What Can You Do on the Weekend?

What Can You Do on the Weekend?

A weekend is a great opportunity to get acquainted with something new, interesting and useful, for example, to find a cure for loneliness. Firstly, you can get acquainted with the new genre of literature, how about noir? Secondly, you can find a remedy for boring evenings at home and finally contact bride. Thirdly, you can learn alcoholic secrets. Fourthly, you can easily find yourself in Texas with Bear Grylls. Fifthly, you can just relax and finally think about why are Ukrainian women so perfect?

Read the story “Borrowed crime” by William Irish.

William Irish is the pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich, an American writer whose name once was synonymous with the word “noir.” He worked with Hitchcock, Robert Siodmak, Roy William Nill, and with many other famous Hollywood filmmakers. But let’s be honest. No matter how good Hitchcock was, reading the works of William Irish on paper is much better. He has a very cinematic language. You can choose a short story “Borrowed crime” for the first acquaintance with the author. It’s about how even a respectable hard worker can turn into a murder machine, not cruel but even human. The circumstances in the story are stronger than the hero himself. He continually gets into troubles that can be solved only by a murder. It is dynamic, cheerful, with the smell of cigarette smoke and the taste of cheap whiskey.

Create a profile on a dating site.

If you feel lonely and don’t know what to do after work and especially on the weekends, there is a way out! Make a search on the Internet and find the most suitable dating site. Create an interesting profile and start communication with so many different beautiful girls who will kill your loneliness and breathe new life into your man cave.

Learn how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

It is a useful skill even if you’re a non-drinker. Especially when it happens in an intimate atmosphere with a girl. At such moments, it’s better to forget about the barbaric ways of opening a bottle of wine. You should be stylish, quick and show the Casanova style. Best of all, of course, is to carry a small corkscrew with you. But if you don’t have it then there are several ways to get out of this situation.

  • if the cork is soft, then you can push it with your finger or blunt object inside;
  • if you have a small knife, and the cork is firmer than you have expected, then put the blade in the cork (somewhere in 2/3) and try to unscrew it;
  • if you are afraid to crush a cork with a knife then take a screw and pliers, pull out the cork quickly;
  • if you have nothing, use your shoe. Put the bottle down in a clean shoe with a firm sole. Make a few strokes of the heel against the wall. Each time, the cork will gradually slip out of the bottle. It looks impressive and the girl will be surprised at your ingenuity.

Watch a video about Texas with Bear Grylls.

Texas is a state of harsh men in cowboy hats and is on the border with Mexico. It would be boring to watch a documentary, so you can pay your attention to a video where the iconic Bear Grylls talks about how to survive in this state. It’s a classic: Grylls eats game, creates a bonfire with the help of sticks and shit, wanders through the wasteland, jumps into the river for a greater effect. What can be better than better than Grylls and Texas when you do not want to go out?


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