The best couches for eclectic styles

If you want to get a new sofa separate from the rest of your living room furniture, it can be a good opportunity to choose a more eclectic piece. Make a statement with your new sofa by choosing bold colors, patterns, and styles. This is your chance to shine, to browse through the hundreds of available couches and find just the right one to reflect your own personality and tastes.

Here are a few things to look for in the best eclectic sofas.

Rich, bold colors can set off a room or pull it together

The best way to add an eclectic flair to your living room is to choose a luxurious sofa, tufted or nailhead construction, in deep bold colors like burgundy, deep purple, royal blue, or forest green. These deep colors can help give your living room a unified look when combined with printed ottomans or accent chairs and appropriate wall art.

Natural tones and materials for a more bohemian look

The biggest difference between the eclectic and bohemian styles is the use of natural materials. Bohemian styles really don’t have any rules, but they trend toward natural materials that are sustainable, reusable, and biodegradable. Solid woods, rattan or wicker, canvas, and cotton are popular materials for these sofas.

Vintage, classic, or mid-Modern styles

There’s nothing more eclectic than inserting a vintage or mid-Modern sofa into a space of another style. The effects can be stunning when you choose new furniture with the same features as the vintage pieces that you love. You’ll be able to find all of the styles you love to give your living room that extra flare, while still getting brand new and durable living room furniture.

Mix and match patterns and textures

You don’t want to get carried away, but it is perfectly okay to mix and match patterns and textures. Layering texture on texture is trending in all home decor styles right now, as people want to bring more and more natural materials into their homes. You can take full advantage of this design trend by getting some throws and decorative pillows of a varying texture from that of the sofa.

Sectionals and modular sofas

If you want a truly unique living room setup, look at modular sofas. These sofas can be rearranged at a whim to meet whatever needs you have, while lounging or entertaining. They also give you something to talk about with your guests, because they won’t be able to resist asking about your unique furniture configuration.

Sectionals also give you the opportunity to add some diverse seating options. Sectionals and modular sofas can include a chaise that fits neatly with the sectional to create a U of conversation, which can be put to best use arranged around a focal point like a fireplace or floor to ceiling polished wood bookshelves.

Regardless of your personal tastes, you’ll find the most options for your new couch at online furniture stores. They offer the widest varieties from the top furniture collections on the market, as well as extensive clearance sections for additional savings. Check the whole catalog of couches here for more information about how to incorporate a new eclectic sofa into your living room, family room, or bonus room.

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