Best of Gucci Spring/Summer 2020 Collection for Women

Latest Gucci Campaign. Gucci’s latest campaign is full of surprises and vibrant colors though there’s also lots of stuff for those who prefer pastel shades. Today we’ll be having a look at some of the best outfits from Gucci’s Spring/Summer ready to wear along with some awesome accessories. Last but not least, we’ll be discussing what trends this collection has set forth for this year.

The Campaign

In simple words, this year’s ad by Gucci was three things: Bold, Artistic and Fun. I loved the use of the peacock and how the viewer gets to explore Berlin through a different lens. There was, of course, the geeky and 70’s style vibe but it all had a very modern twist to it.  If you missed the ad then have a look at it here. Read on to check out the exquisite outfits and accessories. Have a look at these fabulous bags that were seen on the runway this year.


This floral belt is definitely a must-have for all girls out there.

Things We Loved from the Gucci Spring/Summer Line

There were lots of interesting stuff going on the runway this year and while we can’t discuss all of them. We’ll be trying our best to share the highlights with you and make them simple enough for you to follow.

Fashion Inspired Outfits

For women who prefer wearing the latest fashion inspired outfits, Gucci has brought forth a range of choices that were all pretty unique, vibrant and eye-catching.

The Use of Floral Prints

There was an amazing use of glittery sequins and a combination of sequin skirts with socks was pretty amazing for everyone.

The Eye-catching and Flowy Pastel Coloured Outfit

Since pastel shades are a personal favourite for me, the best part for me was seeing these flowy gowns in the most exquisite pastel shades. Also note the attention given to the sleeves and shoulders here as they look fantastic as ever.

The use of ruffles and frills was also pretty attractive. For some amazing ideas on this, check out [highlight]20 Ways to Wear & Style Ruffled Outfits–Ruffles Frills Fashion[/highlight]

Gucci Solid Colored Outfits

The Spring collection introduced a very interesting mix of patterns which is different from the mostly used floral fashion for Spring. So check out these iconic patterns by Michele.

Classy Gucci Bags

The show was a testament to the fact that lace outfits will again be trending this year. Check out this beautiful lace outfit in Gucci’s signature forest green colour. Loafer mules were chosen for this look, along with those classy fingerless gloves and spectacular necklaces.

Gucci Stripes Outfits for Summer

Florals have always been a must have for Spring. For may designers, the Spring collection would be incomplete without their exquisite floral print outfits.

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