10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Perfect Engagement Ring. A huge part of planning the ideal engagement involves selecting the right ring. Avoid all significant ring buying faux-pas by using a few fail-proof tips to find the right ring. The following guide will help any partner choose the best ring for their future fiancé.

Two souls starting a life together by forming a bond in the form of an engagement is truly one of the fascinating things one can experiences. These are the memorable moments in one’s life that stay with them for a lifetime. The perfect engagement is the cherry on top for these intimate events. With so many options available on the market, it can be quite difficult for people to select the right engagement ring for their significant other. The older rules have gone out the window; today’s engagement rings are all about individualistic style and how one’s ring should reflect one’s sense of style, fashion, and values. There is a ring for everyone out there. It does not matter your budget because we don’t doubt you will find precisely what you need. If you are planning to propose to the love of your life and looking for ideas on what to get them, keep reading to explore our guide on choosing the perfect engagement ring.

Best Tips To Buy Perfect Engagement Ring

If there is one thing that all women have in common, it is their desire to have a gorgeous stone on their finger depicting the love their significant other has for them. Diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean all women are cut out of the same cloth. We strongly believe in not generalizing sense of fashion, among other things, because people have different preferences for different things. Still, when it comes to engagement rings, diamond seems to be on the top of the list, and we understand why that is. If you believe that your significant other deserves nothing less than perfect, then we can assure you that you have made a wise decision to have chosen diamond as your engagement ring’s stone.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Before we get into the details of things you need to keep in mind before deciding on the perfect engagement ring for your better half, we want to go over the different ring styles available on the market and how you can decide on one that is perfect for your fiance to be.

Engagement Ring Styles For Your Better Half

  • Solitaire: This ring style is an absolute classic. People have preferred this style over others for decades, and the reason behind this lies in the fact that it is the single most classical style. There is only one stone in this style, which is mounted with a claw setting on a plain band, usually made out of gold. This style is perfect for women who have an elegant sense of fashion and prefer classics over trendy options. If you know your fiance-to-be as someone who appreciates the beauty of classics, then this is the one you should be looking to get.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


  • Cluster: This style is a unique one that includes smaller diamond stones being grouped together to give the appearance of a larger stone. This diamond ring design, for this very reason, is also called an illusion design. Not only do the smaller stones give the appearance of a bigger stone, but they also increase the sparkle of the ring. This ring style offers excellent versatility for people on a budget. If you want nothing less than the best and have a budget, you need to consider; this is the right option for you.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


  • Pavé: This is a beautiful ring style with smaller diamond stones embedded into the ring’s band. This is done in order to make the ring catch more light and make the ring glow. These rings have a feminine look that adds subtle elegance to the ring. If this is something your partner appreciates, then you should be deciding on this ring.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


  • Cathedral: This ring style has been famous for its classical style. It exudes elegance and is truly one of a kind. The name of this ring style comes from how the metal of the band supports the diamond stone. The curves of the metal that support the diamond resemble the curves of a cathedral. This engagement ring style is liked by those who have a sophisticated taste in things. If this is something that your fiance appreciates in life, then you should not look any further.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


  • Halo: This style is famous for the gorgeous shimmer that the center stone produces. Smaller diamond stones create a halo around the stone in the middle. The halo stones pass the light onto the stone in the middle, allowing for a gorgeous sparkly shine. This can give the illusion of the stone looking bigger and is perfect for other stones like ruby and sapphire.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


  • Bezel: This ring style is famous for the amount of security it offers. The stone is not raised on prongs and is instead anchored in place by metal. This significantly lowers the risk of the stone falling out or being scratched. These are relatively low maintenance and do not require too much care. If you are looking for an option that offers security and is low maintenance, then this is the ring for you.

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring


These are some of the ring styles that you can choose from. These, however, are some of many, and we only shortlisted the ones that personally appealed to us the most. If you want to know more about all the available styles on the market, leave us comments in the feedback section, and we shall bring you all the different styles that you can choose from.

Now that we have covered the type of ring styles available, we want to go over the tips you need to keep in mind when looking for the best engagement ring for your significant other. Keep reading to find out what these are.

1. Consider The Partner’s Style

Buying a ring for an upcoming proposal? While most partners clarify what style of ring they prefer, others aren’t always as forthright about their taste in jewelry. With so many variants of engagement rings to consider, it can be challenging to pick and choose what someone’s preferred wedding ring style might be without any other direction.

One of the best ways to determine a partner’s ideal engagement ring style is to ask their close friends and family. One’s partner has likely shared what they’d like in a ring. In many cases, they often share the exact ring that they want to be proposed to with.

2. Decide On The Ring Shape

The ring shape refers to the way the diamond itself is shaped. While the shape is generally a personal preference, it’s typically up to the ring-wearer to choose their favorite shape. Styles like oval and heart-shaped diamonds are quite popular, but each person will have their own favorite.

Not sure what shape will be better? Most people choose the shape based on their personality, their choice of band, and the size of the diamond. While the best way to answer this question is to ask one’s significant other, try choosing the shape for them if this isn’t an option.

3. Understand Diamond Basics

Understanding the diamond basics starts with learning more about diamond buying’s four Cs: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. These C’s help any buyer make the most educated decision when purchasing a diamond. These diamonds’ beauty and quality may differ dramatically, so it’s important to pay attention to these C’s.

  • Cut: The cut determines the diamond’s beauty.
  • Color: Choose a diamond in the range of G-I as it will cost less but be just as beautiful as a ring in the more expensive D-F range.
  • Clarity: A VS2 or VS1 clarity is often the best choice for an inexpensive diamond that appears to be blemish- and inclusion-free.
  • Carat: Choose as large a carat as possible within your budget after making sure the other C’s are taken care of.

4. Search For A Brilliant Diamond

Brilliant diamonds tend to sparkle the most. Known as the diamonds’ fire and brilliance, this is the most eye-catching feature of any diamond ring. By paying attention to the diamond’s cut quality, any buyer will ensure that their choice looks as brilliant as possible.

5. Choose The Right Metal

The four main choices for the type of metal for the ring’s setting are yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. Though the choice of metal for rings should be based on an individual’s personal taste, one can pick the right metal based on how well it complements the wearer’s skin tone. By paying attention to their future fiancé’s jewelry preferences and style, one will choose the best setting for their significant other.

6. Select The Setting

The setting is another feature of the ring that should be chosen with its wearer’s personality in mind. The setting style should also be chosen with consideration of its wearer’s preferred preferences and aesthetic. Additionally, a ring’s setting should match its wearer’s lifestyle as the ring’s wrong setting can make it more of discomfort to wear. For example, an individual with a very hands-on job may find a flush setting to be the best as the ring won’t be protruding.

7. Consider Online Vendors

While many consider going to their local jeweler when shopping for an engagement ring, oftentimes, the prices and choices are better online. Online vendors tend to offer a wider range of options when it comes to their selection of diamonds. When shopping online, be sure to search through reviews, read the return policy, and look at their selection completely before deciding which vendor to use.

8. Decide On The Number Of Carats You Want

The answer to quality versus quantity differs from person to person. If you are looking for a bigger stone, you might have to sacrifice a little on the quality, whereas a whiter diamond might cost you more for a smaller size. This is a question that you need to be asking yourself when setting out a budget for the ring.

9. Make Sure To Buy A Certified Diamond

With so many tricksters on the market, it is important to always ask for certification before sealing the deal. Considering how advanced technology has become in recent times, we do not doubt the fact that there are too many fake diamond dealers on the market. This is why you need to make sure that your diamond comes with a certificate.

10. Bargain 

It is not uncommon for people to not bargain, but if you can convince yourself to do that, you might land a way better deal than if you didn’t bargain. So make sure not to hesitate and try to get the best in less.

 Gorgeous Engagement Rings To Choose From

It’s not guaranteed that she will say yes, but with the right ring buying tips, anyone will be able to pick out the best ring to encourage an “I do!” Keep this guide handy when shopping around for the right ring for that special someone. Here is a brief list of options you can choose from:

  1. Tiffany Solitaire 1 Carat Round

Tiffany & Co. are famous for their intricately designed engagement rings. This gorgeous 1 Carat diamond ring is one that every woman dreams about.

Price: $12,900

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Shop Here

        2. The Tiffany Ring 0.75 Carat

This is a timelessly gorgeous engagement ring made with 14k white gold. The ring has six claw set to secure the diamond in its place and has a gorgeous center diamond stone.

Price: $4,695

10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

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We hope you found this article to be helpful in your endeavor to find the perfect ring for your soulmate. We loved writing this article because rings are intriguing, and well who doesn’t love looking at diamonds? Not us, that’s for sure. Your feedback allows us to do better. Leave us any comments you may have in the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you. Till then, we wish you happy ring shopping!

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