Top 3 Trendy Spring Dresses to Style for Glamorous Look

The Spring and Summer trends definitely have a few pleasant surprises for fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Runway shows were, as expected for spring collections, full of color, fun, and surprising fabrics. Although we can’t disregard the beautiful tops and bodysuits, there’s no better time than spring to celebrate the gorgeous dress designs that caught everyone’s eye during the runway shows.

It’s clear that fashion designers across the board felt strongly about paying an homage to some very iconic images and influences. From Gucci’s 70’s inspired office attire to Saint Laurent’s tribute to the Californian surfer, from Alexander McQueen’s soft Victorian-inspired romantic gowns to Proenza Schouler’s Spanish-style ruffles, it’s clear to see that there are plenty of unique designs and styles to choose from this spring. We’re counting down the top 3 dress trends that you can easily style for any occasion.

1.      Victorian Fashion Elements

Victorian-inspired gowns are certainly in almost every spring and summer collection this year, with puffy sleeves, sheer fabrics, high necklines, and delicate lace everywhere you look. The easiest way to incorporate this trend into your spring and summer wardrobe is to find gowns you love that contain some of the popular Victorian-era fashion elements.

Puffy sleeves or high necklines are the most obvious choices, but if you’re looking for a dress that isn’t likely to ever go out of style, your best bet is finding a simple, flattering lace applique gown that perfectly combines modern shapes with the iconic Victorian-style lace. You can finish off the look with some lovely high platform sandals or with a pair of timeless high heels, depending on how formal you want your outfit to be.

2.      Romantic, Soft Ruffles


A lovely, romantic touch added to many runway outfits was the soft ruffle, decorating gowns, tops, and skirts everywhere. In tune with the warm tones and lively floral patterns displayed by most fashion shows for  spring and summer collections, the romantic ruffles were a quintessential part of the soft, flowing nature of the dress designs.

Whether you prefer the smaller, Victorian era-inspired ruffles featured in Alexander McQueen’s runway show or the dramatic, Spanish-influenced off-the-shoulder designs that Proenza Schouler’s flamenco-style garments showcased, it’s easy to fall in love with ruffles of all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a versatile, romantic dress that you can style easily, try looking for a flowing maxi-dress with softer ruffles and delicate frills.

3.      Lovely Floral Patterns and Appliques

It’s not uncommon for spring fashion collections to feature floral elements, so you can’t really go wrong with this trend. Sheer, flowing fabrics and romantic designs boasting lovely floral patterns are a common presence in this year’s spring and summer runway collections. You can opt for a bolder floral pattern with larger flowers for a more dramatic effect or opt for a more demure, romantic small pattern if you want the design of your gown to be the main focal point of your outfit.

The safest bet when styling floral patterns is to keep the rest of your accessories simple and sweet.  Floral pattern gowns can be statement pieces so it’s important to dial down on the added frills. Neutral or black shoes, minimal accessories and a versatile handbag are your best options when trying to style a very bold floral pattern dress, especially if the flowers are large and brightly colored.

 Smaller floral patterns can be softer and more romantic depending on the color scheme you opt for, but keeping the rest of your accessories simple is still one of the best ways to style this type of dress. If you choose a minimalist dress design with a more demure pattern, you can use bolder accessories so long as you focus on one statement piece and keep the rest to a bare minimum.

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