Top 10 Disabled Female Models From World You Must Know

Disabled Female Models – A incapacity /disability is portrayed as a bodily or mental handicap that prevents someone from dwelling a full, normal life or from retaining a gainful activity. But, there are many courageous human beings across the globe who live on and thrive regardless of anything disability they possess.

In truth, quite some of them have been remarkable contributors in the course of history and quite well-known due to their successes regardless of their limitations.The genuine meaning of a lifestyle is to discover the abilities one is born with and as soon as he ascertains his proper potential, any incapacity can hardly ever be a hurdle in the way to achievement. A woman can make herself a strongest icon if she overcomes her disability. Many motivational and inspirational examples of disabled women are available who prove themselves that they are equally talented as others.So if you have any disability and ever felt down take a look at these most inspiring models from world.Few out of these often make appearance on wheel chair for “disable model fashion week” and thus breaking the stereotypes.

Fashionable Models with Disabilities

Following list includes those bold ladies who are handicapped,but their ambitions and their determination bring them fame and make them models for others who thought that it was not possible for them.

#10- Muneeba Mizari

The gorgeous,multi-talented and magical personality holder Mubneeba Mizari is wheel-chair bound due to an accident. But she did not lose hope and set a perfect example not only for disabled women ,but also for the whole nation. She is motivational speaker, writer, artist as well as brand ambassador of famous brands like Ponds,Body Shop and Tony and Guy. Yes she cant stand on her feet ,but she flies in the sky with her amazing talent and wonderful willpower.

top disabled models 1

#9- Sophie Morgan

“I felt more fulfilled since the accident” said by bold Sophie Morgan. She models for Stella McCartney and runs her personal commercial enterprise in spite of paralysis. She also worked for BBC and now she is set to give her first BBC documentary. She is a happy and determined lady.

top disabled models 2


#8- Danielle Sheypuk

Danielle Sheypuk is on ramp for a walk in New York fashion week. Her attention garbing pleasant presence is really appreciated by the audience. She has a noticeable beautiful face with charming smile. She proved that no barrier can stop a woman to achieve her goal if she really wants it.

top disabled models 3


#7- Shannon Murray

Shannon is paraplegic due to a severe accident in her teenage. She she won “Model in a Million”, compettion for disabled women. This was starting of her modeling career. And now her efforts and persistence make her well known model as well as actress and presenter.

top disabled models 4


#6- Vicky Balch

Lovely Vicky is victim of roller-coaster crash, This snapshot is from her modelling debut catwalk. She marked some other large second in her notable restoration.

top disabled models 5


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#5- Leslie Irby

Elegant and confident Leslie Irby was Miss Wheelchair Georgia 2015. Modelling is her passion and she refuses to let her paralysis preserve her and has done a number of achievements.

top disabled models 6


#4- Wendy Crawford

Marvelous,fearless Wendy was a former model but her energetic attitude bring her back in fashion industry. She is also a very good motivational speaker.Never thought a women on wheel chair can give such a glamorous and inspirational look on ramp.

top disabled models 7


#3- Alexandra Kutas

She did not allow her paralysis overcome her talent and move on in her life. In Ukraine fashion week Alexandra makes her debut.

top disabled models 8


#2- Inspiring Model in NY Fashion Week

This cute and confident model walks on ramp with her wheel chair and her firm personality is telling the story of her destiny.

top disabled models 9


#1- Beautiful Model defeating her disability

top disabled models 10


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