Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan

Natural Mehndi Brands-The age-old tradition of natural mehndi art historically, decade after decade, century after century, helped to decorate hands, feet, arms, legs, dye hair, and even for its cooling properties! Henna, or as we like to call it here in South Asia-Mehndi, is a beautiful red dye and has a lot of cultural significance. Whether it’s for brides or the bridesmaids at wedding ceremonies, Eids or special occasions, or maybe just casual fun, the art of applying mehndi never goes out of style. Not only does it enrich your skin with a beautiful color, but you also have the option to choose from countless designs to find that suits you best!

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that as the art becomes more and more popular, many brands with sub-par henna or inorganic henna surface. They can ruin the experience for you. Moreover, their effects can range from being light as a henna stain that’s not dark enough and washes away too quickly to chemical side effects from using artificial and harmful materials. This is why you must use only organic and professionally tested brands. Now, which brands should you go for when choosing where to get henna? Well, in this article, we’ve compiled the top 10 natural mehndi suppliers in Pakistani and their brands!

How to Get A Dark Mehndi Color?

As the saying goes, “The darker your mehndi is, the more your husband will love you.”

Whether you believe in whimsical old sayings and superstitions or not, a dark and vibrant mehndi color is a must! Not only because it makes your hands look much prettier but also because it adds to your outfit. But is the color of our mehndi dependent solely on the brand used? Well, to put it simply, no. There are specific aftercare steps one must follow to get a beautiful stain. Many of us neglect to keep these in mind and then miss out on a truly dark, rich color. So what are these steps? Let’s take a look:

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan

Tips for Using Natural Mehndi

  • Proper Cleaning: Remember to thoroughly clean whatever parts of your body you want to apply the henna. Henna does not adhere to the skin as nicely if there are traces of oils, creams, or lotions, so it should be free of any such residue.
  •  Using Oils: After applying mehndi, take a few drops of eucalyptus oil or mustard oil and rub it gently on your palms to let the henna absorb it.
  • Keep it on for long: This one is a no-brainer, but the longer you have your mehndi, the better the stain will be. The recommended time is at least 4-12 hours. Additionally, Some people even leave it on overnight!
  • Staying Away from water: A common mistake people make which affects the darkness of their henna colour is using water to wash off the stain. This is a massive no-no as water interferes with the stain progression.

↓ 10 – Maria’s Organic Natural Mehndi

First up is Maria’s organic mehndi, a relatively new brand ready to the market. Nevertheless, a great brand to try if you’re looking for an affordable brand to even cater to beginners. In addition to their regular henna cones, they even have nail cones, sealants, and aftercare balms.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price per cone: Regular Cones: 400Rs, Practice Cones: 120 Rs, Nail Cones: 150 Rs. (plus delivery charges of Islamabad and Rawal Rawalpindi depending on the Area and for other cities: 450Rs)

They have 3 basic deals to try from:

  • Basic Deal: Contains 1 henna cone and 1 nail cone together with a sealant for 600Rs
  • Standard Deal: Contains 3 henna cones and 1 nail cone together with a sealant and an aftercare balm or oil(as per choice) for 1500Rs
  • Super Deal: Contains 5 henna cones and 1 nail cone together with a sealant and an aftercare balm or oil(as per choice) for 2400Rs

↓ 9 – Meem Mehndi Natural Henna Suppliers

If you’re looking for a very affordable natural henna supplier with great results, we recommend you check out Meem Mehndi.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


This “Asian online henna contest” certificate winner is perfect for creating intricate designs with lots of details. Some reasons why their henna is distinguished include:

  • Cone tips: Many of their customers have expressed great contentment with their cone tips since they are thin enough to quickly make even the most complicated designs. In addition to that, their fine tips do a fantastic job at making delicate lines and patterns.
  • Prominent color: Their mehndi has reportedly given their customers a very dark and evident stain even without much aftercare.
  • Lasting Color: The natural mehndi of this brand is known to last well over a couple of weeks as well as giving beautiful color to your hands

Price per cone: 360-380Rs (Plus delivery charges depending on the area)

↓ 8 – Mehndi by Midhat

This natural mehndi brand provides mehndi that is 100% organic and free of any chemicals or instant dies that might be harmful to your skin. The stain mature of their natural mehndi takes a while to mature and gets darker after 36-48 hours post removal. They have very detailed information about each of their cones, and their ultra-fine tips have gained the praise of many. Check out facebook their page at Mehndi by Midhat. In addition to that, they have beautiful designs and event-wise inspo for mehndi styles you can try. Midhat, a self-taught henna artist, owns the brand, and they even do henna art for customers on request if you’re in Karachi.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


You can buy 3 cones and get a free aftercare balm.

Each of their cones has a generous amount of mehndi enough for 3-4 full hand designs.

Price per cone: 500Rs (plus delivery charges which are 150-200Rs in Karachi and 250+ for cities other than Karachi)

Cone Details: Each of their cones weighs 25-30 grams and is about 7-8 inches in length. Their ultra-fine tips are as small as 0.38mm.

↓ 7 – Henna By E.M.S-Natural Mehndi Suppliers

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Another brand for getting natural mehndi from is Henna by E.M.S.

Some great features of their mehndi include:

  • No Allergic Reactions: If you have previously used henna from market brands and have had allergic reactions, then this brand is for you!
  • Comfort and Ease: In addition to that, customers’ reviews state that their mehndi is easy to apply and comfortable to wear. Many people these days avoid using mehndi due to its complex application process and irritating feel on the skin. If you find yourself in a similar situation, fear not! With cones from this brand, there is a guarantee that you won’t feel any such discomfort.
  • Pleasant Smell: Moreover, there is no foul smell! Only a lovely exotic eucalyptus fragrance.
  • Nourishing effect on the skin: This mehndi nourishes the skin and gives it a soft feel.
  • No chipping: The colour tends to get darker after the first two-three days then fades naturally over time, unlike chemical mehndi that chips away.

You can even contact them at their Facebook page Henna by E.M.S. They have plenty of beautiful Arabic henna designs for different occasions too!

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price per cone: 450Rs ( Additional delivery charges include 200Rs for Karachi residents and 330-400 for other cities)

They offer a 50Rs discount upon ordering 5 cones. They also sell natural henna powder bags for 400Rs per 100 grams.

Cone Details: Each cone is 5-7 inches and weighs about 30 grams. Their tips are about 0.38mm.

  • 1 of their cones covers 4-6 regular designs
  • 3 cones are enough to cover till midarm length and feet with bridal henna
  • 5 cones can cover till elbows and feet with bridal henna

↓ 6 – Henna Designing By Amber

Henna Designing By Amber is another great Pakistani brand selling natural organic mehndi nationwide. If you require a henna supplier that gives a generous supply for a fantastic price, the Henna by amber is the brand for you! Aside from their amazing quantities, they also have consistent and stringy henna cones.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price per cone: 450Rs ( plus delivery charges 200Rs for Lahore and 250 for other cities)

With an order of 3 cones they give a discount of 50Rs. You can check out their Facebook page at Henna by Amber

↓ 5 – Rangoli By Emm Zee

Next up on our list is Rangoli by Emm Zee. A very established brand with a stable clientele base known for their unique mehndi designs that incorporate artistic elements from different cultures, Rangoli is the brand you’re looking for if you want a beautiful stain even without much aftercare.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price per cone: 550Rs (Plus delivery charges which are 200rs for Karachi and 500rs for other cities)

They even have deals for henna with sealant to help with a darker colour

  • 3 cones + 30ml sealant:1650Rs
  • 5 cones + 30ml sealant:2650Rs
  • 10 cones + 2 30ml sealants + 10gm after care balm: Rs 5350

Cone Details: Each cone is 25-30 grams together with a 0.38mm tip.

↓ 4 – Kolachi Natural Mehndi

This leading Pakistani natural mehndi brand, Kolachi Mehndi, has become a favorite go-to for many. In addition to this, their transparency in their luxury mehndi developing method and consistently positive reviews have earned them many loyal fans. They are very dedicated to providing premium quality natural mehndi to their customers.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


They have two cone options to choose from which include:

  • A classic cone, created keeping the ease of both beginners and professionals alike in mind, is suitable for casual events. Additionally, they give a deep burgundy stain 5-8 hours post-application and even come with easy-to-understand instructions to achieve ideal results. It’s suitable for 4-5 light or three heavy designs.
  • A luxury cone, created for a much deeper and richer cone bringing out the true essence of mehndi, is made from triple sifted premium henna powders. This is what gives the henna a super smooth and easy application. Moreover, its dark stain becomes prominent in just 3-6 hours!
Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Cone Price: Classic Cone: 900Rs per 3 cones( plus delivery), Luxury Cone: 650Rs per cone (plus delivery)

Cone Details: A classic cone is a 6-inch cone with a 0.5mm tip containing 25-30 grams of henna. The difference for a luxury cone is its 0.38mm fine tip allowing a more detailed design.

↓ 3 – Henna Art By Tooba

One more 100% natural, chemical free mehndi brand is Henna by Tooba .

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price per cone: 500Rs (Plus Delivery charges for Khi Rs.200 and for out of city Rs.300-360)

Moreover,they have several deals available for their customers too according to their customers’ needs:

  • 3 cones together with 30ml sealant: 1500Rs
  • 5 cones together with 30ml sealant: 2500Rs
  • 10 cones together with 2 30ml sealants: 5000Rs

Cone Details: Each cone weighs a hefty 30-33 grams.

↓ 2 – Mehndi by Maria

Next up on our list is Mehndi by Maria, a brand that is well known throughout Pakistan for its excellent natural mehndi cones. Some prominent features of their mehndi include:

  • String consistency: The string consistency of their mehndi is also a reason their mehndi is praised because it prevents smudges and smears easily and allows for easy application
  • Good texture: This mehndi brand is also famous for the great texture of their mehndi, which gives it a clean and smooth outlook rather than a grainy and uneven one.
  • Dark Stain: The organic mehndi of this brand leaves a dark and vibrant stain despite the aftercare steps not being meticulously followed.
Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price Per Cone: Large Cone: 550Rs, Small Cone: 400Rs

Cone Details: The large cone is 30 grams while the small cone is 20 grams.

↓ 1 – Sara’s Henna

Finally, top of our list is Sara’s Henna, the best and most natural henna supplying brand in Pakistan. In addition to using triple sifted henna powder in their cones, this mehndi brand also utilizes lemon and sugar. Together with this, they also combine therapeutic-grade essential oils. This is what gives them a lush, string, and creamy paste.

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Price per cone + 10ml sealant: 850Rs (Plus deliver charges of 150Rs in Karachi and 500Rs in other cities)

They have 3 deals

  • Basic henna set: Contains 3 henna cones together with a 10ml sealant for 1950Rs. Suitable for medium-heavy bridal henna on both hands, feet, and arms below elbows
  • Bridal henna set: Contains 5 henna cones together with a 30ml sealant for 3500Rs. Will provide full heavy coverage of bridal henna for hand, feet, and arms till elbows.
  • Premium henna set: Contains 8 henna cones together with a 50ml sealant for 4500Rs. Great for an entire bridal party, including the bride and up to 5 friends.

Cone Details: Each cone 5-6 inches with a 0.38mm tip and weighs 25 grams. One of their cones can easily give coverage till mid-arm length for 2 designs.

Styles to Try with Natural Mehndi

If you’re looking for new styles to try for an upcoming function, then you’re in luck! Here are some of the most popular designs you can try the next time you apply henna. Also, check out Heart Shaped Mehndi Designs- 20 Simple Henna Heart Designs.

Classic Mandalas

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan



Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan



Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Asymmetrical Designs

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Figure Work

Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan



Natural Mehendi-Top 10 Natural Mehndi Brands in Pakistan


Frequently Asked Questions About Natural Mehndi

Q. Why use natural Mehndi?

A. Chemical mehndi has been known to cause a lot of damage to the skin. Many people end up having allergic reactions and even burns on their skin after it comes into contact with chemical mehndi. On the other hand, Natural mehndi is 100% chemical free and will guarantee no reaction against your skin. Another great reason is that sometimes ablution is nullified while one is wearing chemical mehndi but no such problem occurs for natural mehndi

Q. How do you darken your mehndi stain?

A. To darken your mehndi stain use the tips and tricks we’ve listed and scroll up! In addition to that, you can also use a lemon sugar paste or a sealant and an aftercare balm.


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