Reasons Why You Should have a Wedding Program

While programs aren’t mandatory at a wedding, they serve a purpose and add something special to your important day. They help your guests feel included and understand what’s taking place throughout the event.

A program typically comprises all the information for what to expect and can be a conversation starter for those who don’t know other people in attendance. Moreover, numerous guests appreciate them as a considerate gesture and souvenir.

If you want a professionally designed program that fits your unique style, companies like MagnetStreet give you a chance to include customized programs depending on your needs. While you can include virtually anything on a program, certain standards make this stationery particularly helpful.

Here’s what to include when designing the perfect program.

What to Include in Your Program

Date, Location, and Name

A wedding programs is an excellent means to help guests remember the special day. Be sure to include your names and that of your future spouse. You should also include the wedding date and the nuptials’ location, so the program feels personalized.

Even if your guests don’t take the program home, the photographer will capture it to serve as a reminder of the event.

Bridal Party

Since the guests might know only you or the groom, they probably aren’t familiar with the VIPs on both sides. Therefore, they’ll welcome a rundown on the members of the bridal party, allowing them to put a face to a name when everybody walks down the aisle.

Order of the Ceremony

This is particularly significant for religious or formal ceremonies. However, you must list the order of the ceremony events. For assistance with this, your officiant and coordinator must be able to give you precisely what you require. Catholic ceremonies, in particular, have a precise format, so ensure you confirm with the church before printing anything.

Benefits of Including a Program in Your Ceremony

Helping guests follow the ceremony

When attending a huge event, everyone likes knowing what’s taking place. The same applies to a wedding. This is truer if you have a Jewish or Catholic ceremony where guests of a different faith might not be able to keep pace.

They tell the wedding story

There are many ways of personalizing a wedding program such that it tells your wedding story. The guests can identify the involved parties, the order of events, and other details you consider important.

They are a way of saying thank you

It’s common to incorporate a special thanks to those who have been helpful throughout the process. A program is an ideal avenue to share your gratitude with all the attendees.

They can multitask elegantly

If the reception is at a different location than the ceremony site, you can include a map and directions on one page for guests who forget to carry the reception card from the invitation.

They help recognize special participants

Most programs provide enough room to list your family and the wedding party by name. A program is an opportunity to show off those who are special to you.

Although programs aren’t mandatory for a wedding ceremony, they’re useful and, at times, a necessary piece of stationary. If you’re looking to include customized and detailed programs on your big day, opting to go with a brand like MagnetStreet would be all you need.

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