6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

You’re headed back to college and you’re trying to decide on an adequate tote bag. You loved your last one, but after a semester it started showing all the love with ripped seams, holes, and general wear and tear. You need room for the essentials, a cute exterior, and something that will hold up to your daily grind. Look no further; these six must-have tote bags are spot on for your college return.

1. Plain Canvas Tote Bag1-380x500 6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

The plain canvas tote is and always will be a favorite among must-have tote bags. With all different logos, graphics, slogans, images, and prints to choose from, this may well be the most versatile tote there is. You’re sure to find a lot of reusable tote bags at wholesale prices. Made from eco-friendly canvas, the bag is environmentally savvy. An open construction allows you to stash objects of any shape inside without having to worry about stretch or wear. Try using a zippered pouch to stash small essentials in your tote among the rest and presto: you’re set to go.

2.Convertible Backpack

2-1 6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

Who doesn’t love a multitasker? This convertible backpack style tote goes from sleek, sophisticated rectangular tote complete with pockets and flap to the same bag in backpack style instantaneously! Straps separate and some models zip apart to allow you to divide the weight of textbooks, notebooks, and all the essentials onto both shoulders. Talk about making it easy to stroll around campus, this bag is the definition of versatility. Stylish and practical, this is all things college worthy in one.

3. Large Printed Tote Bag

3-1 6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

Large, printed totes are classic. They have room not only for academic supplies, but for gym clothes, running shoes, a water bottle, and whatever else you may need to carry around with you during the day to make your routine as seamless as possible. The typical rectangular construction is sturdy and functional. A fun print or pattern on the outside makes the tote fit into your personal wardrobe. Stick to colors you wear frequently. Maybe you decide upon a sequined or metallic large tote to pop against your usual threads or go for an animal print or whimsical boho pattern to spice things up. Whichever route you choose, this option is a true contender.

4. The Double Strap Tote Bag

4-1-500x500 6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

The double strap is a genius design. The bucket shape lets you stash whatever you please, and the straps themselves are genius. The bag features shorter straps for carrying over wrists or forearms for when you’re fishing through the bag while you’re walking. The bag is also equipped with a longer strap for instances when you’re walking across campus in the rain and need to get where you’re going efficiently. Being able to distribute weight across your body is better for joints and alignment so that when you do get to class, you’re not slumped in your chair with neck and back cramps. The double strap provides practical carrying options for your hustle and bustle.

5. Oversized Rectangular Faux Leather Tote Bag

5-1 6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

The oversized rectangular faux leather tote is chic, roomy, and functional. Available in lots of different neutrals, this style of bag goes with virtually anything from gym clothes to a suit for that business presentation. Detailing in the form of metallic accents, studs, tassels, and even bows can add a little of your personal aesthetic to the whole picture.

6. Classic Tote Bag

6-1 6 Must-Have Tote Bags for College

A classic tote with reinforced construction offers room for books, file folders, notebooks, writing implements, a wallet, cell phone, and other essentials. A place for everything means easy organization on the go, which comes in handy when you’re rushing from one lecture to the next and need to locate your homework assignment on the fly. Compartments and pockets galore, this classic tote is your pick if you are always struggling to find a spot for everything. This gem yields consistency in bag form.

Regardless of your personal style, there are must-have tote bags for everyone, particularly when it comes to heading back to college. Classes, gym schedules, clubs, and time for fun have you grinding daily to fit everything in. Luckily, your bag is no longer part of the struggle.

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