What to talk about on a first date

What to talk about on a first date

You have a first date and it’s understandable that you don’t know each other, have no idea about the interests of an interlocutor and hesitate to be frank and to discuss some very personal or intimate topics. Therefore, men and women often deal with the problem of choosing topics of conversation. But then some questions arise: how to do so that he or she doesn’t lose interest in you, understands and appreciates not only your visual appeal but also your mind and your sense of humor? You can always enhance your skills by taking advantage of the video dating chat before going out on a date.

Find common ground

If you have common friends – well, you can talk about them at first. If don’t – start to fill in the gaps: ask and tell about brothers and sisters, hobbies, pets, favorite routes of travel and so on. Try to think about a topic until you find the common one with your companion.


The topic of travel is the most suitable for a first date. You can always talk about the places you visited. Even if you didn’t like the place where you were, you can still talk about it but tell a partner about your transportation, your road, etc. If you or a companion have not traveled outside of the city, then talk about the places you dream to visit one day. It really develops the imagination and helps you to learn more about a partner.


It’s always fun to remember your childhood. Children are funny because they have a good imagination, so you can ask about interlocutor’s dreams when he was a child. In addition, you will be able to learn more about him and the stories of his childhood will leave a good mark in your perception.

Favorite dish

If you love some meals then you can talk about restaurants, where they are prepared in the best way or to share your cooking secrets. If your partner called the dish, about that you never heard before, then it would be even better. Ask about its ingredients, where it is cooked and so on. The topic of food can smoothly move to the theme of journeys, dreams.

Have you ever…

Have you ever had to do something extreme or jaw-dropping? Ask your interlocutor if he had to do such things. You can also ask him to tell something interesting about his life. Every person has something to tell about himself, so a conversation will strike up easily.

Inappropriate topics of conversation

There are topics that generally should be avoided. First, never tell information about your health problems. It will not increase the attraction. Secondly, don’t talk about your past relations and your intimate life. Thirdly, don’t judge mutual friends or even people familiar to you but unfamiliar to your partner. He or she may suspect that you really love to gossip.

How to avoid awkward silences

A common problem that people experience on a date is that at some moment all the thoughts suddenly left the head, a person gets lost and does not know what more to say. In order to avoid this, do the following:

  • Think about topics for conversation in advance
  • Avoid one-word answers
  • Learn how to relieve stress
  • Share information gradually
  • Show friendliness
  • Show confidence
  • Make compliments
  • Learn to change the topic of conversation
  • Find something that can be harmless commented
  • Learn to find the possibility of returning to previous topics

Is it possible to have a perfect first date?

If you both have a common desire to make it memorable and perfect, then it will be so. And maybe it’s rather a naive question but still: Kiss. To be or not to be? It all depends on your age and the impressions of a date. Nowadays people don’t attach such a great importance to it. It is therefore quite normal to kiss for a pleasantly spent evening or for a bouquet of flowers, even just as a token of gratitude. Don’t be afraid to make the first step and be confident.

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