How to Bathe a Cat

A dirty cat – is a happy cat. But if the cat begins to spot and dirt his master, the one has no choice, but to bathe the cat. So, how to do it and stay alive?

Disarm the cat. If you trim cat’s claws, a couple days before the event, you will be lucky to save your scalp and part of the skin on your hands. You should do the washing procedure after the cat visits his litterbox, otherwise the procedure will be useless. For the same reason, make sure you feed your pet after the bathing, not before it.

Prepare the area. Put a rubber blanket into a basin, where the procedure will be held, so that the cat can sink his claws into it. Make sure you open the shampoo in advance. Put aside all the cutting objects and fragile stuff. Roll up the extra towels, for your panic-stricken cat not to catch himself in those towels.

Freeze the cat. There are special nets, fixed around cat’s neck, aimed at deactivating the animal. On the one hand, the pet will not escape, but on the other hand it will be more difficult to bathe him. It is better find a special short neck chain with a suction clip, so that you tap it to the wall, while bathing.

Wash the cat. Wash the cat in warm water (100-104°F). The water should not cover cat’s shoulders. Soap the cat starting from its tail and going to the neck. Wash him the same way. Avoid washing ears and head in general.

Dry the cat. A dryer for the cat is like the Manowar concert right in your head – the hysteric is guaranteed. However, a couple of loop towels will soak the water and calm down the animal, if you wrap the cat in it.

Buy wipes and do not bathe the cat again, ever!

However, if you do need to wash your cat anyway, think about making the procedure romantic and funny. Why not ask a beautiful girl to help you with it. Besides, girls love pets, especially fluffy and cute ones. So unless you have that bold cat with wrinkles all over his body, call a girl and ask to give you a hand there.

If you are single men, who have no one to take out and no one to bathe your cat with, consider looking for the one on the best Russian dating site. Trust me there is a great number of single ladies who will be in love with both you and your cat. Just give it a shot!

Taking care about a pet together seems to be romantic. By the way, it is a great tip on how to become closer with a girl you like. The thing is that obstacles, which you are going through as a couple, make your relationship deeper. Even such small and funny things as cat bathing can become a great opportunity for you to become closer to each other and spend some more time together. Ask your girlfriend to pet the cat, while you are bathing him. Just make sure everything is safe.

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