9 Simple Summer Makeup Tips For A Fresh And Natural Look

Summer presents unique challenges for your skin. However, you can still get that fresh, natural look you want if you use your make-up correctly and in the right combination. The key to making your skin look good during the hot summer months is understanding how to combine creamy lipstick, matte eye-shadow, bronze powder, and pastels to give you the smooth, fresh, flawless look you want. The following are a few tips on how to apply makeup in summer? What all should be avoided and the best ways to achieve a natural look. If you are a dark complexion must check out this article on black women makeup tips.

# 1 – Forget Thick Foundation

Summer Makeup Tips - Forget thick foundation

Instead of foundation, wash your face thoroughly then rub an ice cube over it to close the pores. To prevent an outbreak, people with oily skin can apply a moisturizing lotion or a gel-cream. Then you can highlight your cheekbones with a little blush.

# 2 -Use Powder

Summer Makeup Tips - Use Powder

Replacing foundation with a light, smooth texture powder can give you that perfect summer look. This should be your base for the light and clean colors for summer. Using too much of a thick foundation can cause makeup problems once you are outside in the heat and humidity.

# 3 – Bronze powder

Summer Makeup Tips - Bronze Powder

Only apply bronze powder when your skin is dry, not after putting on moisturizing cream. Add a little to the chin, neck, cheek, nose bridge and forehead. This will give your face a naturally sun-kissed look for a great summer style.

# 4 – Blush

Summer Makeup Tips - Blush

Lightly brushing a little blush on the nose and cheeks creates a sun-kissed effect. Using transparent, warm colors, fluid textures, smooth and creamy makeup during the day give a fresh, natural look. Opt for lighter colors during the summer.

# 5 – Best Beach Looks

Summer Makeup Tips - Best beach looks

All you need is a light coat of waterproof mascara and shimmery shades of lip gloss to look your best. For a natural, beachy look, avoid heavy or dark lip liner. Be sure to wear waterproof mascara so you can be prepared for any summer activity without worrying about dark, runny makeup.

# 6 – Makeup for the Daytime Hours

Summer Makeup Tips - Daytime hours

It’s all about blush. Peach, coral, or pink for blondes. Bronze for brunettes. Add a little beige, pink, orange or warm brown eye-shadow, colorless mascara, and some peach, beige, or pink lip gloss, and you’re ready. Keep it light and fun for daytime makeup.

# 7 – The Power of Concealer

Summer Makeup Tips - Power of Concealer

Combining concealer with a self-tanning gel or balm is an easy way to cover red spots and have a sunscreen, yet look like you have nothing on. A little bronze illuminating powder creates the tanned effect, and eyeliner intensifies the look.

# 8 -In the Evening

Summer Makeup Tips - evening

A little foundation near the eyes and lips, mascara, some powder instead of foundation is a great looking for the evening. Bold lip gloss and a touch of metallic near the eyes can really make your best features pop without going overboard.

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# 9 -The Eyes

Summer Makeup Tips - eyes

Accentuate the eyes with shimmery eye-shadow and light eye liner. To keep your look light and natural, use a black/brown or even brown mascara, and eyeliner. Use colors that accentuate your eye color. Don’t let the summer heat and humidity discourage you from looking your best. You can achieve a natural, sun-kissed look with minimal effort.

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