shows the symbol of love, human nature, and purity. Celebrities love to flaunt these back tattoos while wearing the gorgeous backless gowns for a red carpet look.

back tattoo


↓ 27 – Artistic Leg Tattoo

The best way to show off your gorgeous tattoo is to have them on your skinny legs. It’s one of the most spacious parts of the body and one has got a chance to implement a wide variety of design. They could be prominent and noticeable. Hence leg tattoos can be bold, artistic, creative and imaginative with symbols, messages, and images.

Full leg tattoo


↓ 26 – Cute Butterfly Tatoo

For the love of nature, the most adorable and delicate butterfly tattoos are always in, they enhance the beauty and elegance of a woman. The symbol also represents faith, freedom, and transformation. This looks effortlessly chic and stylish when made on the side of a neck.

butterfly tattoo


↓ 25 – Lion Tattoo on Thighs

Why go for the lion tattoos? Well, this definitely gives you the royal and the regal feel. Lion tattoos on legs could be appealing yet give the sleekish look.

lion tattoo


↓ 24 – Rosy Ankle Tattoo

The rosy tattoos on ankles always look nice and sophisticated. For the girls who don’t want the big tattoos, these are a perfect choice for them. The subtle and delicate glimpse of ankles is something to be cherished on!

Ankle tattoo


↓ 23 – Quotational Tattoo

Quotational tattoos are always the inspiring once, they are thought-provoking and motivational yet looks extremely classical and elegant. Skinny girls with a beautiful collar bone would love to have such tattoos on shoulders, which can easily be revealed while wearing off the shoulder tops.


↓ 22 – Bird Tattoos on Hand

Bird Tattoos on hands shows the symbol of love, peace, prosperity, and freedom. and all these things have a special connection with girls. Fly like a bird and enhance the beauty of your hands with these adorable tattoos.

bird tattoo


↓ 21 – Behind the Ear Tattoo

A tattoo behind the ear is quite a distinct place to engrave, but it looks unique and different position to rock your tattoo. For those girls who aren’t allowed to have them at their workplaces, can definitely try this behind the ear tattoo by untieing the hairs.

behind the ear tattoo


↓ 20 – Colorful Back Tattoo

Colorful tattoos are always happening once, and certainly, make your tattoo to look even more appealing and cool. This back tattoo is all about nature and life. The trees, the birds, the sky, the flower. Each of the element speaks about bringing life and gives glory to the design.

back colorful tattoo


↓ 20 – Henna-Style Tattoo

It’s always fun to try different types of tattoos on your body. Henna style tattoos have their own traditional value and they look gorgeous when made on hands. It symbolizes joy, beauty, and, prosperity.

henna style tattoo


↓ 19 – Snake Tattoos

Snake Tattoos are definitely the most iconic and classical tattoos. Although they are not the mainstream tattoos for the skinny girls still they represent many powerful things and provoke strong feelings.

snake tattoo


↓ 18 – Owl Tattoos

Owl Tattoos may seem bold, brave and courageous but they actually signify the sense of protection, wisdom, and knowledge.

owl tattoo


↓ 17 – Name Tattoo

A name tattoo is a nice option when showing a gesture for someone or paying tribute to your loved one. There are a number of style and fonts that one can select while carving a tattoo.

name tattoo


↓ 16 – Twin Shoulder Tattoos

The beautiful shoulder tattoos can definitely turn heads towards you.  The look regal and magnificent and a perfect choice to show off and expose your tattoos. So be daring and enjoy the party like a dive!

shoulder tattoo


↓ 15 – Portrait Tattoos

Portrait tattoo can blow one’s mind with its artistic appearance, as they are inked in a perfectly realistic way. They can be of any type and in a number of styles at any suitable part of your body. Moreover one can show the intensity of love and affection for the person one admires or honors via these portrait tattoos. Indeed, these portraits tattoos speak themselves.

portrait tattoo


↓ 14- Knuckle Tattoo

Knuckles have although less space to depict any big tattoo but still, there are endless amazing ideas to have a tattoo on your knuckles. They could be symbols, names, portraits or any powerful or positive message. The message with different bold fonts could be a little bit harder to read but its always fun to guess what’s written on your knuckles.

Knuckle tattoo


↓ 13 – Colar Bone Tattoo

The best way to highlight your clavicle is to have a tattoo on a collar bone. It looks extremely flattering and elegant. The collar bone tattoo could be at one side or at both sides. You can easily get someone’s attention with different types of tattoo at your collarbones.

collar bone tattoo


↓ 12 – Elephant Tattoo

An elephant is one of the strongest animals. Likewise, An elephant tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos among skinny girls. There are many different meanings related to this animal but mostly It symbolizes strength, nature, attitude, and prosperity. The majestic elephant tattoo looks incredible when made on thighs.

elephant tattoo


↓ 11 – Feet Tattoo

Feet Tattoo is another nice place to have a tattoo on. For the high school skinny girls, It can be easily shown and at the same time can be hidden with socks if one is not allowed to have them. The feet tattoo can be of any abstract floral design or style that fascinates others.

feet tattoo


↓ 10 – Face Tattoo

One definitely needs courage and endurance to have a tattoo on your face, as there will be no way to hide it. They look bold, adventurous and daring. A face tattoo can look classy and creepy at the same time.

face tattoo


↓ 9 – Back Eagle Tattoo

Eagle, being one of the most dominant and strong bird beholds powerful meaning. This beautiful bird with wide open wings represents growth, health, and authority. Skinny Girls prefer these eagles tattoos on their back that can be exposed wearing a backless top. Hence, eagle tattoos are very inspirational and always leave an impressive image.

eagle tattoo


↓ 8 – Neck to Chest Body Tattoo

Chest and neck tattoos are one of the boldest ones. If one is willing to show off the body without any hesitation then chest and neck tattoos are totally their thing. You have got a large space to have different styles and design of tattoos on your body.

neck to chest tattoo


↓ 7 – Full Arm Tattoo

Having a larger surface area, full arm tattoo could be another good choice for those who want to paint an entire design or theme on their hands with all the little details. This fascinating tattoo on sleeves with a peacock is a masterpiece design that says so much in itself. Furthermore, it has a floral design too that looks equally cool on a full arm.

full arm tattoo


↓ 6 – Tatoo with a Cartoon Character

For the love of cartoons and cartoon characters, people nowadays get their favorite character inked as tattoos. Since childhood, these characters have a special place in our heart and we get really attached to them. So, having a cartoon tattoo can be mesmerizing and nostalgic with so many childhood memories.

cartoon tattoo


↓ 5 – Side Leg Tatoo

Tattoos, when made on side of legs, can look extremely sexy on skinny girls. You have more space for the specific tattoo that needs to be drawn and more chance to flaunt skinny legs. The droplets effect has its own beauty when made on the side of the thighs.

side leg thigh


↓ 4 –  Skull Rose Tattoo

Skull Rose Tattoo is one of the most famous and popular tattoos among skinny girls which looks wild at its first sight. Basically, this tattoo seems horrifying as it has a skull drawn on it but when the tattoo is made in combination with a flower which is the most loving thing about nature, it depicts about a beautiful life as well as about an unfortunate death part. Hence, it symbolizes both about beauty or decay.

skull rose tattoo


↓ 3 – Deep Eye Tattoo

Deep Eye tattoos are very intense and look utterly natural. The emotions and feelings that this eye tattoo exhibit is such an amazing piece of artwork. The detailed work on it not only looks real but also seems very thoughtful.

deep eye tattoo


↓ 2 – Feather tattoo

Feather tattoo can be inked on any part of the body, it says about freedom and liberty. Usually, people prefer peacock feather as a tattoo.

feather tattoo for skinny girls


↓ 1 – Half Body Tattoo

Half body tattoos seem very daring and courageous where half of your body is completely covered with various tattoos, they could be floral, abstract art, a message, symbols, portraits and what not. A lot of options and designs can be picked to reveal the tattoos on an overall skinny body.

tattoo for skinny girls


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