Short Nail Designs – 25 Cute Nail Art Ideas for Short Nails

Cute Short Nail Art Designs: Long nails are an old fashion now while short nails are very easy to handle and look pretty as well. Your hands are most important part of the body and it has a lot impact on the whole personality. Mostly women suffer the problem of not having long nails due to many reasons but they always wish to have pretty hands with well-done nails. Nails give a beautiful look to your hands. Nail art is very much in and trendy nowadays even for short nails one could have many kinds of manicures.

Easiest and Beautiful Ideas for Short Nail Art

Making art design on nails is not much difficult and without heading to parlor one can do it by their own self. Now many tools and special nail paints are available in the market as well. The Foremost thing before doing nail art, get a good manicure or try some homemade recipes for keeping your hands clean and soft. After pampering your hands, get the nail color which suits best on your hands.

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What you need for Nail Art?

  • Basic Nail Colors
  • Tapes
  • Sponge
  • Toothpick or bobby pin (If you do not want to spend money on tools)
  • Glittery Nail Polishes
  • Base Coat and Top Coat
  • Matt Nail Polish Spray ( or in that case same color eyeshadow could also give your nails a matt finish)
  • Metallic Nail Colors ( For creative designs)
  • Studs, diamontes and other accessories can give your nail designs bold look. So grab such stuff
  • When in doubt and want to wear the specially designed manicure for longer, choose white and black or red nail colors combos. They can match or contrast with any dress.
  • Soft or nude nail colors are also very popular now

Points to Ponder

  • Always buffer and shape your nails first before applying nail polish
  • Keep nails clean and after removing old nail color go for the new color
  • Have patience and let nail polish dry first, then proceed with the design
  • Nail Art designs looks good on neat hands, so wash and scrub your hands and later on moisturize them. This will make your hands look pretty after designing is done.

#25- Trendy Glittery Nail Art

Try something very decorative and appealing, especially for a party look. Glitter nails are a good idea in that case. It looks versatile and a lot of polishes available in this style, you have the choice to make creative designs in this kind.



#24- Yin Yang Nail Design for Short Nails

This black and white short nail art is quite famous. It looks classy and cute as well.



#23- Fashionable 3D Manicure

Golden details and design interpretations do look great when implemented correctly. 3D patterns with mini beads and meticulously elaborated textures then the effect is really incomparable.


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#22- Spring Art for Cute Hands

Spring colors look beautiful and if you keep manicure lighter and floral it enhances hands’ beauty as well.



#21- Minimalist Nail Design

This design looks very cool and chic, women of all age love and wear it. Just with the help of tape you can make this design on short nails by adding colors of your choice.



#20- Dalmation Print for Short Nails

We all love cartoons, and drawing your favorite cartoon on short nails is better than anything. One can buy stickers or design cartoons with think brushes or even markers could also be used for such purposes.



#19- Cute Pink Manicure

Young girls don’t need to be more artistic, simple and cute design look very good on their hands. Rather than being very experimental just stick to basic pinks and lighter shades.


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#18- Pointed Tips Manicure for Asian Skin

This soft nail color manicure is very elegant and sparkly as well. Adding some diamontes and studs can make your nails look Hollywood style.



#17- Graphic Nail Designs

Nail designs like this can take clever planning and we like how they have opted for a glitter finish to make it all sparkle.



#16- Dusky Skin Short Nail Designs

Blacks, pinks, and grays always go really well together and sometimes when you’re unsure if colors will go together or not, it can be a good idea to just test it out on one nail first, so that if it’s not working you can always remove it and start fresh.12976129_1596407957342554_607837092_n


#15- Wonderful in White Nails

These nail art designs can give a stunning look to your nails and can force your friends to be envious of you. So, do not hesitate, go ahead and flaunt your nails.

12424430_1752478441650475_245558363_n Source

#14- Cute Bright Blue Nail Design

One more great thing that you can do is matching calm and soothing tones and finishing all off with some metallic accents creating borders between the color sections.



#13- Multi-color Neon Nails

Neon nails look very cool in parties and usually, younger women love to have such nail designs.03375cd711465d4616cd203c171ce2fe


#12- Summer Bright Nail Color with Stripes

Catchier shades of neon can also be included in your choice, especially when coming with brighter options and again possibly combining that with the black and white patterns picked for one or two fingers out of all. Taking inspiration from the most various and interesting sources.



#11- Flower Power on Your Nails

If you’re looking for something simple yet elegant than a good place to start is simple shapes.



#10- Matt Royal Blue Nails for Routine Wear



#9- Different Style fo Manicure with Short Nails

This new manicure is chic and looks beautifully different. Just apply your favorite color nail polish shiny or matt, your choice.



#8- Lazy Girl Nail Ideas



#7- Paper Print ArtNewspaper-Nail-Art-Design


#6- Creative Manicure for Cute HandsMini-Heart-Nail-Art-Design


#5- Glittery French Nails

For more soothing and universal combinations you can also go for the classy combination of the pale pink background with the glittery bottom.Glittery-Pink-Nail-Art-Design


#4- Artistic Design with Multi-ColorCheckered-Nail-Art-Design1


#3- Bold Stripes for Small NailsCool-and-Fun-Nail-Art-Design


#2- Easy to Make Brushed Design

Blurred and colorful can also be interpreted in the way of combining tones like purple, and pink putting all on the classic blue background made with the help of a simple brush.



#1- Bright and Bold Design

Your nails show your creativeness. Super creative nails look very cool. Enrich your nails with some more awesome designs to make them look beautiful.


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