7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit

One-piece swimsuits are this season’s hero fashion item. Their versatility makes them a go-to piece for so many ladies, and not only for the beach or poolside. The best thing about these bodysuits is that you can flaunt them with your outfit for a trendy night out clubbing.

If this is news for you, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. We offer you 6 creative ways to work a fashionable party outfit starring your one-piece swimsuits.

↓ 7 – On-Board With The Sheer & Kaftan Trend

Summer is the time of the year when you should experiment with different styles and make the most out of each clothing piece that you own. Who says that sheer cover-ups are only meant to be worn at the beach? You can easily turn your day look into a clubbing ensemble with just a little bit of imagination. Start by rocking a striking one-piece swimwear in a bold print, and top it off with a gorgeous cover-up. That way you’ll show off your amazing swimsuit and flaunt your trendy cover-up as well.

If you have several chic kaftan dresses laying around in your closet, sounds like the best time to take them out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a day or a night party, kaftans are a very creative way to stand out. These pieces are often so bold and eye-catching that you’ll just need a basic one-piece bathing suit to finish off.

how-to-wear-swimsuit-as-party-outfit 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


swimsuit-party-outfits 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


↓ 6 – Skirts Are Your Summer Go-To’s

There is no better way to flaunt a one-piece bathing suit than paired with a skirt. Mini, midi, maxi, solid, printed, pleated, high-low designs, or sheer, the options are infinite. This means that you can pull off any one-piece bathing suit, no matter if it’s halterneck, has a plunging neckline, features multiple straps, boatneck and more. Printed skirts are amazing for partying, especially if you add a solid swimsuit, strappy sandals, and a denim jacket on top.

swimsuit-outfits 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


swimsuit-outfits-beach-party 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


↓ 5 – Clashing Prints

If you are one of those ladies who prefer to stand out and you adore following recent trends, this is the right choice for you. Mixing prints is something most women are scared of, but the final results can be so satisfying to the eye. Just be bold, no one likes a boring outfit anymore, especially when it comes to clubbing.

If you are still not sure how to pull this trend off, we have a few suggestions that will help you out. Some of the prints that are a perfect match are stripes mixed with florals. Another idea you want to have in mind is to combine the same prints but in different colours. Florals on florals, for your perfect fresh party ensemble!

swimsuit-outfits-1 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


↓ 4 – Summer Chic

If you have that cute summer two-piece set but have no idea what to wear underneath it, this is the ideal time to include your favourite swimsuit in the outfit. Matching pants and blazer are not only extremely on-trend right now, but are also one of the easiest outfit combos for a party. All you need to do is grab a one-piece swimsuit that works with the set and throw on your strappy sandals. Forget about t-shirts or crop tops, there is a new way to style your gorgeous suit.

One of the most eye-catching ways to go is a printed two-piece ensemble paired with a solid swimsuit. If you are more into minimalist looks, opt for monochrome vibes. For example, a black one-piece beach suit is a life-long investment. This piece will work wonders with a white, black or grey suit. Don’t forget to add accessories and a few spritzes of perfume to elevate the ensemble to a whole new level.

swimsuit-outfits-2 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


↓ 3 – Go Monochrome

Wearing the same colour from head to toes is not only safe but also a very fashionable choice at the moment. Stars and fashionistas are loving their monochrome moment and throwing bodysuits in their ensembles every chance they can. This is the perfect moment to take out your solid one-

piece swimwear and make a winning combo with other pieces in the same shade or the same colour range.

Monochrome outfits look so elegant, no matter which hue you choose. To take them up a notch use bold accessories, a fun bag, and striking shoes or sandals.

↓ 2 – Denim, Denim, Denim!

Denim pieces are great for day-to-night wear and can fit into any outfit so effortlessly. The most popular fashion influencers love pairing their one-piece swimsuits with high-waisted distressed jeans. What’s even better, this combo is so good for any season, just choose a light denim wash for summer and spring, and darker denim wash for winter and autumn.

Denim is such a wide category when it comes to clothing. Pretty much every lady owns so many pairs of jeans, shorts, Bermuda shorts, jackets and even bags. This is where things get even more interesting. Any one-piece swimsuit that you own will look fabulous matched with a denim item. If you want to show off your legs opt for a mini skirt or shorts, or go for jeans when you want more coverage. One of the pro tips you can steal from famous stars is that the Canadian tuxedo never gets old. Finish off the look with a denim jacket on top, and you’re ready to go.

swimsuit-outfits-2-1 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit

↓ 1 – Amp Up The Jewellery Game

Even the simplest outfits can be elevated with jewellery and accessories. Whenever you have no idea what to wear for a summer party, think of simply upgrading your one-piece swimsuit with fabulous earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets. All these jewellery pieces will not only take the ensemble to a whole new level but will also give you that trendy boho finishing touch. If it’s a day party feel free to add a large straw hat just like the most popular bloggers do.

Head jewellery, accessories, headscarves, turbans and belts are a great addition to your array of additions to include in the party ensemble. Attention to detail is important, even when you’re wearing your beloved one-piece bathing suit.

swimsuit-outfits-3 7 Creative Ideas To Turn Your Swimsuit Into A Party Outfit


Summing Up:

One-piece swimsuits are so versatile, trendy and a great addition to any closet. These come in many colours, shapes, cuts, prints, designs, and sizes that you’ll simply want to wear them more often and take them for a spin away from the beach or the pool. Think of one-piece swimsuits as bodysuits, all of the fashionable celebrities we know do exactly that. There is a trendy way to pair these bathing suits for any occasion, especially parties and clubbing nights. This does not only mean that you’ll be the literal star of the event but that you can also switch from day to nightwear in only minutes. Simply follow our 6 styling ideas and feel free to give them your own creative fashionable twist to stand out this season.


Meheret Hailemelekot is a Marketing Assistant at Myer and has worked with such iconic Australians brands as Jetstar, Snooze, and UniSuper.

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