The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

Top Lipstick Brands. Every girl knows that makeup is a basic necessity but the most essential item in a make-up bag is the lipstick. It is a major part of everyone’s beauty routine. It’s one of the few products that add charm to the face. With so many lip brands in the market products available, finding the right product for you can be a challenge, but finding the perfect shade and formula is always, always worth the leg work.

The literal purpose of lipsticks is to apply color on the lips. There are several kinds of lip shades.  Nowadays, there are more options so you can never be bound to any one thing. Some people have very light color lips and when you add a bit of color it naturally helps their face look healthier and more vibrant. Not necessary that you have to apply a ton of makeup. Matching a lipstick to your outfit can bring the color up to your face. Basically, you can use it to define your features.

What Are The Best Lipstick Brands?

Lipsticks that are liquid are the fastest growing formula. These are typically known for full opacity and can be applied as day wear. They are different than traditional lipsticks. They usually have a wand and can be applied with it easily.

Before we move on, let’s discuss the different types of lipsticks so you can make better buying decisions:

Matte lipsticks reflect very less light which means, they’re not glossy. They give the lip a velvety finish and luxurious look which helps the color appear richer. Matte lipsticks typically last longer and are vibrant since they are less emollient, making them harder to rub off. The only problem is that some matte formulas can be a bit drying, or at least feel drying during wear.

Satin lipsticks can also be referred to as semi-matte, something between a matte and glossy finish. They have a soft shine that helps lips appear softer and a bit more plump. These tend to be the best of both worlds as they are comfortable on the lip, they usually have a bit more moisture to them and feel better for longer.

Glossy lipsticks have a high-shine finish that can be just as glamorous as a matte lip. They are usually the most comfortable lipsticks as they are moisturizing on the lip, though because of that high moisture content, can be the easiest to rub off.

Sheer lipsticks give your lips a very light color, while still letting your actual lips show through. These differ from a lip stain because sheer lipsticks still provide a moisturizing barrier and feel plush and comfortable on the lips, whereas stains simply stain the lip.

Let me help with you the top lipstick brands for girls. And if you’re a makeup enthusiast, do check out our earlier post on the best Celebrities Makeup Brands.

best-lipstick-brands-500x375 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own


↓ 1 – Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder has been improving ladies excellence since 1946 and is presently one of the world’s most famous beauty cosmetics brand. The brand’s items, which include cosmetics, skincare, and fragrances are proven to be really good for the skin. They have a wide variety of lipstick shades.

Price Range : $22-$32

Estee-Lauder The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 2 – L’Oreal

With regards to magnificence, L’Oreal is a worldwide pioneer brand. The French brand offers ladies quality beauty care products at reasonable costs. We are in love with their eyeliners, lipsticks and many other cosmetics item, you’ll never be baffled with L’Oreal.

Price Range : $9-$20

12-x-loreal-caresse-color-riche-lipsticks-rrp-120-store-returns-8677-p-1024x554 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 3 – Maybelline New York

Maybelline, which began as a little, family-claimed business, is presently the best beauty brand in America. The brand has a range of lip shades that are loved by girls. The Maybelline super stay lipsticks are the first creamy matte colors. You get a burst of vibrant color when you try on this matte color as the colors are very bold. They are enriched with an ultra-care hydrating formula.

Price Range : $8-$20

News-Maybelline-SuperStay-New-Color-Announcement-lipstick-hero-mudc-090618 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 4 – Guerlain

Since its creation in 1828, Guerlain has been developing and improving day by day. Regardless of whether it’s cosmetics, skincare or scent, this brand offers the absolute best items available. The lipsticks are enriched with mango butter and jojoba oil that gives a creamy texture. It has a shinier touch and is great for the lips.

Price Range : $26-$32

Guerlain-Top-Popular-Lipstick-Brands-in-The-World-2018 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 5 – NARS

NARS was made with the expectation of engaging ladies to explore and play around with cosmetics. Today, the brand still keeps up this mission and prides itself on showing women how to upgrade their features with their products.

Price Range : $20-$34

NARS The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 6 – Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier is a widely acclaimed cosmetics brand. Numerous things in the brand are loved by all. Their lipstick shades and tinted moisturizer truly standout amongst the best.

Price Range : $28-$32

laura-mercier-creme-smooth-lip-colours The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 7 – CHANEL

You’ll feel as breathtaking and refined as Coco herself when wearing CHANEL cosmetics. The brand is very chic and polished as the garments that it makes. The CHANEL lipstick set is very expensive but it is justified by it’s quality.

Price Range : $35-$40

Chanel The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 8 – Clarins

Clarins is a very well knowns cosmetics brand. Clarins truly thinks about conveying premium products to customers. Their lipsticks have such beautiful, rich colors and texture. They are very moisturizing to the lips. They have both matte and glossy.

Price Range : $31-$38

images-4 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own


For more than 140 years, SHISEIDO has been sharing its idea of brilliance with the world. Today, the brand has a dedicated staff and they strive to produce the best items. The lipsticks have a smooth and highly pigmented formula that hugs the lips. The finish is a total matte and lasts all day.

Price Range : $20-$34

SHI-WEB-F18-80_TopBannerPLP_ModernMatte_Desktop_1366x600-1-1024x450 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 10 – Dior

Dior is known for extravagance. The beauty care products run very well. The Dior Addict lipstick is a marked item for the name and an incredible product. It goes on smoothly and you can’t even feel it on. They have incredible pigmentation and huge shade range to choose from. It’s almost impossible to only get one. Also check out these Best Bags to Buy This Year.

Price Range : $28-$36

DIOR The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 11 – Urban Decay

Urban Decay is well known for its notable Naked Palettes, superior shades, lively lipsticks, and should have items. The lip shades are solid enough to stay put for many hours. Customers have always adored Urban Decay lipsticks for being highly pigmented and intense. Also not to forget their hue shades.

Price Range : $19-$25

urban-decay_vice-liquid-lipstick_001_product The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 12 – Sephora

When looking for cosmetics, there’s no preferred spot to go over Sephora. The excellence retailer offers a mind-boggling scope of items from best beauty brands, incorporating its own in-house extend, Sephora Collection. They have “super moisturizing” formula of lipsticks that smells delicious.

Price Range : $10-$40

sephora-collection-color-long-lip-last-stain-lipstick-1 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 13 – IT Cosmetics

Created with specialists, IT Cosmetics enables you to look and feel wonderful. On account of the scope of items made with elite, skin-cherishing fixings, the brand can offer you both incredible cosmetics and extraordinary skin. Lipsticks have full rich color, instant color correction, and hydrating vitality also. Anyone who wants nourished lips and hydrating lasting lip color they should opt for IT.

Price Range : $16-$24

download-1 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 14 – Yves Saint Laurent

From smooth lipsticks to serious mascaras and rich eyeliners, Yves Saint Laurent gives the best. The brand’s high caliber and lavish items will without a doubt make you buy more. The TATOUAGE COUTURE Matte Stains have an ultra-luxe formula made for rebellious lips only. They have high pigmentation and very high wear.

Price Range : $38-$50

YSL-rouge-volupte-lipsticks-900x598 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 15 – Givenchy

GIVENCHY has for quite some time been related to ladies’ excellence, it wasn’t until 1989 that the brand initially wandered into cosmetics. From that point forward, the range has kept on developing and improving. The lipsticks are rich in pigments, the ultra-mat formula of Le Rouge Mat Lipstick is amazing.

Price Range : $24-$30

Givenchy-Le-Rouge-lipstick-2 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 16 – Bobbi Brown

The brand, which was established by the master cosmetics craftsman of a similar name, gives the absolute best excellence items right now easily accessible.
The Bobbi Brown luxe lip colors are really good. Parisian Red is a bright red color and it looks very upscale. The lipstick formula includes essential oils that help to nourish the lips naturally.

Price Range : $28-$37

Bobbi-Brown The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 17 – Mac

Since its creation in 1984, MAC has been known as a worldwide cosmetics pioneer.
The iconic lipsticks made M·A·C famous. Their creamy rich formula features high color payoff in a no-shine matte finish.

Price Range : $10-$25

MAC-Top-10-Best-Lipstick-Brands-in-The-World-2017 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 18 – Lancome

Lancome is an incredible cosmetics brand made by Armand Petitjean in 1935, the mark has been conveying French class far and wide for more than 80 years. The Lancome lipsticks are ultra-luxurious and are hydrating with a comfortable feel. Infused with moisture, the lipstick formula gives high color payoff without dryness.

Price Range : $25-$30

Lancôme-Top-Famous-Lipstick-Brands-in-The-World-2018 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 19 – Covergirl

Simple, blustery, excellent cosmetics is the thing that Covergirl is about. The brand is of high caliber and trusted. Covergirl is an incredible beauty care brand that you can shop. The luscious color shades and coverage of lipsticks is brilliant. You can mix and match shades to create your looks in bold lip colors.

Price Range : $10-$20

covergirl-lipsticks-hannah-choi-photo-1024x576 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 20 – Clinique

Clinique has had a similar mission since 1968 and keeps on conveying on its undertaking to give the most astounding quality and best items to improve each skin type and tone. The brand makes unimaginable cosmetics that is custom-fit to your complexion. Their lightweight liquid lipstick covers your lips with lush pigment and they add a matte finish touch. The lipsticks have a moisturizing formula with a built-in primer that provides a smooth look. Here’s a List Of All Halal Makeup Brands In The World ( Certified ).

Price Range : $3-$20

c7d27dbf2b7043f4765a6fc4dd5b9df2 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 21. E.L.F. Beauty care products

In case you’re after amazing beauty care products at reasonable costs, you can’t disregard e.l.f. Beauty care products. The brand, whose name means “eye, lips, face”, offers a scope of cosmetics. E.l.f.’s lipsticks are consistently good, regardless of the finish or color. The matte formula is amazing for the price. The formula feels luxurious on the lips, and it’s only $3.

Price Range : $3-$10

elf20lipstick The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 22 – NYX

NYC is one of the best quality and reasonably priced brand. This cosmetic company has hundreds of beauty products, from your lips to your nails and everything else. NYX is known for its department store quality with drugstore prices. NYX Professional matte lipstick is a highly pigmented formula that glides on the lips smoothly.

Price Range : $3-$20

NYX-Soft-Matte-Lipstick-Swatches-1024x588 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own


↓ 23 – OFRA

It is a family-owned cosmetic brand that got famous through social networks. The lipsticks come in 43 shades. They have an amazing variety including matte metallics. The formula of lipsticks is very creamy and they smell like cookie dough.

Price Range : $13-$20

Ofra-Lipsticks-1-1024x829 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own


↓ 24 – BareMinerals

BareMinerals claims to be the original mineral-based makeup. It is created with the idea that the makeup should look good on. It was founded in 1976.
Their lipstick range is creamy and has medium coverage. moisturizing lipsticks in a range of flattering nude shades for all skin tones.

Price Range : $19-$25

bareminerals-statement-luxe-shine-lipstick The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 25 – Elizabeth Arden

Just as offering an incredible scope of skincare and cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden likewise gives world-class products. Be it concealer, eyeliner or lipsticks, Elizabeth Arden’s items are continually trendsetting and of premium quality.

Price Range : $20-$35

elizabeth-arden-lipstick The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 26 – Burberry

Burberry is a luxury fashion brand. It is a hub of fashion accessories, fragrances, sunglasses, and cosmetics.
The Burberry Velvet lip crush is one of the most trendy lipstick and it leaves an elegant matte finish on the lips. The formula is very creamy and it sets well onto the lips.

Price Range : $30-$35

BurberryKissesLipReview The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 27 – Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura was named after its owner and the incredible Japanese cosmetic brand has been breaking the limits of excellence for more than 50 years. The brand, whose superb items are loved by all.
The rouge unlimited supreme matte is the first ever extreme matte lipstick. They are long-lasting, intense and are deep in color.

Price Range : $30-$34

15RU_sheer_shine_PRODUCT_21-1024x526 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 28 – Tarte

Tarte offers makeup which is free of parabens. It has synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, GMOs, and gluten. Tarte has full-coverage liquid lipsticks that have a matte finish, and these lipsticks don’t dry out your lips. What more could we ask for? They have 20 shades in it.

Price Range : $18-$22

Tarte-Amazonian-Butter-Lipstick-Trio-Golden-Pink-Soft-Coral-Rose-4-1024x682 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 29 – Gosh

Gosh, cosmetics has been making makeup products since 1979. They now produce fragrances and hair care too. Gosh, liquid matte lipsticks have a perfect matte finish. They are absolutely gorgeous matte lipsticks. They don’t crack at all. The formula is applied smoothly. The lipsticks are smudge proof

Price Range : $10-$22

gosh_aw15_velvet_touch_lipstick-6-1024x625 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 30 – Colourpop

Colourpop cosmetics is a brand based in Los Angeles, California. It is founded by sisters. Colourpop has a variety of liquid lipsticks at very good prices. They have a wide range from ultra-mattes to ultra satins. Colourpop has plenty of textures and colors to choose from.

Price Range : $18-$22

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colour-pop_matte-lux-lipstick_001_product The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 31 – Huda Beauty

The brand needs no introduction and nor does the beauty blogger, Huda Kattan. Huda has been one of the leading names when it comes to liquid matte lipsticks, here’s a video with swatches of her latest collection, the power bullet lipsticks.

Price Range : $20-$28

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↓ 32 – Kylie Cosmetics

Owned by the famous Kylie Jenner, Kylie cosmetics is most famous for its lip kits which include lipsticks along with lip liners.

Price Range : $29-$30

↓ 33 – Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is universally loved brand. They have the best-selling lipsticks launched to give all women the most stunning lips. The forumla is very moisturising and has matte finish. It smooths and shapes the lips for beautifying it.

Price Range : $24-$34

top-lipstick-brands The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 34 – Makeup Forever

A comfortable liquid lipstick that has intense color and ultra-matte finish. It has concentrated pigments. The artist liquid matte provide shine and colour with a lightweight feel. Its unique formula has beeswax for long-lasting wear. Makeup Forever has high color payoff and lasts upto 20 hours.

Price Range : $18-$22

top-lipstick-brands-1 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 35 – Kat Von D

Everlasting liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D are vegan. They have bold colours with waterproof liquid lipsticks. Kat Von D are super-creamy. They have insane range of shades.

Price Range : $13-$20

top-lipstick-brands-2 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 36 – Revlon

When it comes to quality and affordable pricing of lipsticks, Revlon is that one brand that offers all in one. Revlon has all kinds of lipsticks. Some have very soft pink with peach tones and some have dark tones. They are well pigmented, and stay on lips for 3 hours.

Price Range : $18-$22

top-lipstick-brands-3 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 37 – Neutrogena

Neutrogena moisture smooth color sticks instantly moisturize lips. They condition the lips well. The lipsticks are made with fruit extracts along with mango and shea butter. The lipsticks have formula that glide on easily. It provides a sheer wash of moisturizing color.

Price Range : $20-$23

top-lipstick-brands-4 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 38 – Kailijumei

Kailijumei’s is a brand that produces gorgeous jelly lipsticks which have actual dried flowers in them. They look really pretty. Kailijumei’s lipsticks come in three different colors. They look like a clear balm which have a glossy pink colour.

Price Range : $19-$25

top-lipstick-brands-5 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 39 – Stila

Stila has amazing stay all day liquid lipsticks that hydrate the lips very well and softens them. They look and feel beautiful. Stila has very creamy texture and provide full-coverage. The shade range is absolutely amazing.

Price Range : $16-$22

top-lipstick-brands-6 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

↓ 40 – Anastasia Beverly Hills

There are new innovations in lip products every day, so you’ll hear about some brands such as Anastasia which are the top most selling brand. They fall in the lipstick category with amazing, lip creams and colours. The range has very bold shades as well as nude colours.

Price Range : $18-$22

top-lipstick-brands-7 The Top 40 Lipstick Brands Every Girl Should Own

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